Why Spirituality is Nonsense: The Disturbing New-Age Dilemma

“If you buy that next crystal or join my tarot card reading for a low price of $199.99, you too can sense the vibrations of God himself!”

Ugh, stay away from me, thanks. Now more than ever it is vital that people become aware of the dogma that new-age spirituality has created. Spirituality is a part of living a fulfilled life and yet new-age has turned it into a get-rich-quick scheme that has no end in sight.

Spirituality is about finding your own answers and nothing more.

Issues with Spirituality Today

Don’t get me wrong, spirituality is a vital part of life.

Getting to know yourself, deepening your soul, and centering your mind. These are all amazing gifts that a spiritual journey provides.

The issue lies within the fake “Gurus” that I shall not mention here.

These same gurus claim that they are able to cure illness, levitate, cast spells, and predict the future. Let’s be real, this is all bullshit.

If there was proof that healing was available to humans through energy movement, we wouldn’t need hospitals. Cancer wouldn’t kill innocent victims each year and medicine wouldn’t be a billion-dollar industry.

The Illuminati isn’t hiding the facts from you, these gurus are only misleading victims.

I distance myself from “spiritual” people, in real life the word “spiritual” would never come out of my mouth unless asked. The farther you are on your journey, the easier it is to see that we are all the same inside.

I have the same wisdom you have. The greatest teachers are the ones that point you in a direction for you to find the answer for yourself.

It’s a Zen concept. There are an infinite amount of proverbs and short stories where the insight isn’t plainly visible. It takes a moment of pondering, a moment to realize what the text is trying to describe.

Spirituality comes from within, it’s available to everyone, but this new-age farce that has taken over the modern world should be shunned.

I believe the reason people are so enticed to partake in new-age fantasies is that it provides an answer to the unexplainable. It looks sexy, I mean wouldn’t you want to move a mountain with your mind? Or heal a sick child back to health with the palm of your hand?

It’s not just in spirituality you see con artists like this. It happens in every market from digital marketing to self-help, a select group of people offers up a “quick fix” on a silver platter and society is quick to eat it up.

I know I shouldn’t be upset, but it pains me to see people being deluded and getting farther away from the truth.

Spirituality Requires Hard Work

“Take these crystals, light some sage, and then the vibrations from Heaven will come and enlighten your soul”

I mean, really?

I might get some hate for these statements. I don’t care. People need to be aware of the dangers of believing falsities.

To actually be spiritual means to dig deep into your being and find your own answers. The spiritual journey requires a brave heart and courage. You have to face your deepest fears, alone, and see what they have to offer you.

Do you think the answer to life is in the next tarot reading or crystal purchase?

Sadly people are banking off hopefuls by the barrel.

I want to give people good information. Information that WORKS. Insights that can be practiced in reality, none of this manifestation voodoo.

Manifestation in itself is an egoic practice.

“I’ll just think REALLY hard and my wildest dreams will come true!”

No, they won’t. Your dreams are likely a construct of the ego. You’ll go down a path thinking that you need to just think a bit harder or find the next secret in life to move forward.

There is no spiritual secret, the power is now. All the information you’ll ever need is before you.

You don’t need to buy the next shiny object to understand yourself and the world better.

I want to shake people by the shoulders and scream. But even that won’t help.

I’ve been there. Ironically the most egotistical person you can meet in life are “spiritual” people.

The ego is insanely powerful. It’ll take over any instance of control that it can, and what is better than controlling the fact that you think you’ve figured it all out?

I know that I don’t have all the answers and I never will. I know that I know nothing, and that’s it.

Focus on You, Yourself, and I

There shouldn’t be a goal in spirituality.

You shouldn’t be looking for a quick fix or your next purchase that will “expand your consciousness”.

Do you think Buddha bought crystals and cast spells?

He sat under a tree, starving for more than a month. Don’t do what he did, but realize that the powerful insights are already within.

Forget about listening to a guru. You don’t even need to listen to me, find what works for you.

Spirituality is not a one-size fits all. Spirituality bends and shapes itself to specific souls.

Some may find better results meditating for longer periods of time or going for a walk in solitude. Don’t sweat the fine details, bring the focus back on yourself.

You need to grow beyond your teachers and let them go. Teachers in spirituality are only good until you make the fundamental understanding that they cannot help you.

All of this may be hard to hear if you are attached to a teacher or a method. It’s in your best interest to throw it all away and start anew.

Make spirituality your own. You have the answers. Even if you think you don’t, you do.

Attachment to a teacher or act is only further deluding you from the methods that ACTUALLY bring real insight.

Why is self-help often unhelpful?

They want you to buy their new, shiny course or object. They want to keep you on the carousel, self-help doesn’t want you to get better.

It’s a dark fact but the same goes for spiritual teachings.

Find your own way, there isn’t any need for frivolity.


I may have ranted a bit. I get it. I do hope that you found what you need. Spirituality is a gift, to see it being shoved down and manipulated hurts me deeply. Spiritual guidance is meant to help not to hurt and yet a few bad actors ruin it for everyone.

Just do you. Drop all the unnecessary and figure out how to deal with life on your own. You don’t require guidance, you already have the wisdom needed within.

If anyone is able to levitate, cure terminal illness, or cast spells please reach out to me. We can record it and post it on Youtube for the world to see. I’m sure everyone would love to witness first hand at how amazing new-age spirituality is!

You know what’s funny though? No one ever provides proof. I’ve asked plenty, and nothing.

Look for truth and nothing more.

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