When Does Meditation Get Easier?

Learning how to meditate is a beautiful thing. You’re getting in touch with the deepest parts of your mind and learning how to center yourself. When starting a meditation practice, a few questions may arise. When exactly does meditation get easier?

Meditation is not a linear practice. There may be some meditation sessions that are more difficult to get through than others. Meditation is a direct parallel to life itself. When the mind is within turmoil our sessions may be difficult, when it is at peace it is much more pleasant.

Defining A “Successful” Meditation Session

The only requirement for a successful meditation session is the act of meditating itself.

Lowering your goal to such a low level leaves you at ease. It will take any unneeded pressure off your mind to actively do something rather than trying to force the session to be a certain way.

You will find the more you keep meditating, the easier it will be to get into a deeper state of consciousness.

Even if not all of your sessions end up in a deep state of consciousness, that is perfectly ok. The purpose of meditation is to teach you how to center yourself even during turmoil.

Trying to force your meditation session will only leave you feeling frustrated and worse off than you felt before.

The Chinese finger trap is a peculiar toy. You put both of your fingers in – but the harder you try to get your fingers out, the tighter the grip!

Meditation is a lot like this toy, the harder you try to force your session, the farther off the mark you become.

Let go of all notions of what is supposed to happen during meditation and allow it to be a natural flow.

Let any thoughts come and go as they please, and pay attention to your breath. Nothing more is required during meditation. Meditation comes to you, you don’t go to it.

Will Meditation Become Easier if I Meditate More?

Meditation is not a linear practice.

Meditation is not static. It’s a lot like life, there are days where your sessions will leave you feeling great and other days where your sessions can leave you feeling worse than where you started.

It’s important not to get attached to the sessions that make you “feel good”. Meditation isn’t about chasing those good feelings, it’s about exploring the bad ones as well.

The more you explore your inner being, the more freedom you will gain.

That’s why asking if meditation gets easier isn’t a simple question.

Over my 10 years of practicing meditation I still have sessions that can be quite difficult.

The more difficult sessions are usually preceded by inner turmoil either caused by something happening in life or something that has been deeply bothering me.

This is where you need to focus your full attention. Periods of growth occur when you’re going through difficult times.

It’s not intuitive to try and focus on your feelings as instinctively you likely have tried to run from the negative emotions your whole life. This is how you attain real freedom, by not running when these sessions seem to get difficult.

The irony in running is that the feelings will only come back stronger. Meeting them fully as you are present in your meditation sessions will allow them to fully flow through you.

This is how you let go and surrender to them.

You will come to an understanding that these are thoughts and feelings that are only in the mind. They can’t physically hurt you or make you do anything. They will cease to exist once you let them flow through you.

Don’t make the mistake of running, go in head first. Be brave.

If at any point it does become overwhelming, you’re free to take a break and try again another time. Forcing these sessions when you aren’t ready is a recipe for disaster.

Meditation As It Is

Meditation is an art form. It will teach you how to center yourself, how to let go of the stuck thoughts in the mind and deal with your most troubling issues.

Every session will be vastly different. It should be an enjoyable experience, good or bad. To label your sessions is a mistake.

There aren’t “good” or “bad” meditation sessions. Only meditation sessions occurring. It’s only the mind that perceives them to be good or bad.

If you drop all preconceived notions of what your experience should be like, it will make your meditation practice infinitely easier.

That’s the point of meditation. It’s teaching you how to just be in the present moment, no matter what is occurring.

Bringing this new concept into your daily life will give you a new way to perceive life. Instead of thinking that some days are destined to be bad, you start to just see them as they are. Fully present, in the moment, without judgment.

When you live your life like this, you are allowing to live without any attachment to any outcome. No matter what happened to you on a certain day, you will always have a deep understanding that this too shall pass.


While meditation may not exactly get “easier”, over time you will have amassed a toolbox within the mind to deal with any situation.

Meditation is an art form, not a linear process. Don’t expect to become a zen master right away. It takes years and years of practice to fully understand the depths of wisdom meditation has to offer. You will always remain a student of meditation.

Keep on meditating daily even if it seems difficult at first. Some days will be more difficult than others but that is the beauty of the entire process.

Learn how to let go of your preconceived notions about how your sessions should go and meditation will show you the rest.

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