What Is The Point Of Life? How To Find Meaning

Have you found meaning in your life?

If you haven’t found your personal meaning of life yet, it’s life’s greatest opportunity to reflect and create the answer.

Life is about what you make out of it. You need to find your own perspective and create your own meaning.

Below we will go over how to start finding purpose and meaning in life.

Let’s get to it!

What Are We Doing Here?

Do you want to know what is the point of life?

You and everyone else! There isn’t a clear answer. Everyone will have their own perspective on what the purpose of life is.

When you feel unfulfilled and absorb the chaos that this world has subjected us to, the point of life can seem nonexistent. We all want meaning in our lives so that we feel important. Life seems wasted otherwise.

I understand how difficult it can be to wake up and feel the utter hopelessness of having no meaning.

But what if having no meaning meant that we no longer are troubled by the deepest questions life brings to us?

What if instead of worrying about questions we can’t answer, we instead enjoy these precious moments of life without disturbances?

You start to create your own meaning when you come to the conclusion that there is no meaning. The result of letting go of these deep questions is being able to enjoy life as it is. It’s when you’re IN life, enjoying it, rather than a spectator, pondering.

In the grand scheme of things, we are a speck of sand on a beach. We are even smaller than a speck of sand in the scope of the universe. Not only that, our limited amount of time witnessing this beautiful life is an infinitely small portion of time the universe has existed.

With those ideas in mind, it would be safe to assume that there is no point to life. I’d have to agree, but that doesn’t mean you give up. It means you cherish your time here. Life is an incredible gift.

Life can seem chaotic but at the core of it, it’s in perfect harmony. Harmony is existence itself. Without this harmony, you would have never been born.

How No Meaning Brings Meaning

Life is a paradox. Without dark there is no light. To have meaning means to have no meaning.

By admitting that your life has no meaning, you are opening up the infinite possibilities of creating meaning. My life doesn’t equate to your life and that’s where most people get it wrong.

They want to follow someone else’s meaning. They forgot that it was their life. If you aren’t building your own meaning, it will never be possible to find fulfillment.

When you drop the idea of finding meaning, you begin experiencing life as it is. You start to see the comical joke that we are all apart of. How limited our time here is on earth, and how much joy and beauty there is to be found in even the dullest moment.

We thought of life by analogy with a journey, with a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose at that end, and the thing was to get to that thing at that end. Success, or whatever it is, or maybe heaven after you’re dead. It was a musical thing and you were supposed to sing or to dance while the music was being played.

Alan Watts

Alan Watts said it best. Most people are counting on their actions to result in meaning when their story is finishing. While they chase waiting for their short lives to end, they missed the point the entire time.

The point is to find joy in the small things along the way. The feeling of the cool breeze on your skin, the taste of your coffee in the morning, the deep conversations you have with friends and family.

As long as you are out of the present moment, you aren’t letting yourself experience the richness that life offers.

Evolving Your Paradigms

No one has found the true purpose of life. Even my take on it isn’t 100 percent accurate.

We are left guessing closely as to what we are all doing here on this blue ball in the sky.

That’s why you need to change your paradigms so that you unburden your mind from these questions. I wasted so much of my life wondering what my purpose is and if I’ll be fulfilled that I forgot that life was passing by me.

These questions are great for a quick ponder but they don’t help us directly. If you’re a professional philosopher (whatever that means) then I suppose you have an unlimited amount of time for these questions. But I haven’t found any use rattling my brain over things that cannot be answered.

By letting go of your quest for meaning you are admitting that you don’t have as much control as previously thought. That’s going to free your mind from an enormous amount of stress.

Your mind will be able to focus much clearer and easier on life itself now that there is less division within the mind.

When I stopped asking questions and started to live my life to the fullest, that’s when meaning came to me. I realized that all of my questions would be answered and I could create my own meaning.

You don’t need to read books or do research, you need to start living life. Go out and experience what life has to offer, it will be hard NOT to find meaning. By traveling, conversating, enjoying, you start realizing that you need to make your own meaning.

When you aren’t bogged down by unanswerable questions your enjoyment of life increases exponentially.

Admitting you don’t know is how you evolve.

What’s the Point of Life if Everyone Dies?

We are all going to suffer from the same fate. Even the richest man alive will succumb to death.

Freedom is knowing that we die. That our problems aren’t so significant in the grand scheme of things. The moment you release yourself from the fear of death, you are free from the shackles of attachment.

When I was a child death used to keep me up late into the night.

What happens after death? What’s my purpose if I only die in the end?

Isn’t life meaningless if everyone we know will die as well?

I felt as if my entire being was frozen in terror. Once I started to dive deeper into this fear it stopped gripping me ever so tightly. I was tired of not knowing, so I decided to plunge deep into the unknown.

I found that my fears were just that, fears. Death is a certainty in life. There is no avoiding it, even if you have amassed trillions of dollars in this lifetime.

That mere fact alone got me to accept my death rather than be a victim of one of life’s certainty.

Since I know that I will die, it gives me the freedom to live without fear of what if. I explore every luxury I have available knowing that my time on this earth could cease at any moment.

I implore you to look into the void and see what you find. The way to freedom is through acceptance. If there was anything in life to accept, it would be the few things that are certain.

Would you deny that the sun comes up every morning?

How to Start Making Your Own Meaning

If you’ve had enough of wondering what your purpose is, it’s time to start making your own meaning.

I recently read a book called “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. The book revolves around a story told from the perspective of Viktor, who was subjected to the terrors of the Holocaust.

This man, through all the wretched acts he was subjected to, found meaning through his circumstances.

If he could find meaning while being tortured, what is your excuse?

(I summed it up quite briefly, but the book is incredible and highly recommended.)

I found myself hopelessly lost reading this book after a friend suggested it to me. I was about to be dead broke, had no job or college degree, and my life was entirely up in the air.

My life lost its meaning. My purpose up until that point was acquiring money, and when that failed it felt as my life was ending.

I would sit outside and watch people go by. As I distanced myself from my previous life, it dawned on me that I could feel content without any money or inherent purpose.

I was so caught up with securing monetary security that I forget that all the money in the world wouldn’t matter if I died in the next moment. I wasn’t living presently, I was completely out of it.

It was a brief moment, but enough of a glimpse to stick with me for the rest of my life.

You don’t need money, a fast car, or a big house to make your meaning. Your meaning is about finding what life means to you outside of materialistic belongings and desires.

The walks in the park, the smiles you catch from strangers, the love of your family/friends. That’s where the meaning is.

Everything else is just a façade.

Final Thoughts

You’re ready to find your own meaning in life. It’s time to let go of these unanswerable questions that life brings upon us.

There is freedom waiting to be had by looking into the depth of the unknown. As long as these fears control you, you will be shackled to them.

Your meaning will come by living life. Let yourself live and your purpose will become readily available to you.

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