What Is The Goal Of Meditation? Start Right

Do you have any meditation goals?

It’s time to drop them. You are limited yourself with goals that aren’t getting you anywhere.

Meditation is about finding flow and letting nature take its course. Your goals are setting you farther back.

Start right, make better goals.

The Ultimate Goal of Meditation

You’ve sat down, cleared your mind, took a deep breath in and you’re ready to crush your meditation goals..

Seems a bit silly, doesn’t it?

When you think of a goal, you aim to get somewhere. To accomplish something, to find success at the end.

Meditation is nothing of the sorts. A goal when you meditate is a hinderance. Meditation is limitless, goals are inherently limiting.

Your only goal in meditation should be the act of meditating.

That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. The fact that you sit down to meditate is an accomplishment in itself.

Meditation is the art of reconnecting yourself with the present moment. The present moment is infinite, the mind cannot verbalize it. The peace and clarity meditation brings you, even if just for a second, are life changing.

Imagine you sit down before every session and tell yourself your goal is “to have a deep meditation session”.

The harder you force meditation, the farther it will be away from you. Meditation is about unlearning how we previously view life and bring attention back into the now.

It takes some time to getting used to, the initial few sessions may be difficult.

Make it easier on yourself by reducing the amount of unneeded stress to your meditation sessions. Without any specific goal constantly floating around in your mind you’ll be able to meditate deeply without any distractions.

Deep meditation sessions happen on their own. Let them come to you rather than chase.

The Unlimited Depth of Meditation

Even after 10 years of meditating I’ve still not found an end to the depth.

Why limit yourself with a goal?

Try to view meditation as an experience rather than pursuit with an endgoal.

There is no finish line, there is always deeper.

Over time as you progress in your maturity you will find that deep meditation sessions occur naturally. It’s this flow of life that is incredibly powerful when brought back into the real world.

The lessons learned from meditating aren’t solely applicable to your sessions. You’ll want to bring them into your everyday life. This is when meditation begins to be incredibly powerful.

You will find that there is no fulfillment quite like insights from within. Meditation teaches us that emotions and belongings are fleeting. Flowing with the natural course of nature.

It only takes a second to witness the present moment, that will be your first glimpse of what is to come. There is an endless amount of peace and understanding residing in the now.

Emotions will come to you that need to be explored either through mindfulness or meditation. Even a master in meditation isn’t immune to the human condition. Meditation will be used throughout your life as a tool for exploring within.

Changing your perspective how you view meditation is going to be helpful in maintaining the habit.

Dropping all of your goals entirely will turn meditation into an experience rather than a chore.

Letting it Happen Naturally

The biggest lesson you will learn from meditation is the act of flow.

It’s this flow that carries us from one point to another. There is flow all around us and yet it can seem so far away when disconnected from the present moment.

When you let things happen naturally without a goal, there is not going to be any expectations.

Expectations are what will lead you down a path of disappointment.

Every meditation session is different. One may bring joy and happiness while the next makes you cry tears of pain.

This is a window to life itself. We cannot escape good and bad. Meditation shows us that flowing with these emotions rather than running from them is the way.

“Bad” emotions are only labeled as such in the mind. As soon as they start to be explored, they begin to fall away.

It was the act of running that brought us into suffering all along.

Let your meditation sessions come to you. Stop forcing them to be a certain way or a style, the present moment does not care about your preferences.

Your New Meditation Plan

Instead of overwhelming yourself with new information, try to simplify.

Your only goal from here on out is that you sat down for a meditation session.

That’s it!

The thought that “something should be happening” will cease to exist. It’s the thought alone that furthers you away from bringing the present moment back into your system.

Only meditate when you get the urge to.

Trying to meditate when you don’t quite feel like it won’t bring any insights, only frustration.

Meditate for as long as you feel the need to.

Stop restricting yourself to a set amount of time, turn off your alarms and let your body and mind do the work for you.

Keep on the Journey

You’re ready to start meditating, but this time without a goal in mind!

The unlimited depth of meditation is ready to take you away.

Are you ready to start meditating?

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