What Does Being a Spiritual Person Mean?

Zen proverb describing before and after enlightenment

Being spiritual does not mean you are sitting in a cave chanting for years of your life. There are many factors that make up a spiritual being. Considering that in today’s age, being “spiritual” is much more trendy it seems that the actual definition of what being spiritual actually means has been lost in translation. What exactly does being a spiritual mean?

Being spiritual means that you make an effort to live through your inner being rather than take a materialistic world view. A spiritual person is more likely to meditate often, help others and do intense introspection on who they really are in the world.

Living Through Your Inner Being

When you are going through school (at least in America) it is taught from fairly early on that you must go to college, get a good job and that will lead you into happiness.

Unfortunately, it may have left our youth letting them realize that the American Dream is nothing short of a gold coated scam a little too late in life.

The issue with living through a materialist world view that only is fulfilled by the car in the driveway or the job you have is that these feelings are incredibly fleeting. It is only until you have experienced it firsthand how incredibly dull life becomes once you try living in this matter.

On the flip-side, a spiritual being learns through their practices that almost everything is fleeting. The spiritual being learns through meditation and introspection that focusing on the material side of this world will only lead to disappointment.

What being spiritual means to you will change throughout your spiritual journey. In the beginning you might only do it to find some fulfillment that isn’t outside the mind only to find later that there was some deeper meaning in life calling you all along.

A spiritual person will grow their intuition as they become more aware of their inner being. This intuition is what will guide you through the rest of your life. Everyone has this intuition within them, a spiritual practice will let you find this intuition that is inside all of us.

The intuition that is built involves understanding that within the circle of life and death there are things that you have to let go of. Friends, family, pets, lovers, one day all of these things will come to an end, including ourselves.

This is what being spiritual really means, it means to surrender.

Surrendering Yourself

You might be wondering, if I want to be spiritual will I have to surrender?

The answer is yes.

It might not be the most enjoyable thing in the world nor is it the easiest. This is why there is a big misunderstanding in spirituality. Not everything that many would lead you to believe in spirituality is all rosy. There can be immense pain within a spiritual journey that must be overcome.

Sometimes it doesn’t even really matter if you decide if you want to surrender yourself or not. The universe has a way of making you surrender. As long as you have been on a spiritual path long enough there is a certain point where you can no longer get off the train as it’s moving too fast.

While we may not decide when we surrender, the universe gives us every instance to surrender.

But what do I really mean by “surrender”?

It means to entirely let go of something. There is a distinction here, it’s letting go without trying to let go. That’s where this entire process becomes tricky.

Usually what will happen is the universe will invite us to take a look at ourselves, who we really are and what we believe. For most people, their internal desires are entirely ego based. This is where it becomes incredibly difficult to accept this as fact.

You can run, but you can’t hide.

Eventually you will have to meet yourself face to face. It may come in a few weeks, in a few months or even in a few years. Once you have decided to take a spiritual journey, you are going to be on that journey for good.

Surrendering is how we become free of suffering. Suffering is just a form of thought that has a disagreement with reality. As long as there is no disagreement with reality there is no suffering within the mind.

That’s what being spiritual really means, it means to let go.

Daily Spiritual Living

It might come as a surprise, but spiritual people are human too.

There are a few nutcases that take it overboard, that I will admit.

Take for instance Oprah, she fully endorsed Eckhart Tolle and brought him on to have a 1 on 1. I’m sure she has been provided excellent feedback from Tolle. I am a bit envious myself!

Source: Oprah

While Tolle has done a great service to humanity, he is also just like you and I. He also has to eat and sleep and use the bathroom.

That’s where people get it wrong. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you are special. Being spiritual means you realize that the spirituality that is within you is within everyone else too. We are all connected in some way, you could say we are all just reflections of one another.

While this is an amazing revelation to have, it brings me back to my main point.

There are so many people out there who don’t seem spiritual, but they are. That’s the beauty of spirituality, everyone is going to have their own definition of what it really means to be a spiritual person.

There is no course or book that can explain spirituality front to back. The only course that we know of is the course that is inside the mind. Everyone can find out what it means to be spiritual in their own experience, there lies the beauty in this entire process.

While a spiritual journey will almost certainly change us, we still all come back to the same conclusion. Any revelation that we find within ourselves is found within everyone else.

The only major difference is that before and after your spiritual journey you are more likely to live a life that is focused on giving back rather than living just for yourself.


While being spiritual will mean something different to everyone, I think that it is easy to agree on one thing.

We just want peace of mind, not only for ourselves but for everyone else. Life is not entirely just the outer world, there is a vast an infinite space that is within every human if you give it a chance and explore it.

The more we go about on our spiritual journey, the easier it will be to live through our inner being rather than relying on external resources to make us happy. This type of living is so much more sustainable than relying on material things to bring us joy.

While it may seem that spiritual people are different, they are no different. They will be the first ones to tell you that they are no different from you. They would love to help anyone that would ask of them for help.

A spiritual journey in the end is whatever you want to make of it. I do think however, the deeper you are on your spiritual journey the more you start to realize life is just about helping others more than helping yourself.

Coming to this realization is important because until we find it, we are just living for ourselves. At the end of our lives we most likely don’t want to just remember how we helped only ourselves and no one else. It would be nice to remember all the people we gave a hand to along the way.

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