The Four Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening only happens entirely to a select few lucky individuals around the world. Unless you’re like them and have a full, spontaneous spiritual awakening then you will go through stages throughout your journey.

Everyone will have their own path where the universe will guide you along the way. Knowing what to expect can be beneficial to us to know exactly what stage we are in our spiritual awakening.

Don’t try to rush through every stage, they are there for a reason. Waking up from a dream that lasted your entire life isn’t easy, so try to just relax and enjoy the ride.

1) “Honeymoon” Stage

If you’ve had a real true awakening, it cannot be mistaken for anything other than it. There won’t be a doubt in your mind.

In this stage of spiritual awakening, it will be your first peek behind the illusion of self. When we finally pass through the “gateless gate” we are opening ourselves up, almost literally, to the entire universe.

You will feel bliss like you’ve never felt before. Tears of joy may be shed in this process. Your first instinct is probably to go and share your newly found spiritual awakening but I would advise you to try and self-isolate yourself while you find your new bearings in life.

When we first awaken from a dream it can be a bit disorienting. In my initial brush with my awakening, all I wanted to do was sit in my room and find my orientation in my new-found world. This lasted for a while. The people in my life could sense that I had become.. a bit different if you would say. My habits started to change and my personality did as well.

While this stage of awakening may feel a bit uncomfortable, the massive bliss feels as if it’s endless. It’s a bit hard to describe the indescribable in this instance. It truly is as if you’ve finally “got” life and that this was what was leading up in your life until this moment. All the hardships you’ve faced, people you’ve loved that you lost in your life, it all starts making sense.

Unfortunately, there is a reason this phase is called the “honeymoon” phase. It doesn’t last and one day we might even feel like we are on the complete opposite spectrum.

2) “Dark Night of the Soul”

You will be missed, Ram Dass

After the honeymoon stage of spiritual awakening we enter what is normally called “dark night of the soul”.

We come into a new world with tears of joy but eventually, those tears might turn into actual tears. While many won’t tell you that spiritual awakening can hurt, I’m here to be completely honest with you.

Spiritual awakening is not an easy thing. Especially after coming off the honeymoon stage myself and the young age I was at in life, it was particularly difficult coping without having any sort of proper guidance.

When we awaken, we might still hold on to some previous beliefs and thoughts about the world. All the attachments that have tied us down for years and years.

Did you think that they would just magically disappear and you’d be completely free?

Sorting through all of the baggage that we held before isn’t an easy process. Someone who has held a lot of trauma throughout their lives might have a particularly difficult experience after their honeymoon phase is over.

Personally I was in a deep depression for two to three years. I had held so much baggage that I had to just be alone and work through it myself. This stage of spiritual awakening had left me feeling lost and hopeless for a long while.

If you’re in this stage of spiritual awakening and need some space and time to figure stuff out then do just that. The people in your life will understand if you need some time to regain your sense of balance.

It’ll be really disheartening to go from feeling pure bliss every day with a smile on your face to feeling as if you’re carrying the entire world on your back. All of this is just preparing us for the next stage of our awakening, to where we can start to be a little normal again and go back to “living normally”.

3) The Return

This is the stage of spiritual awakening that I prefer to call “the return”.

After the dark night of the soul, we have done some deep, deep introspection that has worked through our previously held thoughts and beliefs about the world and everything around us. This allows us to come in contact with all the remaining thoughts and beliefs that we are clinging on to and finally let go of them.

In the return, we finally start to feel as if we’re almost normal again. It may feel as though we are fluctuating back and forth between the honeymoon phase and the dark night of the soul for years.

It’ll be a bit difficult going back and forth and back again every few days.

The good part though? We start to regain our balance, albeit fairly slowly.

We may start going back to friends we told that we needed some time and catch up with them. It may feel important for you to start back up with the hobbies you’ve enjoyed before or you might have new ones. You may even be ready to be in a relationship at this point!

While in the process of returning to normalcy, it will be normal to have some off days. When the days are good though, they are really incredible.

When we start waking up to our true purpose, our true identity in nature, beautiful things start to happen to us. A sense of peace, a sense of stillness. No price can be put on such a thing.

4) Normalcy

After swinging back and forth for what may seem is an eternity we finally find our equilibrium.

Our journey of spiritual awakening is never over but in the “normal” stage we have finally arrived in a place that feels like we’ve been here forever. This is when we truly feel balance within ourselves and the world around us.

Our lives and decisions may bring us out of equilibrium every now and then but through years and years of experience, we learn how to adjust our path and get back on with our lives.

It’s amazing how through the initial stage it all seemed so magical and inviting and yet this stage doesn’t really feel as deep as it did during the initial stage. Ironically though, by this point in your journey, your depth is as vast as an ocean compared to a glass full of water.

Yesterday’s realization is tomorrow’s bullshit

As we progress, we let go of things we may have thought of in the past about our spiritual awakening. Our idea of it and what it really means.

All questions are dropped in this stage and we are just left with pure awareness, pure stillness. There is no trace of the “I” anymore inside the mind. Life is just witnessing itself exist through this experience.

While we no longer feel as though we’re in “bliss” 24/7 anymore, what we feel in this stage is magnitudes times deeper and stronger than the first initial glimpse of awakening.

This is where instead of focusing on ourselves we can finally turn to others to help them along their journey just as others helped us.

It took me a while to cope with this, that maybe my dream wasn’t really a dream anymore and my true purpose was to help people. I started this site for a reason, to finally give back.

Giving awakening to someone else is the most invaluable thing a person can give. No amount of money can be put on peace and happiness. Everyone wants to be happy at the end of the day, even the wealthiest people on the planet.

Wrapping it Up

The four stages of awakening may happen in a different order for you. Some may not have dark night of the soul and some may be stuck in that phase for a longer period of times. We are each a unique snowflake in that regard, everyone will experience their spiritual awakening differently.

The objective for you should be to let your guard down and let the inner soul do its magic. At times it may seem that we are fighting a battle we cannot win, and eventually we will end up having to let go of our control against our will. This is the price we have to pay for looking deep into the void.

Don’t get too focused on one portion of your journey, there is a life ahead of you. Spiritual awakening often sets us on a path that we can’t get off of and instead of trying to, the answer is always to flow with it.

Flow instead of fighting, you got this!

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