Beginner’s Guide To Spirituality: Everything You Need To Know

Being spiritual was the best decision I ever made in my life.

Finding real happiness, joy and peace from within is what everyone wishes for.

Spirituality is the road to finding your own truth and creating your own fulfillment.

If you’re lost and don’t know where to even begin, below is a spirituality for beginner’s guide that covers everything you need to know (and more).

If you’re ready, let’s dive right now.

What is Spirituality? 

Spirituality is inquiring into your beliefs, identity, and purpose. Ask questions like “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”. It’s the search for truth.

But where do you even start? And why is spirituality so important, anyways?

The facade of materialism starts to fade away the older you get. False ideas you believed since a child start to collapse. You start to look within because the external world is no longer capable of bringing you fulfillment.

You start to question yourself and the universe. You look within, hoping to find answers. 

Taking the first step is the hardest. It’s an admittance that your way of living isn’t working anymore. The state of mind required to start looking inward is brought upon by a great force. People turn to spirituality for relief their harshest moments.

My spirituality stems from a childhood of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. I had good parents, food, and shelter. My existence was torture, I couldn’t bear to be alive. 

Why me? I would always ask. What did I do to deserve this misery? I only wished for happiness. 

My wishes went unanswered as my childhood depression lasted until my early 20s. Years of questioning my reality, my purpose, experimenting, it all culminated in me realizing what matters most.

Real inner peace and happiness come from within. No amount of money in the world is capable of buying the feeling of fulfillment. The materialistic world has no chance of coming close to the power spirituality brings.

Spirituality is stepping inside and realizing what has always been there. Peace, happiness and love.

How To Start Being Spiritual

man walking through mountains

You’ve already started. Congratulate yourself on the first step! Seriously, most people never get this far. It’s a lifelong journey but it’s worth it.

1) Accept where you are, right now

If you’re up to your head in drama, involved in a breakup, just moved halfway across the country on a whim – know that it’s OK. The “perfect time to start” doesn’t exist, except the one that starts right here, right now.

2) Look at the Bigger Picture

The perfect sculpture inside of you is ready to be chiseled. On the outside is all of the baggage you that’s weighing you down, the things that are keeping you from seeing life clearly.

Your prior childhood traumas, toxic habits, mental state, it’s all to be shed sooner or later. Sculptures aren’t created in a day. (Good ones, anyway) Be patient with yourself. Working through your inner being is a process that requires time.

3) Keep it REAL

Avoid the hocus-pocus, the flashy, and blingy. You want REAL results. Spirituality is tricky because it’s very easy to get sidetracked and think you’re making progress but in reality, you’re only distracting yourself. Real spirituality is about looking for truth from within. People waste precious years of their lives focusing on the wrong thing, don’t be one of them.

Look past all of that. Be in search for the truth.

4) Ask “Is This True?”

What even IS truth in the first place?

Truth is what is left when there is no need for thought to confirm it. A thought can think something is true, but it is only merely the thought thinking that it was true in the first place.

Thought cannot confirm thought. Your inner being is deeper than thought itself. You want to connect with the deeper level of consciousness that is beyond thought.

Here is how you should be approaching the truth test:

person reading book

Right now there is reading going on. Eyes are looking at this text, but is it you reading this text? If the thought of “I am reading this text” is gone, reading is still happening, right?

The importance of truth is that every thought, belief and identity can be broken down with the truth test. You’ve believed things your whole life that have been handed down from your parents, friends or coworkers without even realizing it.

You need to be constantly inquiring into each thought and feeling that occurs, no matter how they make you feel. 

You don’t need to put an enormous amount of pressure on yourself. Start small but put constant effort into being mindful of thoughts and beliefs. The more experience you have with spirituality, the more natural it becomes.

Look in between each thought. Notice the gaps of silence, even if it is ever so small. That’s the level of consciousness you want to be noticing. It only needs to be witnessed for a split second, but it is enough.

Ways to Increase Your Spirituality

1) Meditate

Meditation is a shortcut to understanding spirituality. Words cannot come close to describing the feelings that the inner being is able to produce, it must be felt on your own. Meditation helps you remember what has always been.

You don’t need to meditate every single day, but do meditate. Meditate when the time feels right. Find a quiet place, music, no music, guided, unguided, it doesn’t matter. Do as you feel. Breathe only to breathe. Feel the grace that air provides us. It gives us life, there is a magical property to breathing correctly.

You will develop your spirituality in an exponential way once meditation becomes a way of living rather than a habit. Every being on this planet could use meditation in their lives, spiritual or not.

2) Question everything

Question anything and everything. When you think you found “truth”, look for more truth.

Until there’s nothing left. You want to be sick and tired of finding the truth! 

Years of baggage doesn’t fall away on its own. Work must be done in order to grow. If only it were so easy, everyone would enjoy the fruits of spirituality.

No one wants to look themselves in the mirror and say “Well, I’ve been wrong my entire life..”.

It hurts on a deep level. But it’s how you grow. Power lies in being able to admit that you don’t know.

3) Find Your Own Path

man with light pointed at sky

You have to find your own way in life. My way will not be exactly your path. Have an open heart and ears but when the time is right, you need to listen to your own inner being.

You cannot live through someone’s ideals and values. The words you are reading now are only capable of pointing you in the right direction.

“Pointing” is a word that’s used often in spirituality. The best spiritual teachings are the ones that make you search for yourself. There are no spiritual teachers, only spiritual teachings. 

You have all the answers inside of you. No guru, master or teacher knows any better than you do.

Be your own guru.

Build Your Inner Power

A decade of spirituality has brought me to my knees, took everything away from me (a few times), and left me feeling hopeless and empty.

But I didn’t give up. I kept turning inward. I felt that there was no other choice. Life forced me to look within, to find power from my inner being. It’s an eternal feeling that never goes away, it’s bliss, peace, happiness, joy, sadness, stillness, silence. 


It’s you, me, the moon, the stars, the grass, the wind, the ocean. Everything is connected. Spirituality is reconnecting with this wholeness that has always been.

Once you’ve chiseling away at your thoughts and beliefs, stillness is left. No thoughts to get in the way, life takes on a magical appearance. Life flows. Even the dullest moments turn into moments of bliss and ecstasy. 

Spirituality brings peace and joy but that doesn’t mean that hard times are forgotten. By being spiritual, you are becoming more human. Humans experience full ranges of emotions. You need to feel depression to feel bliss. Accepting your emotional state is how you build your inner being. 

Always turning inward and looking for answers is how you grow spiritually. Life will continue bringing you to your knees, but it’s your duty to keep your head up and continue moving forward. Knowing that this moment shall pass even when it feels that the light is so far ahead.

Realize that the eternal connectedness is already here. Nothing needs to be done, only to become aware of it again.

A Few Final Words

Spirituality is the most important thing in life. Finding peace, happiness and fulfillment is what this journey is about.

You are capable. If I was able to find peace, so can you.

Being spiritual is not a one way ticket to a fantasy world. The journey has pitfalls along the way, you’ll think you know everything one second and the next the rug is pulled from underneath you. And that’s a good thing. 

Always further, deeper. The depth of your inner being is endless. 

Focus on what matters. Figure out your own values are and then help others find theirs. This journey wasn’t meant to be taken alone.

You’ll find distractions along the way. Shiny objects, carrots in front of you, promises from “declared masters”. Avoid these like the plague. Find your own truth.

Take a good look inside. Are you happy? What is your purpose? Who are you?

This is what spirituality is. It’s your journey to finding YOUR truth. 

I wish you well on your spiritual journey!

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