11 Ways To Easily Increase Your Spiritual Vibrations

Are you aware of spiritual vibrations?

Spiritual vibrations are what make up the universe. Our reality is a projection of the vibrations we produce. We attract what we most resonate with.

Raising your spiritual vibrations is a natural process as you mature along your spiritual journey.

By focusing on your spirituality, meditation and mindfulness, you will begin to realize what spiritual vibrations means to you.

How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations

Everything around you is vibrating.

Your soul, your friends, your computer, your cat, your loud neighbors. The entire universe is comprised of noise. Noise is filtered through the mind as what we perceive to be consciousness.

Your reality is a reflection of the mind. The higher your mind is vibrating, the more vibrant and rich life will become.

You attract what you are within. Whether or not you are aware of the vibrations you are outputting, simply become aware of how even at the simplest level it all comes together.

Angry people emit a certain vibration that our intuition tells us to avoid. Something may seem “off” about them. Vibration awareness is almost like mind-reading in a sense.

Happy people are surrounded by positivity. They attract all forms of life. Life seems “easy” for them.

The inside creates the outside, not the other way around.

Increasing your vibrations begins with a spiritual journey. It’s a path that involves getting to know yourself better, connecting with the universe and experiencing present living.

By practicing the below methods you’ll be on your way to creating a higher vibration life!

1) Meditation

The oldest form of vibration raising is meditation. Meditation clears your mind and allows you to experience the present moment. The present moment is where the highest vibrations occur.

It’s when thinking is no longer necessary and life can be experienced as it is that spiritual vibration awareness increases. Not only will meditation increase your vibrations, you’ll start to understand yourself better. The act of being silent with you, yourself and your thoughts is an incredible gift that shouldn’t be overlooked.

A deep meditation session is one way to become aware of spiritual vibrations. When the mind is quiet we are connected with the highest vibrations. These vibrations don’t go away, they are always with us. Meditation is a great tool to begin experiencing first hand what higher vibrations feel like.

2) Mindfulness

It is through mindfulness that you begin to understand your actions better in the present moment. Without understanding why you react a certain way, it can be difficult to diagnose the emotions and thoughts that bring you out of the moment.

By bringing awareness back to the present moment, your vibrations naturally increase. The less we are with thoughts and negative emotions, the higher our vibrations become.

Utilizing mindfulness requires patience and time. It may seem that your efforts go without benefit at the start. Changing your perception of life is not an overnight process. Our vibrations are held down by old thinking patterns and beliefs, mindfulness allows us to let go of these weights.

3) Spiritual Living

Spirituality, meditation, and mindfulness all tie into each other. They all form a way of living that cannot be shaken. One cannot exist without the other. When practiced together, life seems magical.

The fulfillment that is realized from within begins to change your environment. By changing your mind, you will change your reality. Healing your inner being from past traumas and conflicts is the doorway to freedom.

4) Spiritual Awakening

The most spiritual vibrations in a moment I’ve experienced was when I had a spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is when you see through the illusion of self, the “I” in the mind” and reconnect with what has always been, “Oneness”.

It was through this spiritual awakening that led me to go down a spiritual journey. I’ve not had a singular event hold up to that life-changing moment. Everyone’s spiritual journey is a path towards their own awakening, to realize the wholeness that the entire universe is comprised of. Spiritual awakening is a vibration in itself that should be felt by everyone.

5) Exercise

The mind and body are one unit. If one is underutilized, the other suffers. You don’t need to become a bodybuilder or a marathon runner. A 30-minute walk a day can make or break how your body functions.

Exercise allows the mind to destress, enjoy endorphin release, and relax. When you begin to exercise regularly, you will notice how much worse you can feel when your body doesn’t get that much-needed release. Allowing the mind and body to connect to grow is how you start to feel your own spiritual vibrations.

6) Surround Yourself With Higher Vibrations

You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with.

How can you possibly better yourself if you are always around negative energy? It can be difficult to let go and move on from old friendships/relationships. The power needed to distance yourself is enormous. The hardest decisions are usually the right ones.

People change over time and you also have changed. We are not the same person we were a second ago. Understanding that some people might not fit into our lives after a certain point is vital for self-improvement. Make the hard, but right decision.

7) Alone Time

It was not too long ago that I had been spending very little time alone. I was having difficulty differentiating my own vibrations from others. Letting my friends know that I wanted some alone time was a challenge and yet it needed to be done.

It’s important that you figure out exactly what type of energy you are emitting when you aren’t influenced by outside sources.

Are you happy? Sad? Anxious?

When you don’t spend time with yourself some emotions may go unresolved. Knowing the energy you are emitting is incredibly important because others will notice it subconsciously. Alone time is great for resolving inner conflicts that have been ignored.

Not to mention the breather you’ll get when it’s just you, yourself and I!

8) Be With Nature

Nature itself is the pinnacle of vibration. Nature does not speak nor does it think. It’s a perfect expression of life.

The ocean moves, the wind blows, the trees and grass grow. The perfect harmony that nature achieves is unlike anything we can comprehend. Connect with nature by spending some alone time with the fresh air, trees and ocean.

Listen to the sounds that are emitting throughout your time with nature. Hear what the silence brings in between your thinking, how powerfully awake nature is. Letting nature speak to us is a perfect way of allowing our spiritual vibrations to heighten.

9) Self-Inquiry

Self-inquiry is an old method of asking the mind some of the biggest questions that have left everyone stumped for decades.

You start by asking “Who am I?”. The trick is that you aren’t looking for a philosophical explanation, you’re letting the mind contemplate it on its own. We are powerless when it comes to the nature of the mind. By repeatedly asking the mind “Who am I” the mind is left to digest.

The purpose of this method is attempting to figure out who we are deep down inside without a thought describing it. It only sounds complex, do give it a try!

10) Dive into Spiritual Learning

With such a wide variety of teachings available to us through the internet, it can all seem overwhelming.

We suffer more today from too much information rather than too little. My favorite spiritual mentors are ones that do not attempt to persuade you that they have all the answers. They instead constantly ask questions, they are “pointing” to you.

All of the deepest wisdoms are already within. It is often said that there are no spiritual teachers only spiritual teachings. There are moments in life where we might need a clue, a direction to follow. Finding the right teacher for you is about finding the right vibration.

If someone speaks well but their vibe is off, avoid them. You will start using your spiritual vibration awareness to guide you through life.

11) Take it Easy

Your journey should be fun and uplifting. Spiritual vibrations are merely a byproduct of increasing your spiritual bond with yourself and the world.

The present moment is tricky. The more you try to find it, the longer it stays hidden. It requires a sense of grace to live presently. Spiritual vibrations shouldn’t be focused on or sought after, your awareness will grow naturally as everything around you grows.

It’s understandable to want to know your vibrations better but they are not going to help you in any meaningful way.

Wrapping it Up

You are well on your way to experience spiritual vibrations first hand.

Vibe high with yourself and watch as the universe begins to resonate with you.

By getting to know yourself you are deepening your inner vibrations and recognizing the already existing vibrations that are all around us.

Keep on your journey and become powerful. Use your vibrations for good. 🙂

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