How To Have A Powerful Spiritual Transformation

Have you ever felt that even though your life was going as planned, it felt like something was missing?

People are undergoing spiritual transformations at an accelerating rate.

With all the division and turmoil the world has been in, society has started to look inward for answers.

Below you’ll find out what a spiritual transformation entails and how to experience one for yourself.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Spiritual Transformation?

There is a misconception that most humans that walk this Earth are whole.

It doesn’t make sense to assume that there is something else.

Why is it hidden from us? Where do we find it?

From childhood many of us have felt that a part of us was missing.

There was always this deep calling to look deeper, to inquire further.

A spiritual transformation occurs when you dive into the unknown, without fear.

What is left when you strip away your identity, thoughts and beliefs?

Oneness. Consciousness. God. Spirit. The name is arbitrary.

A spiritual transformation is when you realize your true nature underneath it all.

Some transformations occur instantaneously, while others gradually realize their wholeness. The majority of people experience a gradual transformation.

The tortured souls are often the ones whom dive into spirituality, seeking comfort. Wondering why it is that they are a victim of the world.

From these terrible depths you emerge anew.

I was extremely depressed from a child up until I was 18. I had a loving family, a car, a house, it didn’t make sense why I was in such pain.

It all became clear when at the age of 18 I was struck by a spiritual transformation.

Consciousness was knocking at my door and all I had to do was open it. I inquired a bit, and then my spiritual awakening happened.

That was the moment I spiritually transformed. Everything made sense in hindsight. I had suffered incredible mental anguish for nearly a decade only for my pain to be a doorway into transformation.

I had realized my true nature, that I was “One” with the world.

It was a sudden awakening from one dimension into another.

Realizing You Are Enough

“Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough.”

Ram Dass

A spiritual transformation is the realization that there is nothing to “get”. There is nothing to find and there never was anything to chase.

Oneness is available to all.

In Zen, they describe it as “the Gateless Gate”.

You might think that there is some journey you must go through before you have a spiritual transformation.

Maybe you aren’t ready enough? Maybe you need to meditate a few more hours or read five more spiritual books?

There is no need to tie yourself down.

The transformation begins when you fundamentally understand that there is nothing left for you to learn.

The deepest insights are already within.

There aren’t any teachers, books, or gurus that can figure this out for you.

It only takes a moment of honesty to look deep within your soul and come together with oneness.

They call it the “Gateless Gate” because once you’re on the other side, you begin to understand that there was no door for you to walk through.

You hold yourself back by thinking you aren’t enough.

You are enough.

What is Oneness?

Oneness is what you were before you were born and what will persist after death.

Consciousness is not a singular entity. Humans, animals, nature, they are all a part of the universal collective.

You may think you are a separate individual and there is good reason to believe so.

You are the ocean, the farthest star in the universe and the tiniest speck of sand underneath your feet.

From a young age we are brought under illusion by the ego that “I” am in control. Attachment to these beliefs are what causes you to be disconnected from oneness.

A spiritual transformation is realizing that you are not an identity, thought or feeling but rather “I am”.

When you go from “I exist” to “I am” you break free from the illusion of control.

“I am” is stating that there is consciousness occurring, but it is only consciousness experiencing itself. Without a person behind it and without control.

Oneness is comfort. Oneness is the present moment. Oneness is a perfect expression of reality.

Reconnecting with Oneness is bliss.

Instead of chasing you begin to realize that the answers were readily available at any moment.

That’s what makes the situation comical.

Is it really a spiritual transformation if all you are doing is realizing what already exists?

What Causes Spiritual Transformation?

The core of a spiritual transformation is the shattering of the illusion of control.

Some may have it happen naturally due to a traumatic life event or after embarking on a spiritual journey.

Here are some common causes:

  1. Coming out of a deep depression
  2. Near-death experience
  3. Herbal rituals
  4. Meditating
  5. Immense loss

While the causes may differ, they all have one factor in common.

The illusion of control is seen through and a glimpse of “behind the veil” is witnessed.

It only takes a moment to see. The rest of your journey is no longer in your hands.

That moment of witnessing is all it takes for oneness to be realized. To be whole again.

A split-second instance.

If you are wondering how you can experience a spiritual transformation, you can check out this guide here describing the method of awakening.

What a Spiritual Transformation Looks Like

The initial transformation is a moment that is never forgotten.

The irony is that when you become what you have always been, it isn’t special.

Every human on Earth has the ability to undergo a spiritual transformation.

You will question your life path. You will observe and truly ponder if every action is in line with your spiritual destiny.

Until a transformation takes place, you have been under the spell of the ego.

Ego wants to be something special, it wants this life to have purpose and meaning.

A transformation reveals that the only purpose is to realize Oneness.

There is no amount of money or material belongings that can compare with what Oneness has to offer.

In my own experience I’ve had to rethink my own path.

I’ve taken many different roads since my transformation, the biggest takeaway is that I’m no longer allowed to live a life that revolves around me.

Oneness reveals that being of service to humanity is the biggest gift you can offer.

If the present moment is all we have in life then the purpose of a transformation is to guide others to experience the same.

It took me years of internal conflict to understand but I’ve had to stop fighting.

Deep down inside I get this urge to help as many people as possible.

That’s why you’re reading this today!

Don’t think you have to be a shaman or a monk that sits in a cave, spiritual transformation is a process that every human must undergo to realize their fullest potential.

The End

Are you ready to embark on your own spiritual transformation journey?

You are enough.

There is nothing more for you to do, only to realize what already is.

If you need help along the way, check out my full guide on spiritual awakening.

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