21 Essential Spiritual Teachings You Need To Learn

The spiritual teachings you’re about to read is everything I’ve learned through my spiritual journey.

Not every lesson was handed to me, but that meant that those lessons had to be earned.

You’ll find that on your own spiritual path you will have to learn your own spiritual teachings.

And that’s what makes spiritually so amazing – everyone is going to have a different experience!

1) Allow everything to be as it is

Simple spiritual teachings are often the most powerful. Letting the moment “be as it is” means to be in complete acceptance of reality. Suffering ceases to exist when reality is accepted.

It’s simple yet powerful. Executing it properly, however, takes a lifetime of practice. For more guidance, check here.

2) Look inward

All the answers you are searching for are within. All of the spiritual teachings I have learned are available to you. The deepest wisdom that has been passed down from generations is already here.

3) This too shall pass

The loss of family, relationships, wealth, it is inevitable. When you are inside of these moments they feel never-ending. The light seems to be so far at the end of the tunnel that you can’t imagine making it through those hard times.

But they do pass, and they all will pass in time.

4) Ignore the distractions

I had met someone early on who had warned me that while some events on a spiritual journey may seem “magical”, they aren’t necessarily worth inquiring into.

The truth is in the present moment. Life itself IS magical. You don’t need to confuse yourself with unexplainable concepts along the journey.

5) Find your own truth

You have to find your own way in this life. Words aren’t capable of encapsulating spiritual teachings in their fullest essence.

You will always be missing the feeling surrounding the lessons – which is why you need to find your own truth.

6) Let go

child jumping off cliff

Either you let go and be free or get dragged along through life. The past does not equal the future. Your future is a product of today.

Life will force you to let go even if you aren’t ready. Either let go or be dragged, it’s your choice.

7) Life hurts

You will suffer at one point or another. Trying to avoid getting hurt leads to an unlived life. You need the hurt to grow.

Find joy in your pain for it is your ultimate teacher.

8) Life is beautiful

Through all the hardships I’ve been through in the past two years, I’ve been able to find real, true peace and happiness through it all. On paper I should be defeated, and yet I never gave up.

Even the dullest moments in life are beautiful. It only takes a shift in perception to see it that way.

9) Things Change

You are not the same person you were a second ago. Being comfortable with change is how you bring peace into your world.

10) You can’t know everything

When you stop striving to figure out every little detail, life is able to be experienced as it is. The search for answers can go until your time is up or you can let it go and accept that some of life’s biggest questions will always be unsolved.

11) You aren’t your thoughts

woman looking at herself in mirror

That voice inside of your head claiming to be you? ..Well, it isn’t you. It’s a thought thinking that it’s you.

Thinking is a tool, and repetitive thought loops are preventing you from being present. You are the infinite, the cosmic, the universe itself. Bringing in meditation is a great way to realize the silence within the mind.

12) There is always a lesson to be learned

The last few years were incredibly difficult to say the least. I had lost my entire net worth, moved countries and lost my entire identity. I was a mess. I kept trying to be the person who I used to be and I had to accept that person was long gone.

That person wasn’t me and the person who I am today is in a much better place. For that, I am incredibly thankful.

13) Give up

You have far less control than you think you do.

Instead of being in a constant battle between yourself and the universe, you have to give in. Flow rather than obstruct.

14) Follow your intuition

Intuition relies on your feelings rather than your thinking mind. Being in line with your intuition means that you trust your gut without hesitation.

Our body and mind know what is best for us on an instinctive level. The universe is trying to help you as long as you are capable of listening to the subtle hints.

15) Life is too short to worry

Tomorrow is a product of today. All of the anxiety and stress from worrying never amounts to anything.

Knowing that you create your future in the present moment is enough to stop worrying.

16)The only time is now

sand timer

What are you waiting for?

The time to change is now. You need to wake up and start taking control of your own life. You have to find your truth because the world won’t find it for you.

17) Question everything

Question who you are, what you believe in, and where you are heading. You can’t know what you believe in until you figure out what it is, nevermind trying to change it!

18) True fulfillment comes from within

A big wake up call for me was when I had achieved my wildest materialistic dreams and still felt empty. I wasn’t helping anyone, only myself. Not only that, I felt this urge to keep making more. I thought that I would eventually be satisfied, but there is always a bigger boat.

Finding fulfillment that comes from within means that you don’t need anything or anyone to feel complete. Everyone on this planet has the capability of finding this within them. This is the quintessential spiritual teaching that everyone should become aware of.

19) You can’t force things

Life doesn’t always work out in our favor. You might have gotten rejected from your dream job or the person who you have been fawning over rejected you. That’s life.

Imagine for a second how boring life would be if you got everything you ever dreamed of. It would be great for a short while, then once the novelty wears off you’re back to square one.

You have to be grateful for what you do have. Always wishing for things to be different makes life unbearable.

20) The universe is a magical place

Once you learn the flow of the universe, life takes on a magical feeling. It really does feel like every day is a new journey to take on. Ups and downs are part of the package but being able to enjoy the simple things in life makes this journey blissful.

21) Love is Around Us

The air you breathe, the sky you see in the distance, and the wind you feel on your face are all the same thing. It’s all love. There is this infinite love that is around each and every one of us if you stop and look around. It’s a miracle that you were born into consciousness.

Even though this moment is infinitesimally small in the grand scheme of things, it’s all somehow working in perfect harmony. And will continue to do so in perfect harmony.

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