3 Spiritual Questions That Will Change Your Life

Are you wondering what spiritual questions to ask yourself?

Spirituality is different for everyone. Your answer won’t be the same as mine.

And still spiritual questioning is one of the most powerful tools you can use to deepen your soul.

We will go over the top three spiritual questions that will permanently change your life if approached correctly.

Let’s get started!

Spiritual Questioning

Before we go into the questions, I’d like you to reframe how you are asking these questions.

These questions aren’t meant to have logical, “clear” answers. Each question will need to be digested by the mind and pondered for weeks if not months at a time.

The mind is unable to philosophize spirituality. There will always be something missing when trying to describe the endless depths of spirit.

The present moment and all its wonders isn’t able to captured in language. It can only be experienced in all its glory.

Each question can be inquired into multiple times. You shouldn’t be looking for a regular “answer” but more of an insight.

A lightbulb going off in the mind or a “click” in the mind. It’ll be obvious when it happens to you.

Now that you’re prepared, let’s take a look at each question together!

1) Who Am I?

This three word question is enough to change your life forever.

Who am I?

Who am I beyond the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that are swirling around this consciousness?

For many they often misunderstand how the mind operates. They are under the illusion that each thought was willfully produced resulting in ownership or attachment of the mind.

It’s the attachment that weighs you down. Breaking free from this illusion is something that requires constant questioning.

Let the mind go through this question, let it feel it completely. Engage with it. Try to answer the question without thinking.

What would the answer look like without a thought to explain it?

This seemingly meaningless question is the doorway to spiritual awakening.

Once fully realized it brings forth a reconnection with wholeness, with “Oneness”, with the beautiful, ever-lasting present moment.

The key is getting the mind prepared for the subtleties that “Who am I” brings.

A typical answer would be “My name is (insert your name here) and I was born in (your country of birth).

Avoid this type of answer. Look beyond the typical identity the mind brings up.

You are trying to look deeper, into what you really are at the core of everything.

If you aren’t your thoughts and they happen naturally, what would that make you?

“Who am I” can be a question to ponder for months if not years. Even years after I found out about this type of inqury I continued to still practice it.

This question digs deep into finding the deepest truths about ourselves.

Any time I get stuck in thought loops or a difficult emotion I fall back onto “Who am I?”.

It’s my go-to spiritual hammer.

2) Where Am I Going?

Ever felt you had a place to be yet never got there?

You are here, now. And you always will be.

There is no fast-forwarding the present moment. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s time to stop chasing.

Why do we feel rushed? Why can’t we stop and smell the roses along our journey?

Our time will fly by and if we aren’t careful we can still be chasing years down the road. The world has evolved into a fast-paced rat race where everyone is trying to cut each other in line.

Bring your attention back to the present. There isn’t anywhere you need to be. You’re already where you are.

Perfection is able to be found in even the dullest of moments. That’s what makes life beautiful. A blow of the wind, a sunny day, the smell of the ocean lingering through the air.

There is very little requirement to find peace. It’s a misconception to think that after a certain amount of goals achieved, places traveled or relationships experienced that we can finally experience happiness.

“Where am I going” is a great question to ask for spiritual growth.

You need to make a paradigm shift. There isn’t any fulfillment at the end of your journey. The fulfillment was found along the way.

This takes an incredible amount of stress off of your shoulders. Instead of being terrified of failure or regret, you can find happiness right in this moment.

With no goal or journey needed to be experienced, we can experience life in its purest form.

3) What’s Bothering Me Right Now?

To free yourself you must directly confront your inner being.

That nagging voice inside of you telling you to get to the gym, to break up in a toxic relationship, or face your demons.

That voice is your deepest being attempting to be heard. And we sometimes shove it into the back of our minds thinking we know better.

That’s when we have to face reality, that our intuition knew better than us all along.

Avoiding that sinking feeling in your stomach leads to distrust in yourself. You need to take action, now.

Spirituality isn’t all love and roses. Some moments seem more of a battle than a walk in the park.

Confronting your inner being takes guts. You’ll need to be building up the courage to continuously face yourself.

You will want to run away. No one wants to face their pain. But that’s when you go in head first.

It might take a helping hand to get you through the hard times. Life wasn’t meant to be lived alone, ask for help if needed.

After you rise up to the occasion and confront your inner demons, that’s when you can find peace.

Peace will be a finger’s length away as long as you aren’t honest with yourself.

Yes, it may hurt. Yes, you may cry. Yes, it may require you to admit you were wrong and need to change your life.

But that’s the price you pay for freedom.

Even if you don’t willingly do it, life will bring you to your knees. If you have decided to take a spiritual journey, the universe puts a mirror up for us to look into.

You will be forced to look, eventually.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

That’s it!

Those three questions are how you free yourself. It seems too simple or easy – the questions have unlimited depth that can be used at any point in your spiritual journey.

There is never a point in your journey where there is nothing left to learn. This is how you grow, by looking inward for wisdom.

Each question can be pondered for weeks at a time. If one question takes you a month or two to get through don’t be surprised.

You’ll be glad you did you took the time.

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