11 Spiritual Practices You Need In Your Life

You’re on your way to becoming spiritual. You’re probably wondering, where do you even start?

With religion it’s easy, you already have a set-in-stone way of living. The rules of life are written for you to follow. Spirituality isn’t set-in-stone. Everyone has their own way of living, and that’s what makes spirituality amazing!

You don’t need to be religious, pray or go to church. You do need to bring spiritual practices into your life in order to find purpose, meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Spiritual practices are simply ways of getting closer to your own truth.

If you’re new to spiritual practice, you’ll find 11 spiritual practices below that you can utilize daily.

11 Spiritual Practices

1) Deep Questioning

When you grow up, you’re victim to the ideals and beliefs of others. You might not even be aware of what you believe in if you have never questioned your beliefs.

Question every belief you have. Question the voice inside your head. Question the thoughts that think they know everything.

Get to the bottom of your beliefs and identity. Spirituality is about finding truth, nothing else.

2) Meditation

Spirituality and meditation go together like peanut butter and jelly. One wouldn’t exist without the other. (Well, you get the point!)

Meditation in its most basic form is the act of realizing awareness. The core principle of meditation is to bring remembrance to the present moment.

The present moment is life being experienced as it is, without any obstructions. Meditation forces you to be present and breathe into awareness itself.

3)Being Compassionate

I felt that I was missing something in my early 20s. I read countless self help books, dedicated myself to find “success” and was still left feeling emptiness.

I wasn’t helping anyone, I only lived for me. That was my problem. When your purpose in life is to help yourself, you forget what’s important.

You can’t have a fulfilling life without being compassionate. You don’t need to donate all of your money to charity, but do think about being a kinder, better person.

4) Use Mindfulness

It’s easy to feel comfortable in your home. Step outside into the world and you’re bombarded with enormous amounts of information, energies and emotions.

When overwhelmed, I bring attention back to the center of my being. I take in a deep breath and then start inquiring into what it is that’s making me feel this way.

Making this a habit rather than simply existing through your uncomfortableness leads to a much more pleasurable reality as your tensions unravel the more you inquire.

5) Minimalizing

Spirituality is learning to be fulfilled from within and not from materialistic belongings. Think twice before you buy a non-necessity.

Clean out your living space. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in years. Give away everything you don’t need to charity.

Less clutter = clearer mind. You will feel free with less belongings.

6) Be Here, Now

You’ve likely heard this saying a lot. “Just be present!” Ok.. but what does it mean when it comes to practicing it?

Being here, now, means to be present. You aren’t living in the past or the future, you’re living this second. Learning to be present can be foreign if you aren’t accustomed to what the now even feels like. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, it means that this is all going to be a learning experience.

Work on letting go of the past and stop worrying about the future. Bring your attention here, to this moment right now, take a deep breath and find joy that is here, now.

7) Removing Toxicity

Negativity does not equal toxicity. Negative emotions are an important part of growing emotionally. You need feel negativity in order to grow.

Embrace negative emotions but remind yourself that you don’t need to be surrounded by toxicity. Consider making change if you notice that your work, family or friends are hampering your lifestyle.

Always be monitoring for the emotions you are feeling throughout the day. Try not to blame every emotion on others, but do try to become aware of who and what is making you feel a certain way.

8) Flow

Be like water. When life is closing doors, open new ones.

Accept the random chaos that everyone is subjected to. I’m not saying this it the easiest thing in the world, but it is necessary for bringing peace into your life when everything seems dim.

You have to realize that this moment will pass. Life moves ahead and you can’t hold on forever. If you aren’t moving forward, you will be dragged along.

9) Let Go

You are in a constant state of letting go. Your body gets older, your mind gets weaker. Friends and family come and go. One day the ultimate letting go will come, death.

It takes a mental shift, but the acceptance of letting go is powerful. Instead of fighting life, you begin embracing the fact that you won’t be here forever. Make it a daily task to explore the fear surrounding let go and what it would mean if it all went away in an instant.

10) Not Knowing

The man who knows the most has realized he knows nothing at all.

Questions like “What is the point of life?” and “What happens after you die” are destined to be unanswerable. And that’s the beautiful part of life, you can’t know everything.

Releasing the pressure of thinking you need to be of a certain intelligence is vital. You want to be able to laugh at yourself, knowing that you’ll never know everything even as hard as you try.

11) Be Spiritual!

Bring your spiritual practices to use every single day.

If you’re sad, happy, depressed, anxious, that’s what spirituality was made for. You’re getting to know yourself in a deep way. Exploring every crevice of your existence is your purpose.

Let your inner being be free. Help yourself live a better life by utilizing spirituality and making the world a better place.

After a while you will be practicing without even realizing!

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