31 Spiritual Lessons That Changed My Life

1) I am enough.

There isn’t anything I need to do to feel at peace. I am capable of feeling peace at any moment, attachment to thought keeps me out of the present.

2) I’m not perfect.

No matter how hard I try I’ll never reach perfection. And that’s ok, I don’t need to beat myself up over it anymore!

3) Forgive others even if they are wrong.

Trying to win every battle will end up with you in the gutter. Even though you may be right in a scenario, forgiving others is a way to release stress. It’s better to let go than to harbor negativity.

4) Boredom is a symptom of being disconnected from the present.

The present moment is fulfillment itself. If I’m feeling bored, I know that I’ve left the present moment. There is richness and depth in even the dullest moments. It’s my duty to find the present moment again.

5) Meditation is the best therapy.

I’ve tried countless forms of self-help and therapy. Meditation has done what other forms of therapy couldn’t. I found that a combination of the two is better than attempting one solely.

The spiritual lesson that stuck the most was that I am capable of relieving my own struggles.

6) The best wisdom comes from within.

We can’t live someone else’s wisdom. The truest forms of wisdom are already in our own hearts and souls. If the wisdom didn’t come from my own heart then it’ll be difficult to incorporate it into my life.

7) As long as your heart is in the right place, anything is possible.

Any time I failed it was because I was off my life’s path. I know deep down inside that my mission is to help people, as long as I continue the universe will offer help along the way.

8) Help others and you will be helped 3x.

Give a little and notice when the universe is giving back to you. The takeaway here is that we should be giving without expecting. You will be returned more than you gave.

9) There is no “tomorrow”.

I shouldn’t wait to do something. If I want to get a task done, it needs to get done today. If I want a better future it starts right this second.

10) The past doesn’t make my future.

The past is over. It’s done, kaput! I’ve had trouble with my past life but I’ve managed to come to terms with them and let them go. Freedom is found when you accept your past and move forward.

11) Life moves on.

No matter where I am in life, I started to understand that life keeps moving forward. If I don’t move WITH life it will drag me. It’s better to flow with the tide than swim against it.

12) This too shall pass.

Every experience and moment eventually passes. Our most difficult moments may seem incomprehensible to us and yet this powerful sentence is how you remind yourself that it will be ok. This too shall pass..

13) I was meant to help.

After 10 years I’ve come to accept that my fate is to give back to society. I was given a gift of over a decade of spiritual lessons and my duty is to give them back to the public.

14) People can change.

Give people a chance. They may hurt you, but you may hurt others as well. Getting hurt is a part of letting yourself be vulnerable. Accept that and relationships become much easier to deal with.

15) Patience is key.

Patience is a virtue. Without having patience we are quickly flustered. Patience lets you relax into the present moment, allowing for peace to be met.

16) I can change.

I am not the same person I was a second ago. I am in constant change as is the entire universe. If there is something that needs to be changed, it’s possible through hard work.

17) The universe is pulling strings for us.

It was only hindsight that showed me that my darkest moments were for the better. The depression I felt when I was younger was a catapult to who I am today. I am incredibly grateful for the wisdom I’ve received through my traumas.

18) I am as valuable as a homeless man.

There is no difference between a homeless man and me. We are both on equal footing, we are both humans. He has the capacity to realize the same insights that I have in life. We are all one.

19) Flow is a powerfully real entity.

Flow can be used to help you have better conversations, create better art, and get to know yourself better. In the state of flow, where the mind is quiet, there is an almost unlimited amount of creativity.

20) We don’t get what we want.

Getting what you want is an egoic fantasy. Life isn’t fair, that’s reality. Coming to understand this has been one of the most influential spiritual lessons I’ve learned.

21) Slow and steady.

There is no prize at the end of the race. The joys in life are found along the way. Trying to fast-forward your life is only going to lead to disappointment.

22) I can change people’s lives.

Through good intentions, I can reach other people and change their lives. My life was changed by plenty of beautiful souls wanting to help and knowing that possibility is amazing.

23) Suffering is attachment.

Attachment to thoughts and emotions is how suffering is created. It’s not a simple concept to understand, but through years of dedication and hard work, I’ve come to understand I create my own suffering.

24) Letting go is key.

One of my most powerful spiritual lessons was having to let go of the person I was a few years ago. I wasn’t the person I was trying to be, I was trying to fit into an old mask that didn’t fit anymore. Letting go freed me.

25) You are your own guru.

There are no spiritual teachers, only spiritual teaching. You must realize that there isn’t anyone capable of helping you as you can help yourself. You’ll have to learn this through your own spiritual lessons to evolve fully.

26) I know what is best for me.

Others can try to lecture me but at the end of the day, I know what’s best. Having others tell me how to live my life has never worked out, it is my life after all!

27) Most spirituality is BS.

Crystals, tarot cards, psychic readings, should I go on? The reality is that there is as much scamming going on in this industry as there is in get-rich-quick schemes. It’s getting harder and harder to get your voice out there.

28) Every waking moment is a gift.

When I wake up in the morning and drink my coffee, I take it all in. I am living in an unfathomably microscopic portion of time in this infinite universe. It’s a miracle to be alive.

29) There is something else beyond the mind.

We are not just the mind. The fundamental spiritual lesson that your thoughts are not you are the doorway to freedom. Inquire further into the depth of reality to find out who you really are.

30)Acceptance is the answer.

If you accept the moment and everything in it, peace is available. There will be moments where accepting is incredibly difficult but the answer to our suffering is simply acceptance.

31) Fulfillment is here, now.

There is no where to look but within. Fulfillment is here and now. The present moment has the ability to heal our internal struggles and let us reconnect with wholeness.

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