How To Start Your Powerful Spiritual Journey Now

Do you want to begin a spiritual journey?

Stop right there. You must first become prepared to endure the path ahead of you.

It won’t be easy, you will find struggle along the way.

But you know what else you’ll find along the way?

Peace, happiness and eternal love.

Below are the steps to get you ready to begin your own spiritual journey. Every step is explained along with a list of traps that you will be sure to avoid.

Are you ready to begin your spiritual journey? Let’s get started, together.

My Spiritual Journey Story

My spiritual journey started 10 years ago.

I had no understanding of spiritual teachings, meditation or had any spiritual inclinations until that point.

I didn’t “find” spirituality, it came to me. It showed up at my doorstep and all I had to do was move with it.

My life has never been the same. The depth of understanding that is possible when your life has been devoted to finding the truth is like no other.

Fulfillment can only be found from within. There isn’t any car, relationship, or drug that can compare to what spirituality offers.

Getting to know myself and the universe over the course of a decade wasn’t easy. I had to face the dark depths of my past and overcome them. The years it took to mend my broken soul was worthwhile.

You get into life what you put into it. If you spend time exploring the depths of your soul, you will come out the other end with a deep understanding of the truth.

I found out how to stay present. I learned how to heal my past wounds. My life took a few turns but they evolved into lessons.

I’ve seen through the shallow lens that most see life through. I see the beauty in the insignificant spec of dust that blows across the sky.

This can be you. All you need to do is go on your own spiritual journey.

It starts today.

How To Start Your Spiritual Journey

Your spiritual journey is a journey into the unknown. You will be taken to the highest highs and the lowest lows. It’ll make you cry tears of joy and pain.

You will find out who you really are deep down inside. Not a shallow version of yourself, but what is truly at the core of your inner being.

There won’t be any doubt. You’ll understand what you want out of life and where you’re headed. The deepest form of fulfillment comes from within. That’s where your spiritual journey comes in.

Taking a cold, hard look at yourself takes courage. An immense amount of bravery is needed to look into the void and see what reflects back.

The journey isn’t easy, but nothing worth doing is easy.

You will get stuck, taken for a loop, find love, and then feel like you started over again. The journey is never-ending.

Your heart needs to be in your journey. You have this power inside you that’s waiting to be explored.

You have to want to dig for the deepest truths in life. Even though you may not like the answer, that’s a price you need to be willing to pay.

Below you will find how to start a spiritual journey, how to deal with pitfalls along the way and how to find your bearings.

Only proceed if you are ready.

1) Start Where You Are

Stop overthinking it!

I’ve been on my own journey for 10 years. I still have new things I’m learning. I’m far from a master, I plan on being a student for the rest of my life.

The same should be with you. Your journey starts here, now. There is no method or course to get you started on a spiritual journey.

You are your own guru. It’s best you learn that from the start. The deepest wisdoms in life come from within. There are no spiritual teachers only spiritual teachings.

I can only point you in the right direction, the rest is up to you.

You are perfect as you are, right this moment. All of your anxiety, dread, bliss, joy, it’s all perfection.

Decide that you have enough courage and heart to go on a spiritual journey. It only takes an instant to change your life forever.

The rest of your life is ahead of you. Your deepest being has brought you here, now, to begin a new path.

2) Find Your Path

It’s your spiritual journey, no one else’s.

You are the one with the power. You decide where it is you are going.

This is when you dig deep into your soul and look for answers. They may not come instantly or even a week from now. It’s the constant practice of questioning that will get you closer to your own truth.

Avoid replicating someone else’s journey. Every human is a snowflake, you won’t fit into their version of a spiritual journey.

Each soul has different mountains to climb and demons to face. There is no telling what is in store for you.

You’re going to have to let yourself get lost along the way. Finding your bearings is a part of the journey. Some lessons take years to learn, that’s the nature of a spiritual journey.

Acceptance of whatever may come is the key to furthering your spiritual journey.

Avoid labeling “good” or “bad”, in the end every experience is a lesson for you to learn from.

3) Learn From Teachings

There were a few moments in my last journey where I was desperate for any meaningful advice.

I learned early on that not every lesson is obvious. Moments will occur that leave you stumped. You’ll be at a fork in the road with no idea where to turn.

I turned to spiritual teachers and literature to further my understanding of myself and the world. I would listen and read as much as I possibly could. I wanted to learn everything.

It became painfully obvious that not every teaching was worth listening to. You will have to comb through teachings with your intuition and find what works for you.

A spiritual journey isn’t able to be taken alone. Much like any other journey, it’s much easier to have guidance along the way.

The master will appear when the student is ready. Don’t rush this part of the journey. You need to figure some of your own paths first.

4) Let Go of Teachings

This is my favorite part of the spiritual journey.

You looked for guidance and found what you were looking for. You start realizing that other’s teachings aren’t as powerful as your own.

There is value in spiritual teachings but the end result is that we circle back finding that the answers were already within.

We searched far and wide for answers but we figured out that the answers were already inside us all along.

It’s in this lesson that you start letting go of everything you had learned. The teachings of others don’t fit your experience. They can help “point” you in the right direction, that is all.

Letting go can be a difficult process. You’ve become attached to these lessons, and you likely looked up to your spiritual mentor.

It’s not that they don’t have any value, you’ve just realized the most important part of the spiritual journey.

You are your own guru. No one can change your life for you, only you have the power.

5) Everything Falling into Place

This is the last step but not the last phase of your spiritual journey.

A spiritual journey never ends. All of the lessons you learn along the way amount to an immense gift.

You’ve climbed over multiple mountains, healed your past, and faced your darkest fears. You’ve stopped hiding from yourself and began inquiring into the truth about yourself and the universe.

The kind aura that radiates from you is palpable. You start to realize that your spiritual journey started for you but now is the time to give back.

Remember all the people who helped you along your own journey? It’s now time to help others along their path!

It took me a decade to get to this point. I had my own lessons to learn. There is no rush, life is a marathon not a race.

Your spiritual journey keeps evolving as you help others cross through their path. There is always further and deeper.

Your grace begins to change people’s lives. You begin to realize that fulfillment from spirituality is the highest bar achievable in life.

True fulfillment that doesn’t go away.

Your personal journey is finished. Your spiritual journey transformed into helping others along their path.

Spiritual Journey Traps

Just because you are on a spiritual journey does not make you immune to the human condition.

There are a few pitfalls that the majority of people going through a spiritual journey have to endure. These traps are there to help us understand the ego better. Without them, we would blindly be believing every thought we have along our path.

Reality checks are important. You will want to be aware of these traps. Even though you may fall into them anyway, you will remember them as traps and question your actions.

I remember reading a book explaining the most common spiritual traps. I fell into each one, even when I was aware of them.

That’s how incredibly powerful these traps can be. Be aware, always question your actions along the way.

1) “My Spiritual Journey Makes Me Better Than Everyone Else”

What’s the difference between me and the homeless man sitting outside?

Absolutely nothing.

The nastiest trap you can fall into is thinking you are better than anyone because of your spirituality. You won’t even notice it, it slowly sneaks up on you.

At the core of every human being is the same experience. Understanding that you are no better than anyone lets you be on equal footing with humanity.

Ironically some of the most powerful egos are constructed when spirituality is involved. It’s comedy really, the person who thinks they are egoless are often the ones who have the largest egos.

While I do agree that spirituality is amazing and has changed my life, I realize that every lesson I’ve learned is within everyone else.

I do not differ from my fellow man and you shouldn’t either.

You are me and I am you.

2) Stuck in “Bliss/Emptiness”

There will be moments during a spiritual journey that feel eternally blissful. You won’t want to leave that moment because it feels so good.

“This too shall pass.”

These moments pass. They come and go like the wind. What comes next is desperate you chasing for that feeling to appear again.

The harder you chase the more lost you will become. You don’t get what you want during a spiritual journey.

Acceptance of the present moment is the only thing that you are capable of. You need to learn that your emotions can not be controlled and negativity is vital for growth.

Without the bad, there wouldn’t be good. Blissful experiences are beautiful and remind you that life is worth living. When they leave, it’s important to remember that they have run their course.

Much like a piece of cake, eventually it gets eaten.

3) Toxic Positivity

Negativity is a part of life.

Attempting to stay positive all the time will result in an implosion. You can’t ignore your negativity forever. It will boil inside of you until one day your suppressed emotions come to the surface.

A spiritual journey teaches you that negativity needs to be explored. Looking inward is painful. Having to admit you were wrong or didn’t understand takes courage.

Not everyone has the ability to be brutally honest with themselves.

It takes heart to inquire into the negative. You need to figure out what lies beneath your emotions and feel them out.

Only by experiencing your emotions fully can they truly be resolved.

Your spiritual journey is about experiencing life to the fullest, not about avoidance. You will find that people that avoid their negative emotions lack depth.

Don’t suppress how you feel, it’ll only lead to frustration.

A Word of Advice

You are powerful.

Your deepest being wants the best for you. Your spiritual journey may at times become unbearable.

It’s the suffering we overcome that makes us who we are at the end. Most people would rather not inquire to find the truth because the journey is difficult.

Know that you will only be given what you can deal with. Some of your obstacles may take a few years to overcome, and that’s the price you must pay.

Not every journey will be identical. Some journeys may require more healing while others may progress rapidly. This isn’t able to be decided by us.

Your journey is yours. Don’t compare your own journey and difficulty to another. I had to go through years of integration before I felt “normal”.

I’m glad that I spent a few years in isolation. I had deep internal struggles that needed to be resolved. If I spent that time hiding, I would have never come out on the other side.

You will get through your tough times. Some lessons may hit you across the head and make you gasp for air. That’s just a normal part of the journey.

The deepest wisdoms are within.

You have all the answers.

Find them.

Start Your Spiritual Journey Today

This is it. One decision will impact the rest of your future.

You have all the information before you. You’re reading this now because you’ve already made the decision.

Your deepest being is calling for you. Your soul wants to be freed. Give it what it wants.

Your journey starts today. Right now, right this second. You are prepared enough.

Be kind, be gentle.

You are ready.

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