Spiritual Growth – Why It’s Important

Without spiritual development, life will end up feeling monotonous and without purpose. Growing your spirituality along the way will become intuitive but you must first learn how.

A reason why you might feel stuck in your spiritual journey is that you have left unresolved issues that you haven’t attended to. Many of these conflicts stem from previous life trauma, self-doubt and inability to self reflect properly.

Spiritual growth is important because without growth, you will have not resolved any of the subconscious beliefs that have been with you since childhood. Spiritual growth allows you to move forward and address these conflicts allowing you to finally move forward.

Nurturing the Soul

Imagine your soul as a seed.

This seed requires water, sunlight and oxygen to grow and become a fully grown tree. If you neglect the seed, the seed will never end up growing to its full potential.

The soul requires the same type of nurturing. It requires love, patience, kindness and most of all it requires a brave heart.

When you initially started your spiritual journey, you may have felt lost and unsure of what to do. This is typically normal as most journeys aren’t linear. There will be many ups and downs along the way, this is how you begin the spiritual growth process.

Without attending to everything in our past, we are leaving our soul without oxygen. You cannot fully grow into your full spiritual form until you have gone back and addressed things that you may have thrown into a corner of the mind for many years.

This process may be painful. It may hurt. There might be tears. And yet, this is what you will need to do. You need to give your soul access to oxygen, it needs to breathe. All of your previous hangups about your past life are holding you back even if you think they aren’t.

The subconscious mind is fairly powerful. The subconscious can control your thought patterns and make you believe things that aren’t true. Childhood trauma is a big factor in how your subconscious mind operates later in life.

The more you grow in your spiritual journey, the more you will need to keep addressing these thoughts that arise. At first contact with these hidden thoughts your first instinct might be to shove them back from where they came from. Don’t do this, address them fully.

Addressing Previous Traumas

The longer you are on your spiritual journey, the more clear your mind becomes. This clarity is a beautiful thing and yet thought may arise that you haven’t attended to in what may be years.

There are plenty of thought patterns that most people suffer from.

A quick example might be something like this:

  • I am just not good enough
  • I am just ugly/overweight
  • I won’t ever be anything
  • I am so useless
  • No one will ever love me

These thought patterns stick with you for what seems almost your entire life. The reason they are there are almost always some experience that you have experienced earlier in your life.

Maybe you got bullied, maybe you were overweight, maybe you had an in-affectionate mother that inflicted self doubt. The important thing to understand is that these are just thoughts and they are NOT reality.

This is where major spiritual growth can happen. This is exactly what you want to be doing if you would like to continue on your spiritual journey.

You have to confront these thought patterns head on. There must be no fear and no looking away. Directly into them.

It’s counter-intuitive. At first reaction, you most likely just avoid these thoughts and try to stay busy.

This is what the thought patterns want.

You see, thoughts only stay if you attach them to emotions. The more emotion behind a thought, the more you react to them. The more power the thought has. The more you will react the next time and so on.

It’s a vicious cycle, but through your spiritual practices these can be addressed and can be let go of for good.

Taking Action

How exactly can you deal with these thought patterns that have arisen?

One of the first ways to begin is to meditate on them. Meditating fully present will allow these thoughts to arise and give you access to them with a clear mind.

It is important to try to see exactly what are behind these thoughts. These thought patterns are fairly sticky, don’t expect them to go away right away. It takes time and a conscious effort before these thoughts begin to release themselves.

When you are meditating on these thoughts, attempt to feel them as much as possible. Even if it is difficult for you, this is a time of spiritual growth. This journey isn’t exactly an easy one, if you are willing to look directly into your soul your soul will be looking right back.

This is your nurturing process. This is how you begin the further your spiritual growth.

Behind every thought pattern is an experience that begun these thoughts. If you can pinpoint exactly the moment these thoughts arose from, then the mind can start connecting the dots.

In reality, these thoughts are just thoughts. They are not you. They are not a reflection of you. They are just thoughts appearing. This is vital to understand.

When the mind fully realizes that these thoughts are just thoughts, it can start to let go of them. The less turmoil that is within, the less you are running away from yourself the more free you become.

The more we self explore and stop running the more spiritual growth we can allow to happen.

If you aren’t willing to look deep within yourself, into the depths of the mind, then you will never be able to progress on your spiritual journey.

It’s tough, I get it. The reward of doing the work however is something that makes all of the temporary pain worthwhile.

Don’t Stay Stuck

Usually when you are on your spiritual path, your body and mind will be connected as one. When you are “stuck”, you will have all the signals readily available telling you this if you are listening.

Any time I have gone off my path and decided to do something that was inherently filled with ego, I lost that feeling of wholeness. Everything would give me anxiety, it would be like I just couldn’t breathe.

I knew in these moments I was making bad decisions and yet I kept doing them. It even sometimes took me years to get out of feeling like this.

My only way out was through tragedy. Either something would happen to me or all the doors in my life would seemingly close all at the same time.

This in my mind was the universe letting me know that it had enough of my shenanigans.

Growing your spiritual life is going to be incredibly important if you have chosen this life.

It won’t be easy, there will be trial and error. There will be tears and there will be hardships.

There will also be peace and joy like you never felt before as well.

That’s the beauty about a spiritual journey. Bad really doesn’t mean bad. It just means you are learning something in the meantime.

Feeding Your Soul

The soul is always seeking to be awakening. The more that you attend to all of your negative thinking, your self doubts and your fears the more clarity that you will have in your life.

Letting your spirituality grow will become intuitive over time.

What seemed entirely impossible at first will become second nature.

For instance, when you are first attempting to uncover hidden subconscious thoughts it may be extremely daunting and take a heavy mental toll. Over time, you will have learned how to shift from doing this conscious act to an almost unconscious one.

This is where your spiritual growth is so important. When you have put in the time previously, you will have learned how to deal with anything that arises in the future.

This is similar to any practice in life. Baseball, tennis, dancing, swimming, it’s all the time. The more you practice the more natural these things will become.

Focusing on your growth will enable you to further free your soul. The soul wants to grow, it wants to be that tree. Let your soul become that tree it so ever wants to be!

Not only can you do these mental practices, you can practice being compassionate.

Volunteer, do something nice for someone else without asking for anything in return.

The longer you are on your spiritual journey the less it becomes about you and the more it becomes about helping others.

You are destined to give your gifts that you have learned along your journey back to the world after you have been given them.

It’s such a beautiful thing to know that this journey isn’t just for ourselves, it’s for everyone else on this planet as well.

The Soul Grows Naturally

The soul is trying to grow as much as the universe is growing indefinitely. The universe is ever-expanding and the mind is attempting to as well.

You are your own worst enemy. The ego will stand in the way of your spiritual journey. It will do everything it can to divert you back into confusion.

Remember that the soul wants to grow naturally. You are the only thing that is standing between you and your freedom.

This process can be easily handled by understanding just one thing.

The universe will never give you more than you can handle.

Every hardship that is brought to us is just a stepping stone in our journey to a deeper sense of realization. The faster you come to this conclusion the easier your journey will become.

It’s not a race it’s a marathon.

There will be times when you feel like everything is against you and that you are “stuck”.

It’s all on your shoulders of how you deal with these things when they arise.

Do you break down and refuse to acknowledge they are happening?

Or do you come to your senses and realize that you can handle any situation that is brought to you?

Allowing this situations to arise naturally is how you get through them easily.

Don’t try to not feel bad, feel as bad as you can when you are in the midst of hardship.

It’s comical how by letting yourself feel as bad as you can you are allowing these feelings to come and go. On the flip-side, if you decide to run from them, they will come and haunt you.

Don’t forget that this is just how the universe is showing you how to grow. This is the key.

Wrapping it Up

A spiritual journey has its ups and downs. It’s up to you to decide how you will handle these situations.

Every situation is brought to us so that we can learn and grow from them. Maybe it’s time we finally let go of a certain something and the universe has decided that this is the best way to deal with it.

Remind yourself constantly that you are on a learning path and that spiritual growth is essential.

Look inward, with courage and you will be rewarded for doing so.

Thoughts aren’t your enemy, they are just thoughts. This is the key to understanding these never-ending loops.

Stay present, keep on moving forward.

Remember to water your seed.

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