7 Spiritual Goals That You Need in Your Life

Are you wondering what type of goals you will need in your spiritual journey?

It all starts with understanding the basics of spirituality. A spiritual goal should not be like a normal goal.

Start by understanding the differences and start making real spiritual goals that make a difference.

Spiritual Goals Aren’t Like Regular Goals

Before you set any spiritual goals for yourself, understand why typical goals don’t vibe well with spirituality.

Spirituality is not a hobby where you cross a finish line and get a gold medal for your efforts. Your spiritual journey is a lifetime of introspection, meditation, and understanding that accumulates to who you are. Setting a goal in which you see yourself “finishing” is only going to put a hamper on your spirituality.

Wanting to create spiritual goals to better yourself is normal, the issue stems from the need or want to constantly be chasing. At the root of spirituality, there is stillness and peace. This feeling that is within us all does not require any goal or finish line to cross – the feeling is available to all.

Spirituality is funny in the sense that the harder we try to pidgin hole our way into growth, the farther we get from it. Your life is a path of learning, there is never going to be an end to your spiritual growth.

Before you start to set up your spiritual goals, think to yourself what type of person you would like to see yourself as. What problems are you currently facing that could be resolved in the present moment?

Targetable actions are insanely powerful when it comes to spiritual growth. Everyone has an issue that needs resolving or an emotion that needs attending. We often forget about ourselves along the way, and your spirituality is a great way to get in contact with your deepest being.

Together we will go over the spiritual goals that actually make a difference in your life. Instead of spinning your wheels, let’s make a change in your life!

1) Understand Yourself Better

At the core of spirituality is a deep understanding of your soul. Your deepest being within knows what is best for you and without access to it, you stumble through life.

Your intuition is going to grow alongside your understanding of yourself. Intuition is what guides you through even the darkest tunnels of life.

You can start by paying attention to who your soul is trying to be and letting yourself be free. Trying to shove your deepest desires into a corner will only make you feel disconnected from yourself.

2) Let Go

Whether you are anxious about the past or fearful of the future, you are keeping yourself out of the present moment. By letting go, you accept that you have less control than you think in life. Spirituality shows you that we don’t have nearly as much control in life as you once thought.

It won’t happen overnight, letting go is a process that may take weeks or even years. This is where patience becomes key, by accepting slowly you will begin to naturally let go of the hindrances around your soul.

The less you are hanging onto the freer you become. Residing in the present moment is where the magic happens, spirituality is always guiding you to be present.


Meditation is a foundation of spirituality. When the mind is quiet, you are in the present moment and in pure acceptance of anything and everything in this life. It’s a pure joy being expressed simply through living.

Just like spirituality, the only goal you should make when you meditate is simply to meditate. There shouldn’t be any forceful acts or making a schedule, allowing yourself to meditate when the need arises will be best.

If you need help learning how to meditate, Headspace has a great guide for beginners.

4) Give

As you grow in your spiritual life, you will come to the realization that you must act as a service to others. The biggest gift I’ve ever received in my life was my own spirituality – now imagine how others would feel if they were guided along their journey.

I’ve been helped along my own path and have gone out of my way to help others on theirs. Even a simple thank you during a busy day can mean a lot. You never know what the other person is dealing with, kind words can make or break someone’s day.

Our journeys cannot be taken alone. You will never be complete if you think you are going to get through this life alone, at one point you will need a hand. Why not be that someone for someone else?

5)Let it Be

Spirituality is about acceptance of any occurrence. Without any disagreement in reality, there will be no conflict. With no conflict, there is only a pure expression of the present moment!

You likely won’t always get what you want or think you deserve. Your mind will have difficulty accepting this at first, but do take the time to begin accepting the reality that is presented before you. The best moments in life are when we allow life to flow rather than obstruct.

The next time you feel in conflict, practice acceptance. You will be surprised at how quickly troubling emotions pass when you truly are able to let go.

6) Be Gentle

Be gentle not only with yourself but with others. Kindness is the backbone of spirituality. The universe is always watching, if you aren’t 100 percent in line with your thoughts and actions then there is going to be a disagreement with what is.

Spirituality is not like weightlifting where you can see tangible results week after week. Your spiritual goals need to be centered around becoming a better person, and that starts with how you treat yourself and others.

7) Stay on Track

Life will throw curveballs every now and then. You aren’t perfect but it’s still possible to stay on track. You have to further your understanding with yourself and continue helping others in your life. Hard times happen, it’s how you deal with them that matter.

Always remember that spirituality is the rock in your life. No matter what happens you can always refocus and get back on your journey’s path. Pitfalls are expected, I’ve been through so many ups and downs in my own journey that I don’t even get phased anymore.

You will grow as you continue to build your spiritual life and learn what’s important to you. The only thing that’s keeping you from being full of joy and wonder is you, yourself and I. Spend the time to heal yourself, let go and move on.

Remember: Spiritual Goals Aren’t Typical Goals

I’m repeating myself because it is incredibly important that you do NOT force any of these goals in your life.

While I do believe that goals can help you, if you start to set a finish line in your spiritual journey you are going down the wrong path. There is no finish line! Remember that.

You are strong and capable enough to better yourself. There is no limit in how much incredible joy and wonder you can bring into not only your life but everyone around you as well. You can be the shining star that people adore and strive to be like.

It all starts with you. Today is the day.

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