What Does Meditation Feel Like?

Understanding what happens during meditation is key to understand why we feel certain ways before, during and after our meditation. Not every meditation session will be equal, some more difficult than others. A successful meditation can feel many different ways.

Depending on what is going on inside the mind in the present moment we might feel amazing and if there is inner turmoil going on we might have to face it and feel things that we have been avoiding.

Meditation isn’t always going to feel great but that’s the entire point of meditation. The only requirement for a successful meditation session is that you sit down and meditate. It takes courage to look within and see what is going on for yourself without any distraction. The best meditation sessions will leave us feeling focused and refreshed and others might leave us feeling entirely lost and maybe even feel worse than before. It’s important to understand that meditation is there to help us along the way and find inner clarity even though that inner clarity might come with some negative feelings along the way. A successful meditation session might look and feel different depending on what type of day you are having.

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Why Is Meditation Not Working For Me?

The benefits of meditation are quite immense. I often suggest meditation for almost any trouble that occurs within your life because it is such a powerful, under-utilized tool in today’s world.

Too often people give up far too quickly because they don’t fully understand how to meditate and what to do when it isn’t working for them.

The major reason why meditation isn’t working many people face is that they just don’t meditate often enough. Meditation is similar to working out at the gym. The first gym session you might be fairly sore and it feels like you did more damage than good. After your first few sessions you start getting less and less sore and able to lift more weight. Meditation is roughly the same idea, the more you meditate the more of the benefits that you will experience from it.

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Dealing With Devastating Loss of Motivation After Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a beautiful thing but when we initially wake up we are faced with many challenges we haven’t encountered before in our dream state.

It’s not uncommon for one to lose their motivation to live the life they led before and while this is understandable there are still daily tasks that must be done for us to live in the waking world.

The best thing we can do to combat these issues is to first understand exactly why we lose our motivation. Once we have a good understanding of why there is lack of motivation after our spiritual awakening then we can deal with the issue at hand. While it may seem like it’s a good idea to completely quit your job and abandon all your friends, these impulse decisions will come back to haunt you. It’s best that we further explore the why and the how so you can come up with a plan that suits your experience best.

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The Four Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening only happens entirely to a select few lucky individuals around the world. Unless you’re like them and have a full, spontaneous spiritual awakening then you will go through stages throughout your journey.

Everyone will have their own path where the universe will guide you along the way. Knowing what to expect can be beneficial to us to know exactly what stage we are in our spiritual awakening.

Don’t try to rush through every stage, they are there for a reason. Waking up from a dream that lasted your entire life isn’t easy, so try to just relax and enjoy the ride.

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Dealing with Isolation and Loneliness During a Spiritual Awakening

On paper a spiritual awakening seems as if it’s just shy of a magical experience and while sometimes it can seem that way a true spiritual awakening can be downright destructive.

The main issue spirituality seekers face is finding not only good information but the right information regarding their spiritual awakening. There are so many people out there that are only after your wallet rather than truly giving you down to earth advice.

A true spiritual awakening can lead us into deep isolation where we feel lonely and not have anyone we can turn to discuss our issues with.

Do not fear as there are many ways to deal with these problems, we will discuss why it happens and the steps we can take to deal with it.

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Is Spiritual Awakening Real? Digging for Truth

Questioning whether or not spiritual awakening is real is a common question that gets asked every day in the spiritual community.

The issue with the question itself is it requires a definition of what spiritual awakening actually is and that is where most fail in their response to the question.

Spiritual awakening can seem like a fantasy for some while it seems like daily life for others. A common assumption would be that “If I cannot witness it in my personal reality then it must not be objectively true”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If everyone asking the question took the time to do some searching within themselves they could have their own answers.

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Why Am I Spiritually Blocked?

Everything may seem to be going swimmingly along your spiritual journey but then one day it seems that the doors you’ve been going through have been blocked. You may ask yourself, why am I spiritually blocked?

It seems as if everything you’ve worked for has done a complete reverse in your spiritual journey and you’re blocked from taking that next step. This is fairly common and will be a common occurrence throughout your journey.

Do not fear as this is completely normal and there are ways to handle it along your spiritual blocks along your journey.

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