How To Find a Spiritual Mentor

Finding a guru or a master in any practice can be difficult. A beginner may not understand what to look for and may fall for a snake oil salesman who is only after their money. You want to enable yourself for success when finding a spiritual mentor as there are plenty of fake mentors out there peddling shallow methods looking for a quick buck. How exactly do you find a spiritual mentor?

A real spiritual mentor is not interested in selling you a product or course. The best spiritual mentors are the ones that point you to yourself, they truly understand that in spirituality we ourselves are the best teachers.

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21 of The Best Meditation Tips

Meditation is the act of observing.

Through this observing you are able to bring attention to the present moment. The stillness and peace that the present moment offers is incredible.

There is nothing like it in life. No form of therapy has come close to the benefits meditation has provided me.

If you find yourself needing some guidance, below are 21 of the best meditation tips I’ve come across after 10 years of sitting.

Are you ready to start meditating?

21 Meditation Tips:

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How To Be Happy Again: 21 Tips To Find Peace In Life

You were happy once before, right?

Everyone has a moment where life felt magical and deep down you felt true happiness.

Life brings us situations that we aren’t in control of. You might feel that things won’t ever get better and most importantly, how to be happy.

Being happy before once is the only requirement to feeling happy again. You can’t force your happiness, but it is possible to ease your mind and remember what makes life worth living.

Below are 21 tips to help you figure out how to be happy again.

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