15 Simple Mindful Living Tips For A Better Life

Are you living mindfully?

Bringing in mindfulness into your daily life is the first step into bettering your life.

Below are 15 tips that’ll be sure to help you find mindfulness.

Let’s start being mindful!

Mindful Living

Without mindful living, you are left the victim of your own mind.

Have you ever gone about your day and then suddenly an intense, uncomfortable emotion comes out of thin air? What about an interaction with friends or family that ruined your day?

This is where mindful living comes in. When we begin exploring our actions and thoughts, the resulting clarity is immense.

At times it may seem that we are going through life without purpose or without direction. Mindful living brings us back to the center, allowing us to contemplate who we are and where we are going.

Everyone wants to feel at peace but when it comes time to put in the mental work, that is where people are led astray.

Effective mindfulness takes some time to learn. You may be looking for a way to simply bring mindfulness into your hectic life.

With the rapid pace of reality, it can be hard to remember that how you feel is important above all else. In between checking texts, emails, Facebook, phone calls, Youtube, it’s getting that much harder to distance ourselves from our detrimental habits.

Start bringing mindful living into your life. You will restore peace and clarity. The constant pressures of reality will seem inconsequential in hindsight.

Below are a few tips to help bring you back to reality.

Are you ready to start living mindful?

1) Be Aware of Yourself

Simply be aware. Start by analyzing how you feel. How do you feel right this second?

The biggest take away through mindful living is that we can bring acceptance into our reality. Acceptance is when you are completely without judgment of the present.

Simple idea in practice but essentially the most effective tool you can use to be at ease.

Think of feeling “bad” and “good” as Yin and Yang. One cannot exist without the other. It’s the act of attempting to distance ourselves from our emotions that burden us with even more unpleasant emotions.

Next time you’re feeling a certain way, try to bring mindfulness into the picture by sitting with the emotion. Feel it all around, sit, and witness what this emotion is.

Emotions fall away the moment you stop avoiding.

2) Be Aware of Others

Being aware of ourselves is a great skill to have. Being aware of others simultaneously is an effective tool for building long-lasting relationships.

Everyone has moments when they let something slip. Our actions bring reactions, it is up to you to be mindful in your interactions.

When your awareness shifts away from yourself and onto others, people will notice. Instead of concentrating solely on your own feelings, you can try mindfully bringing in empathy in your interactions.

A simple “Sorry” may be all that’s needed to squash conflict. Your friend may be in need of a hug. They might be going through a hard time and need a shoulder to cry on.

Your relationships will strengthen with mindful living.

3) Start Meditating

You can practice mindfulness without meditating but you will be missing out on a big portion of realizations.

While meditation and mindfulness are separate practices, they build on each other.

Meditation centers the mind and allows for mindful living to occur naturally.

Start meditating mindfully today.

4) Body Awareness

Emotions don’t just live in the mind, they often cause bodily reactions.

When you’re anxious, your heart starts beating faster. Your gut might be feeling a certain way.

Happiness causes laughter and smiling.

By being mindful of your body, you can learn a lot how your emotions are affecting you.

Stress causes you to get tense. Notice when this is occurring and become aware of it. Take a deep breath and loosen up.

You may not even be aware of negative emotions your body is harboring. The more mindful you become the easier it is to begin to notice the body and release the stress.

5) Surrender

Life is a roller coaster of emotions and events. One day you may be faced with tragedy that cannot be mended.

It’s vital that you give in to how you are feeling in these tender moments. You can’t put up a battle with life, it will win every time.

When faced with a circumstance that cannot be changed, you are left with little choice.

The initial reaction is to start pushing blame or pulling away from what is happening. With mindful living, you can surrender when given no other choice.

While you can’t change everything in life, you can change how you react. This is your key to realizing peace even when tragedy strikes.

6) Compassion

I’ve had issues with compassion in the past. I always thought of life as a transaction, you get what you give.

After falling ill and having my family sacrificed so much to help me, I’ve come to understand that this type of thinking is the path to nowhere.

You need to share your love. Life isn’t fair and yet it’s still possible to look the other way and act with compassion.

When you give without expectations, you will receive more than you’ve given. This is what I’ve found to be true in my life.

You’ll find that you will be helped in the right time at the right place. I can’t say that it’s 100 percent true, but only what I’ve observed living with compassion.

7) Habit Watching

We all have a habit that we aren’t fond of.

Whether it be overeating, smoking, video game/social media addiction, there is always something that can be improved on.

Mindfully watch your urges when they come up. Notice how your body has even formed an addiction around certain movements like grabbing for your phone every few minutes.

Your habits can control you if you aren’t careful. Some more detrimental than others.

A few months ago I was spending an enormous amount of time playing a video game. I was spending five to six hours a day playing and it was getting in the way of work. By utilizing mindful living I started to realize that I felt worse playing the game!

Thankfully I decided to stop playing and have been getting more done ever since.

8) Thought Exploring

Mindfulness allows for living presently. The present moment shows us that thoughts appear naturally.

A thought can appear out of thin air and drive you into turmoil for days if not weeks.

These thoughts aren’t you. Without mindful living, it can be difficult to understand that thoughts occur without any intention. Attachment to these thoughts is the source of suffering.

Explore the source of thoughts. If they don’t come from you, where do they come from?

Try to find the answer without analyzing.

9) Breathe

Take a deep breath in. Let it out.

At the center of this simple action is clarity. Breathing relaxes you and brings attention back to the present moment.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself to breathe. Your body can be overwhelmed by processing feedback, by breathing we allow the body and mind to return to the center.

Meditating is breathing. Meditation and mindfulness can be practiced in any moment. There are no limitations.

10) Minimize

Mindful living brings the insight that fulfillment stems from within.

Our reality is a projection of the mind. Start practicing minimalism to continue exploring the wisdom that the present moment brings you.

Free yourself from the overabundance that we all have been cursed with.

Enjoying the present moment is enough. There is no need to clutter your life with materialism.

11) Let Yourself Live Free

Your mind wants to be free. It doesn’t want to be shackled down by thoughts, belongings, stress and anxiety.

Every being desires peace. Mindfulness brings you to the conclusion that peace is already here, now.

The limitations you set on yourself are hindering you. You don’t need to accomplish a certain task or buy an item to feel at ease.

The power of now is always here.

12) Practice

You won’t master mindful living in a day.

Even after 10 years I’m still learning lessons. Be a student of life.

Be patient with yourself. Let yourself mess up, get out of the moment and get lost. That’s how you learn.

Practice bringing your attention back to the present moment throughout the day. You’ll find over time that mindfulness becomes intuition.

13) Be Present

The goal of mindfulness is to reside in the present moment.

When you’re completely present, you’re experiencing life as it truly is. This is where the magic happens.

Being present is a skill that is grown over time. You may only be able to be present for a few moments, a taste is all that is needed to open your eyes.

The present moment is lost the second you try to force your way there. Remind yourself that the present is always here and there is no need to hammer your way in.

14) Mindful Love

Love is not solely a mutual feeling between people.

Bring mindful love to yourself. You’re going to make mistakes. You will never reach perfection.

And that’s totally fine. Mindful awareness gives us the power to love ourselves unconditionally.

When you love yourself you can bring this ever-lasting love into your relationships.

Be kind.

15) Live Mindfully

You’re new to mindfulness. Be mindful with yourself as you begin a journey into bettering yourself.

It takes energy to be mindful in your actions. Not every moment is going to be experienced presently.

Start the journey slow. Accept where you are and how you feel. Take a deep breath.

You will be naturally employing mindfulness as you mature.

The journey isn’t just about yourself, it’s about everyone that comes along with it. Your friends and family deserve the mindful attention that the present brings.

You won’t live any other way after you start seeing results.


You’re on your way to living mindfully!

Don’t feel overwhelmed – practice one form of mindfulness at a time.

There is no rush to become a master, ease into it.

You’ll be living in the present in no time!

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