21 of The Best Meditation Tips

Meditation is the act of observing.

Through this observing you are able to bring attention to the present moment. The stillness and peace that the present moment offers is incredible.

There is nothing like it in life. No form of therapy has come close to the benefits meditation has provided me.

If you find yourself needing some guidance, below are 21 of the best meditation tips I’ve come across after 10 years of sitting.

Are you ready to start meditating?

21 Meditation Tips:

1) Accept Everything

Suffering is a result of conflict within the mind. Focus on your conflicts and be with them. Let them flow through you, let the emotions guide you. When you stop resisting and simply observe your thoughts, peace begins to offer itself to you.

2) Let Go

Letting go during meditation can seem foreign at first. Trying to let go will lead to frustration, the trick is to be at ease. Naturally the more you relax the more of your thoughts you let go of. There is more to the mind than thought.

3) Embrace

Be with your emotions instead of running away. Embrace them. Your emotions are a doorway into your soul. Instead of thinking they exist as “good” or “bad”, see that your emotions exist on a singular plane. Good and bad are the same emotion, the mind convinces you they are different.

4) Meditate When The Time is Right

Let your gut dictate when the right time is to meditate. Avoid creating a “meditation habit”, meditation shouldn’t be viewed as a hobby. It’s one of the best sources of therapy known to man.

Meditation should not be forced, allow your mind and body to dictate when your next session will be.

5) Breathe

All that’s required when you sit down is to breathe. Pay attention to the breath going through your nostrils, down into your lungs and back out of your throat and exhale through the mouth.

Air is life itself, it’s giving you oxygen to breathe. Bring attention to the breath and observe the stillness that is present.

6) Watch with Observation

Observe the thoughts that go through the mind. Being identified with the thinking mind is the dream state. To awaken is to realize that the thinking mind isn’t the totality of life. When you break free from the thinking mind, stillness floods the mind.

You are not the observer or the witness, there is only observation happening.

7) Don’t Be Afraid to Dig Deep

During deep meditation sessions, subconscious thoughts tend to make their way to the surface. It’s critical at these moments that we are attentive and dive into them rather than brushing them off.

Internal trauma is hidden within your subconscious. Becoming aware of subconscious thought is your chance to work through them.

It’s impossible to work on subconscious thoughts until they become conscious. You might feel an incredible amount of pent-up anxiety or sadness but that means you’re going in the right direction.

You WANT to feel these emotions throughout your soul, it’s your internal struggles being let go of.

If at all you feel overwhelmed, stop and try again at another time.

8) Be Gentle, Don’t Force

Let your mind be busy and let the mind be empty. The state of thought does not determine your meditation session’s success. Life is one long meditation session, there is no need to force.

Thought is not able to defeat thought. Creating more conflict is creating more noise.

Be gentle, be still.

9) Don’t Take it Too Seriously

Meditation should be enjoyed. Avoid is taking the practice of sitting too seriously. You want to keep the magic alive and enjoy the insights that meditation has to offer.

Some sessions will be amazing and some will be rather dull, that’s the full package. Coming to meditation with a light-hearted angle is going to keep it enjoyable for years to come.

10) Let Your Fear Guide You

Fear is your guiding light. Let the fear that arises show you the path forward. Dive into the unknown, don’t be afraid. Fear cannot directly hurt you, see through the fear. Ask it what it wants, give it your hand. The power in diving into your fear while deep in a meditation session is unfounded.

11) Open or Closed Eyes

Open or closed-eyed, it’s up to you. When I do waking meditation, I prefer to walk about while observing the environment. During my sessions indoors, I switch from closed and open eyes.

Let your body guide you through what it prefers, don’t get lost in the minutia.

12) Be Grateful

Meditation is one of the greatest gifts you’ll have the pleasure of receiving. The difficult sessions that are hard to get through are where the growth happens.

Your soul is almost literally ripping off old layers of attachment. Meditation builds character, but always be grateful even when in distress.

13) Give in to Your Struggle

You create 100 percent of your own suffering. Let your suffering take over, feel it fully. Embrace it, cherish it. Look right into the void and see what stares back at you.

You don’t own your thoughts, thought is simply happening. Give in to your struggle and find release from it all.

14) Get Up after an Hour

Limit your meditation sessions to under an hour. The mind needs to stay sharp, the longer your sessions go the duller your mental state becomes.

Meditation can make you feel incredibly good after long sessions, but the issue is that meditation is not a method to “feel bliss”. Meditation should be used for bringing attention back to the present moment.

15) Listen

Open your ears. Listen to the sounds of your breath, the ambiance of the room. Let all sounds come into the mind without questioning. Listening is a skill you bring into your day to day life.

Practice meditative listening when having conversations with loved ones, you will become extremely perceptive.

16) Always Deeper, Further

Insights never stop. You will always be a student of life. There are no “meditation masters”, only students with experience. You have an endless amount to learn about yourself and the life around you.

Your potential will be limited if you convince yourself of a faux mastery.

17) Teach Others

After you’ve begun meditating and understand the fundamentals, it’s time to invite others to practice with you. Life was not meant to be lived alone.

Bringing the gift of meditation to as many people as possible is a great way to expand your consciousness.

18) Meditate Everywhere

In line at the bank? How about the DMV? Try meditating in those places, you’ll find the results to be shocking. Meditation can be practiced at any moment of the day. Expand your perception of what’s possible by meditating in broad daylight.

Every moment in your life is an invitation to bring it back to the present moment.

19) Meditation Doesn’t Stop

Your session isn’t finished when you get up from your practice. Meditation is a life long journey. The lessons you learn along the way are meant to be utilized while you live your life.

Bring that attentiveness back into your reality and live your life to the fullest.

20) Be Patient

It may take some time to see tangible results. Meditation is an unlearning, it’s a detachment from the noise you’ve been accustomed to your entire life. Stick with it and the results will come.

Give yourself three months and if you don’t see any results, send me a message and I would be glad to guide you.

21) It’s Never Too Late to Start

I wish I could start over and relive my first encounter with meditation. The moment it “clicks” for you is setting in stone the importance of the present moment. The ever-lasting peace that the present moment provides is like no other.

Meditation is already occurring within all of us. It’s only the realization that it’s happening that brings us joy and wisdom.

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