Life After Spiritual Awakening – What Happens When You Live Free

Spiritual awakening is often compared to waking up from a dream. Once you have awoken from the dream state and have seen through the illusion of self, you have begun the next step in your spiritual journey. You may be wondering, what happens after spiritual awakening?

After a spiritual awakening, a big portion of life stays relatively the same. The only thing that changes is the perspective in which life is viewed. Instead of seeing life through “I” being in the driver seat, this illusion is shattered. Life begins to be seen through an observatory perspective.


Spiritual awakening is a real, true thing that can be experienced by any waking life on this Earth. It is important that you distinguish whether or not you have had a real, true awakening.

If you have not had an awakening and have only convinced yourself you have had one, you are only furthering yourself from waking up.

To distinguish whether it was real or not, you must understand that there would be no confusion nor any doubts about whether or not it was a spiritual awakening. You will have an unshakable feeling that cannot be ignored, and there will be no doubts as to whether or not the experience was a spiritual awakening.

There is no magic at play here, it is only dispelling the illusions and conditioning that is present within the mind. There are no hidden secrets or tricks to awakening, it’s merely just the ability to look within and see the true nature of reality through an honest lens.

The Initial Glimpse

Many people jump to conclusions and think that spiritual awakening gives you magical gifts and healing powers. I’m here to say the truth, at least in my experience, is that life stays relatively the same.

Spiritual awakening IS an amazing experience, and seeing through the “I” illusion within the mind does have a dramatic change on your life. The irony here is that just because you have seen through this illusion does not mean you are inherently “done” with your journey.

Most will only have a glimpse “behind the veil”. The void will be seen for a brief moment, but it’s only enough for the doorway to open. As this feeling is explored more and more, the mind begins to expand and you experience true nature, consciousness.

This begins the journey of seeing through built-up conditioning, and this takes time. Many thoughts that are unknown to you live through the subconscious. Only after these thoughts begin to present themselves can you start to unravel them and “dispel” them from the mind.

A baby being born for the first time doesn’t know how to speak or walk. The same could be said for someone who has just awoken, it takes time to learn how to orient yourself within this new world. You’ll encounter ups and downs, the universe will get you to look at parts of your mind that have been ignored.

In the beginning, it’s about furthering your introspection and deepening the experience to see what your true nature really is.

Further, Deeper

If I could sum up spiritual awakening into three words, it would be “peace of mind”.

I would like to keep painting a realistic picture of spiritual awakening as it doesn’t make it seem like some humongous achievement or goal, it is nothing of the sort. Spiritual awakening is available to every living being.

As life continues to move forward, instead of having the illusion that “I” am in control, your perspective will shift to an observatory nature.

There is only witnessing happening, no control within the mind. You are not the watcher, only watching is happening.

Spiritual awakening is a process of destruction. While it may be a beautiful and amazing experience, it is a very disorienting process. Everything you think you know about yourself and the world will be tested. You will be forced to look at and challenge every single thing you thought you ever knew.

Until everything falls away.

Spiritual awakening is a process of letting go. You will have to let go of your idea of yourself, this world, and everything you ever thought you knew. Once you become aware that thoughts are just happening, instead of you thinking them, the mind begins to further the deepening process.

Even after a spiritual awakening, it is common to still have an attachment to thought. You will suffer some devastating last blow attacks by the ego as its unwilling to give in. These are your first “steps” in the awakened state, this will be how you learn how to orient yourself.

You will have to start learning how to deal with your thoughts and attachments. Spiritual awakening is a process, it isn’t normally just a single instance and you are finished. That’s what I mean by further, deeper.

What Life Is REALLY Like After Awakening

Chop Wood, Carry Water.

A big portion of your daily life after awakening will stay relatively the same. You still have to pay bills, eat food, use the restroom. Everything changes, but paradoxically nothing changes. Life goes on.

Spiritual awakening shows you how to live within the present moment without any internal conflict.

10 years ago I had a spiritual awakening and the journey has not been an “easy” one to say the least. I thought in my mind that it would remove every issue that I would ever have, make me never have to suffer ever again, but I was dead wrong.

Life is a process of letting go. I’ve had years in between then and now where I was depressed and felt as if the world was out to get me. What I learned was that the universe puts you in these positions to get you to look at conflicts within the mind that haven’t been addressed.

Being honest with yourself isn’t easy. Even after a powerful spiritual experience, it is possible to still get caught in ego. I got caught for many years in a path that wasn’t in line with my journey. The universe did everything it could to get me to sit down and look at what I was doing, man was it ugly!

Why is it that suffering is still possible even after spiritual awakening?

Without this suffering, you wouldn’t know where exactly to look. You wouldn’t learn how to deal with this suffering in real-time, to see how most of your sufferings are just an attachment in the mind. It is possible to be at peace and still endure difficulty in your life.

This is what happens after a spiritual awakening, you learn how to deal with suffering. You learn that there is a different way to live, you learn that feeling at peace is available at every moment.

Attachments Fall Away

As your journey moves forward, you may start losing interest in your career, hobbies and even friends after awakening.

This is a fairly normal occurrence. As attachments fall away, you may realize that your previous career and hobbies were ego-based rather than being fulfilled from spirit.

Before awakening, I was really into bodybuilding. I was obsessed, at the gym five times a week. I had a coach as well, the whole shebang.

I kept lifting even after awakening, it ended up consuming a sizable portion of my life. Then, one day, I began questioning why exactly am I doing this to myself?

Why am I always in front of a mirror, constantly dissatisfied?

Why am I weighing and watching every single calorie that goes into my body?

It dawned on me that this hobby I took up stemmed from a feeling of inadequacy from a young age. As I started to question this belief more, it began to fall away. Bodybuilding was no longer in line with my life’s purpose.

You also may be questioning your career choice at this moment as well. When you undergo a spiritual awakening, the “drive” to be a materialistic robot that society has programmed you start to fall away. It likely isn’t in your interests anymore to be working a desk job that isn’t in line with your passion in life.

I had to make a career change. This process doesn’t happen lightly. These hobbies and careers have a grip on us that you have to start to question and understand. It will put up a fight, the ego does not like being challenged.

As more of these attachments start falling away, life can start to feel “pointless” or “without meaning”.

Why do anything when you can just sit at home and do nothing and feel good all the time?

Well, this is also another trap. Life is about experiencing. Without bringing new experiences into your life, you will stagnate.

At a certain point, awakening is no longer about you, it is about bringing this gift back to the world. The world brings it unto us, it becomes our duty to give that passion back to the world.

For me, after a long battle, I had to come to the realization that my gift is to give back to the world. I’ve known what I had to do for so long, now I am living in line with my purpose.

You Are Your Own Guru

After 10 years on my own journey, I can safely say that spiritual awakening has changed my life.

The funny thing is that it can feel like nothing changed at all. I don’t quite remember how it was before I “woke up”. It almost feels like everything was always this way, I just had to wake up to it.

Along my journey, I had so many obstacles and humps to get over. Years of depression, years of not knowing what to do or who to talk to.

Spiritual awakening teaches you that you are your own guru.

Everything that you will ever need to know is already inside you. No one has the ability to see this for you, only you, yourself have the ability to wake up. There isn’t a magic trick or a special code, it takes just a single instance of realizing the “I” in the mind isn’t you.

What is it like for me now, 10 years later?

Thinking becomes more of a tool rather than a necessity. Instead of constantly churning through thought after thought, I live primarily in silence. Thought does occur but it is just thinking happening. “I” am not thinking, there is just a thought present and then silence.

I could compare it to a movie been watched. Although “I” am not really here, moving is happening, thinking is happening, life moves forward. There is only observation taking place. The realization that this is what true nature really is what brings you to the present moment.

There is nothing else but this moment occurring right now. There is no future nor is there a past. There is just right this second. This shift in perception frees you from suffering, instead of being held back by fear, anxiety or regret, this too shall pass.

I am not 100 percent free from daily annoyances however. The difference between the experience now and the experience 10 years ago is night and day. I no longer get stuck for days on end in thought loops, this mind has learned how to deal with attachments. This means that even when life may seem “bad”, I know that “This too shall pass” and there is no reason to get attached to what ever it may be that life has in store to show me.

Wrapping it Up

Life does change after a spiritual awakening. It’s a process of letting go of attachments and realizing what is your true nature.

Along the way, it’s common to look around and realize that not much has really changed. Chop wood, carry water. You will still have to live your life, it will only be seen from a different perspective.

Hobbies and career shifts may happen. This is completely normal, it’s a process of the thoughts in the mind being tested and seen if they are just an egoic construct.

When all is said and done, life continues on. It’s a beautiful experience, and yet a fairly simple one as well. It’s only realizing what is really true, what is inside, what is your true nature.

Once you get to the bottom of all of this, peace of mind is always available no matter the circumstance.

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