Is Spiritual Awakening Real? Digging for Truth

Questioning whether or not spiritual awakening is real is a common question that gets asked every day in the spiritual community.

The issue with the question itself is it requires a definition of what spiritual awakening actually is and that is where most fail in their response to the question.

Spiritual awakening can seem like a fantasy for some while it seems like daily life for others. A common assumption would be that “If I cannot witness it in my personal reality then it must not be objectively true”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If everyone asking the question took the time to do some searching within themselves they could have their own answers.

Defining What a Spiritual Awakening is

To begin our search for the answer to the question we must first figure out what is spiritual awakening is and what it isn’t.

The most basic definition I can give would be this:

Spiritual awakening is a permanent shift in perception where we no longer view the world through the “I” or “Me” inside the mind but rather we let go of all attachments and come into a realization of our totality.

While the simple sentence may explain spiritual awakening, there is further expansion necessary to further define spiritual awakening.

When someone spiritually awakens they know it. The awoken person knows it as they know that grass is green. It is within every fiber in their body that they become aware of their true nature. Spiritual awakening is the realization of wholeness, “Spirit”, “Consciousness”, whatever you would like to call it.

A common mistake is that far too often people misunderstand what spiritual awakening actually is, and therein lies the problem.

That’s where a lot of confusion stems from, the fact that ego is so strong that it can make you think you”ve experienced a spiritual awakening but in fact you have only fallen further into delusion. Some people even attempt to teach other’s through their egoic realizations and this is where many unknowing victims are born.

It is quite comical that someone in pursuit of spiritual awakening may in fact grow an ego alongside their journey without even realizing it.

To be spiritually awoken does not mean that you’ve suddenly become a god-guru figure who needs to live the rest of their lives as a vegan sitting in a cave in India. I would say in the year 2020 plenty of people are waking up spiritually every day. It is becoming a common occurrence as more and more information is being shared through the vast amount of media channels we possess today.

Being spiritually awake just means you’ve succumbed to your illusion of control on reality. The further awake you are, the less you have to fight with life. At the end of the day won’t get supernatural powers that some people might want to lead you to believe but you will gain something extraordinarily powerful.

Peace of Mind

If for a moment we started to define spiritual awakening as something much more attainable then the fact that spiritual awakening is real becomes exponentially more possible.

If I can’t see it in my own reality, how can I know if spiritual enlightenment is real?

Let’s get something out of the way before we continue.

Spiritual enlightenment/awakening is available to every single human on earth.

If for a second we can imagine that consciousness is a total unit and not separate then the easy conclusion would be that everyone has access to spiritual awakening.

While it may not seem likely even people you would consider sub-human can spiritually awaken. Many prisoners who are doing time for unspeakable crimes have awoken due to the amount of free time they possess and the spiritual groups that are within the prison system.

So, if these people have the ability to awaken, so do you!

The biggest mistake people will make along their journey is that they will constantly have moving goal posts.

“I’ll finally awaken after this session with my guru.”

“Spiritual awakening is going to happen after 10 years of dedication to meditation”

“My guru told me if I come to every single ashram and pay him 500 dollars per private session that he can unlock my awakening”

Don’t be mistaken, everyone has the ability to spirituality awaken right this second.

Again, the question if spiritual awakening is real from the outside will seem unobtainable/fantasy, but to people looking from within it seems rather ordinary. The fact alone that awakening is available to everyone at any moment almost makes it not worth talking about.

I’d bet along your lifetime you’ve encountered people who have awaken and you didn’t even realize it. These are just normal people who are living their own lives. Just because they aren’t wearing Indian jewelry and a white gown doesn’t mean they aren’t spiritually advanced.

If we just accept that we can spiritually awaken right this second, we eliminate the need for constantly moving goal posts.

This is your answer to the question which only you can find within your own reality. No one else can tell you if it is real or not. You’ll have to make your own effort to realize what is around us.

No guru, no shaman, no priest will be able to do what you can do yourself. The best teachers will only show you that you have all the information within.

Considering that only you will have the answer to the question of if spiritual awakening is real or not, that means that you can answer it for yourself.

So why don’t you take 10 minutes and try to figure it out?

Are you really that voice inside your head? Is it really you talking? What is the space between your thoughts, is there anything there?

Or are they just thoughts occurring within consciousness. Or maybe we really don’t have control over our next thought and they are just being processed through the brain and consciousness perceives them for what they are.

Maybe we have misinterpreted reality all along and yet we didn’t take a second to second guess if it were true or not.

Is Spiritual Awakening Real or Not?

Now that we’ve defined what spiritual awakening actually is we can take the next step into answering the question on if spiritual awakening is real or not.

I won’t answer the question for you. Inside the mind are all the tools that you will need to answer it for yourself.

While this “answer” might not be a pleasurable one to hear, it serves the purpose of letting you find your own answers.

Don’t think you need to do X thing or Y thing to get to the “result” of spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening is not the result of anything, it is merely the normal state of a human being.

Instead of watching that next show on Netflix or looking at TikTok for the next few hours, just take a moment out of your day every day to try and find the “I” in your mind. If it really isn’t you that is having those thoughts then what is really going on within the mind?

If at first you don’t see what I’m talking about – don’t give up! You have all the time in the world dedicated to finding what is right in front of you. If you’re brave enough and courageous enough the light will show you exactly what you need to be shown at the right time.

I hope that you can conclude from this article that it’s you that can answer if spiritual awakening is real or not and no one else. As a reminder, don’t try to convince yourself what is actually there, try to actually experience it. Don’t get caught up in the ego loop if you can help it.

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