9 Tips To Learn How To Value Yourself

How To Properly Value Yourself

Your entire life is based off your perception of yourself.

Don’t believe me? Try changing how you view yourself and see how dramatically your life changes.

If you aren’t valuing yourself properly, you are going to be selling yourself short.

Imagine you walk into a pawn shop with a ring you found on the ground. The ring is worth $10,000 but you don’t know it yet.

The employee lowballs you for $3,000 and you take his offer instantly. You have no idea what the ring was worth but it felt like a good deal, so you took it.

You don’t know how much you are worth so you lowball yourself.

You will let job opportunities pass you by, “friends” and family will try to walk all over you, and you will have a hard time standing up for yourself when the time is right.

Start valuing yourself properly and your life will change. People will begin respecting you as they sense your inner confidence beaming through your every action.

Below are 9 tips to start valuing yourself properly.

1) Stop Settling

You deserve more than you think. It all starts with how you view yourself. If you think you deserve less, you will never attempt to strive for better.

Beneath our actions are our fears and doubts, and that’s how you fail before you even begin. It’s easy to circumvent the fear of failure by never trying, but at what cost?

If you don’t let yourself be great, you’ll look back in 10 years and wonder “What if?”. Live without “What if’s”. Don’t be afraid of the unknown.

2) Be Honest With Yourself

Honesty is key when you begin valuing yourself. Deep down inside, what type of person are you? Are you helpful and kind?

Or are you disrespectful and angry?

One day my teacher pulled me aside in high school and told me, “Everyone likes you, I think you’re the only person who doesn’t realize that”. It shook me to the core. He had noticed how depressed I had gotten over the two years he had been teaching me.

And you know what? He was right. I had to change my perspective, that’s why you need to start by being brutally honest with yourself.

3) Identify Your Strong Points

I know that I’m not artistic and I won’t ever be. I do know that I have a knack for speaking with people and getting them to open up. I have an enormous amount of dedication when my heart is in my actions.

You have to look inside your soul and see what makes you, you. No one else is able to do it for you. Life is about developing a sense of self, knowing who you are and your place in the world. Without knowing what your strong points are, you won’t be able to value yourself.

4) Ask Someone

It’s near impossible to know your value if you have any doubt within your mind. By asking someone near to you, you will get honest feedback. You will be surprised at what they say about you!

Even if some of it may be negative, that is your chance to improve your character. It’s a rare moment that should be cherished, constructive criticism should always be welcomed.

5) Just Say No

How often do you end up in a situation that could’ve been avoided by a single “No”?

This powerful two-letter word can be insanely difficult to utter. When you don’t value yourself, you would rather appease everyone instead of standing up for yourself. Whether it be a boss or a family member, there are moments when “No” is necessary.

By valuing yourself correctly you won’t let others walk all over you. People will take as much rope as you give them, it’s better to let others know when enough is enough.

6) Create Boundaries

Whether you’re trying to value yourself in a relationship or a job, creating boundaries is vital. You need to let others know when they step over your boundaries. Without ever speaking up for yourself, others won’t know when to back off.

Everyone isn’t going to know your boundaries automatically so it’s important that you communicate your boundaries properly. You can’t expect your boss or significant other to read your mind. You HAVE to let them know otherwise they will be blind to your boundaries.

Don’t be embarrassed for speaking up for yourself, you will be respected for doing so.

7)Ask Yourself

What do you look for in other people?

Do you abide with those same values?

If you answered yes, the issue lies within yourself. Take a deep look at how you view yourself and consider what is preventing you from connecting the dots.

We are our worst enemies. Try being your best friend.

8)Start Believing in Yourself

Your value starts with you. Start believing in your direction and actions. Without a deep sense of security, you will always be looking to others to size up your value.

You have to start somewhere. Even if it’s for a brief moment, that opens up the window of opportunity for you. Everyone is capable of reaching for their dreams, it requires a mental shift.

9)Everyone is Equal

This is the most crucial tip you’ll find. We cannot change the body we were born into, but we can change out perception of life.

You and I aren’t different. We are two different experiences, yes, but we are both humans. There is nothing that is distinct between us when you look deep at the core of humanity. Bringing yourself up to an equal level as everyone else is how you begin accurately valuing yourself.

It’s the secret that professionals don’t want you to know. That they are also taking their best guess at life and have no clue what they’re doing. They’re human, just like you.

The difference is that they’ve realized that their value is in being human. You need to reach deep down inside your soul and find what makes you tick.

What makes you, you?

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