How To Meditate Spiritually And Free Your Mind

Meditation and spirituality go hand in hand.

The best method of experiencing the present moment is by allowing it happen naturally during spiritual meditation.

Spiritual meditation has the ability to heal inner traumas that lie in the subconscious.

Below you will find exactly how to spiritually meditate and the benefits that will change your life.

Are you ready?

Meditation and Spiritual Life

Meditation and spirituality are bread and butter.

Spirituality is the act of getting to know yourself and the universe better. Meditation allows for spirituality to come to the surface by allowing the mind to be centered.

The present moment is where our deepest beings long to be. There are plenty of different kinds of meditation available but spiritual meditation is the act of letting the present moment come to the surface.

Deep meditation occurs when the mind, body, and spirit are without resistance. By allowing everything to simply be no matter if we define them as “good” or “bad”, our souls begin experiencing the ever-persistent present moment.

It’s through spiritual meditation that our internal struggles can be healed and insights can surface. The thinking mind does not have the capability to comprehend the wisdom of the present moment, only by experiencing can the present moment give us insight.

I’ve tried many different kinds of meditation and spiritual meditation has been the most effective I’ve found so far.

How to Meditate Spiritually

Spiritual meditation is the act of unlearning.

From a young age, we have been taught to process our thoughts logically. Thought is a tool that falls short. Thought cannot begin to describe the present moment and what it truly feels like.

When we attempt to comprehend every instance logically the mind isn’t capable. There are some aspects of life that only need to be experienced.

Imagine trying to describe what an apple looks like to a blind person. You could describe its shape, form, and color and the blind person would not be able to picture the apple without previous reference.

The present moment is similar, it’s possible to attempt to describe it but every attempt falls short.

Meditating spiritually is about getting to the root of your being. Behind all the doors there is this persistent feeling that everyone is capable of realizing.

Step 1

Find a quiet place without any disturbances. It’s best to avoid distractions as much as possible. If you are in a noisy environment you can use earplugs to allow for quietness.

I prefer sitting down on my bed with my legs crossed and my hands on top of my thighs. There is no right or wrong way to position yourself as long as you are comfortable.

Step 2

Close your eyes. You may open your eyes after a certain point but I find that keeping them closed for the majority of the session is key.

Take a deep breath in. Notice the air going down your nostrils, into your lungs and out again.

Repeat this process.

Step 3

This is THE most vital step.

The purpose of spiritual meditation is to experience life as it is, or the “present moment”. We are ruled by our constant thinking and actions, spiritual meditation is a way to break free.

All you are doing is allowing the moment to be as it is. It sounds incredibly simple! It is, the issue revolves around how we chase after these moments rather than letting meditation occur naturally.

Let whatever thought or emotion you are experiencing runs its own course. Observe what types of thoughts are popping up. Feel the emotions that your soul is currently experiencing.

Allowing this to happen naturally takes some time to get used to. This is your great unlearning. This is how you empty your mind and let the present moment come to you.

If the experience overwhelms you, then it is recommended that you stop. Attempting to force anything in meditation only leads to frustration.

Try again another time, attempting to add a few more minutes each during your next session.

The Power of Spiritual Meditation

When you allow the present moment to be as it is in its perfection, you are capable of healing your past self.

Most people carry around internal conflicts from their lifetime. Internal struggle often turns itself into deep subconscious thought that is capable of controlling us later in life.

When I was a child I experienced an immense amount of depression. Even when I thought that I was recovering, it always seemed to find its way back to me.

It was only through spiritual meditation that I was capable of healing my past self. Not being able to see our conflicts within the subconscious is a problem in itself. That’s where spiritual meditation comes in – the act of clearing the mind allows for our deepest struggles to come to the surface.

It’s in those moments of realization that profound healing can occur. By simply sitting with these emotions, they resolve on their own.

There may be pain present and a feeling of wanting to escape. It’s your courage to face yourself after all these years that gives you the ability to heal yourself.

Even after years of therapy, I had not been able to resolve the baggage that I held within myself for years. When I finally began to understand myself through spiritual meditation I realized how powerful the present moment can be.

The present moment is talked about often and not experienced enough. Meditation is always occurring, we have to let it happen naturally.

When you dig through all the internal struggles that have been holding you down for years, what’s left is reality itself. Our true nature is quiet, it’s silent and it’s the most peaceful experience possible.

It never ceases to amaze me how simply going for a walk can be a blissful experience. Without anything holding you down while being present, that’s what life is all about.

Live Presently

Spiritual meditation is going to be essential in your journey. It does take some time to get used to but keep at it until it “clicks”.

Your soul, body, and mind are always willing to be present. Living presently is already occurring, it takes a moment to realize it.

If your deep spiritual meditation sessions overwhelm you, take a breather and come back to it later. It’s a marathon, not a race.

You’ll find that the present moment is your best friend because it is you.

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