How to Manifest: 9 Steps to Your Destiny

I used to think that manifesting was a joke.

“Think hard on what you want, and you’ll get there, eventually!”

I wanted to puke at such a thing.. but the fact is I was manifesting actively without understanding what was happening.

As long as you’re able to identify what it is you want while being able to help the world, you’ll be able to manifest your desires.

If you’re ready, let’s begin.

What is manifesting, really?

Manifesting is turning your dreams into reality through the act of visualization and hard work.

The “Law of Attraction” states that anything you can imagine is achievable. I’m not one of those people and I 100% agree there are limits within our confines of reality. You will most likely not be able to manifest being a professional athlete or superstar simply due to statistics preventing it from occurring.

I’m hesitant to make this post because of how controversial the term “manifesting” can be in the spiritual community. I don’t want anyone to think that you can think of something and you’ll be able to make it appear overnight. That’s not what this post is about, if you’re looking for quick fixes I suggest looking elsewhere.

I’d like to offer a realistic view of how you can align your mind and body with the real world. You won’t be able to manifest anything you want, but you will be able to start working towards achievable goals.

If you’re ready to begin manifesting your realistic dreams and desires, you can find out how below.

9 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

Step 1: Be clear on your dreams

You must first be clear on your end goal. You have to be able to envision where you will be at the end of all of this.

If you don’t have a clear vision of your desires, then I suggest not forcing it. It’s easy to get caught up in the pressures of society and form your dreams around materialistic ideas.

It’s VITAL that you are able to identify if your “dream” is an egoic desire. If all you want is money, fame and luxury then this process won’t work. And if it does work, you’ll have to deal with the consequences later.

Focus on something bigger than yourself. You want to be able to look back and feel that you did good for the world and not just for yourself.

Step 2: Analyze your goal critically

Why am I repeating this again? Because ego is tricky that way. If you can get feedback on your goals from someone close to you that you trust, then do it. It is important that you don’t spend the next few months/years of your life chasing after a dead end.

The universe will give, but only if you are giving. I went down the path of egoic manifesting and the end result was NOT pretty. I got what I had thought would make me happy, but in the end, I was only more miserable than when I started.

You may do the same as I did. Ego is difficult to understand and it can trick you. It’s a deceptive beast. It’s almost too hard to not fall for it and you may make the same mistakes as I once did. Meditation can help with this process.

That’s why you need to analyze what you’re going after. If your path only ends up hurting others and not helping, then you should rethink of your plan.

Step 3: Write your goals down

Writing your goals down makes them real. By taking pen to paper, you’re now in the process of manifesting your desires.

Put your goals in a place where you’ll be reminded of them every day. Hang them on your fridge or near your desk.

Another great tip is to share your goals with your closest family and friend. They’ll keep you accountable along your journey and you’ll feel driven to continue when it gets hard.

Step 4: Start forming a plan

When you have your dream/goal identified, you can start forming a plan. Each and every single day should be designed to get you closer to your dream.

If you want to be a published author, start writing every day. If you want to become a chef, cook every day.

Constant, focused, daily practice is an essential part of the process. The term “manifesting” makes it seem like your dreams will appear out of thin air, but the reality is that you WILL need to work for it. And yes, you will have moments where you will feel like giving up. That’s normal.

Step 5: Take massive action

Once you start actioning your plan, every day will be one step closer to manifesting your reality. By taking massive action, you are building your dream a day at a time.

You’ll find that when your thoughts, beliefs and actions are in line, things start happening in an almost magical way. Life will lead you where you need to go as long as you’re willing to follow the sound of life.

They say that the master will appear when you’re ready, and it’s 100% true. Any time I was at a crossroads, I found teachers that guided me exactly where I needed to go.

As long as you are constantly living and breathing your direction in life, you will get to your desired end goal.

Step 6: Trust the process

No one said manifesting was easy! I remember months of frustration where I felt like I was banging my head against a steel wall. I was right at the point where most give up. I found my second wind and kept going and I’m so glad I did.

I had fought so hard to get to where I wanted to be and I felt that the return was so minuscule. Not only that, I felt like I was going backward. The truth was that I needed to unlearn a few things before life would show me the way forward.

If it were easy, everyone would do it. The truth is, manifesting your reality means that you’re willing to work every single day even in the face of failure. You have to be ready for the universe to squeeze you dry.

You will want to give up, but you HAVE to move forward past the point of failure. That’s the only way you’ll grow.

Step 7: Be able to pivot

Just like life, dreams aren’t static. You may find along your journey to manifest that you want to change course.

And that’s OK. You have to be able to pivot in any direction at a moment’s notice. You may have to gather up all of your things and move countries like I did to continue on your path. That’s all a part of trusting the process.

You may find that on your journey, your desires and dreams change as you explore the world. Once you’re living your dream, you’ll have the experience to know if it’s truly what you want. It’s hard to know that until you’re in the thick of it. You have to be able to adjust your vision on the fly and not get stuck chasing after something that you aren’t in line with any longer.

That’s a part of manifesting, figuring out what it truly is you’re after, deep inside your heart.

Step 8: Give back

It’s paramount that you find a way to benefit the world. If you look back and all you have to show for your hard work is your success, you won’t feel any joy at all. I’ve been there, and it’s a tough pill to swallow.

Now that I’m on moving forward on my own path, I realize how important it is to give back without expecting anything in return. I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of people through this blog alone and not once have I expected anyone to give anything in return. The only thing that I ask is that you get what you need from Claiming Clarity and that’s enough for me.

I love helping people and I’ve found that I always have the energy to continue working on my passion projects even when my fuel for work or side projects has diminished.

Make it a priority that you help people along your path. Find a way to give back to the world and see how much you get in return.

Step 9: Listen to your heart

If at any point you feel that you’re not on your path any longer, then it’s time to move forward.

I know how difficult it can be to work for months/years towards a goal only to realize that isn’t truly what you wanted deep in your soul. It’s up to you to acknowledge that you’re faltering and need to readjust.

Take the time to figure out what’s going wrong and address it. You don’t want to ignore that itching feeling only for it to grow.

All the money and success in the world won’t be able to fill a void in your heart. Stay in line with your intuition and desires and you’ll be able to manifest what you have pictured in your mind’s eye.

Some Closing Thoughts

I used to hate the idea of manifesting. The irony is that I’ve been manifesting my whole life and didn’t realize it. Call it manifesting or working hard, whatever. It doesn’t matter, I suppose.

I’ve learned that as long as you are clear about your intentions, you’ll be able to get to where you want to go. A year ago I had no job, no money and no clear path in life. I decided that I would start working on my websites and find a way to create an income that way.

Thankfully, things fell into place almost without my control. I do understand that I DID put myself in a position to get lucky. And you have to do the same. If you don’t work hard, you can try manifesting all you want, you won’t get anywhere.

That’s all manifesting is, really. Working hard, every day, with a clear end goal in mind. That’s all it takes to achieve your goals.

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