21 Ways To Realize True Inner Peace And Happiness

Inner peace is available in every moment.

You need to start defining ” inner peace” correctly before you start finding inner peace, calm and happiness.

Below you’ll find what inner peace actually is and 21 ways of becoming aware of it.

If you’re ready, we can get started right away.

Shall we?

What is Peace?

a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations


Focus on the word “harmony”.

Harmony can be defined as an agreement. If peace is just harmony between ourselves and people then all it takes is for you to bring acceptance into your life.

Peace is a state of mind that can be brought into any situation in life.

When we are peaceful we are simply in agreement with reality.

Picture yourself waiting for your bus to arrive. 15 minutes pass and it’s apparent that the bus won’t arrive on time.

Which one of these options are you likely to choose?

  1. Get upset and ruin the rest of the day
  2. Curse out the bus driver
  3. Accepting the moment and letting go

When we are in agreement with reality there are no qualms, everything is in balance. Being in equanimity within the mind is a core foundation of learning how to find peace within yourself.

Next time you are inconvenienced by things that are out of your control try to accept the situation for what it is. In life there is fairly little that is within our control.

To give your precious life energy into rage and disagreement is a surefire way to live a life of unhappiness.

You are capable of learning how to find inner peace of mind and happiness.

Ready to start finding your inner peace? Let’s get started with the 21 tips below.

1) Accept, Accept, Accept

Acceptance doesn’t mean simply thinking you are in agreement with reality. It’s a feeling that is felt throughout the entire body and mind.

The simplest advice in life is the most powerful. Your gut reaction is to fight with what reality is presenting you. Acceptance means admitting defeat and realizing you have little to no control in life.

Through acceptance, you are able to find true inner peace from within. Accept, accept, accept, until you think can’t accept any more and then keep on accepting. When you are in a state of acceptance, life is in perfect harmony.


Feeling bliss at every moment is fantasy. Being in the present, is reality. It’s how you get free from the shackles that have burdened you and I since birth.

The open secret is that feeling peace is available at any time. Meditation allows you to remember the still calm that the present moment is always providing. Your attachment to thought hinders you from feeling peace of mind.

Give yourself a few months and an open mind. Even if you only practice acceptance and meditation, your ability to feel inner peace will exponentially increase. You have to take responsibility for your emotional wellbeing.

3)Find a Reason to Get Up in the Morning

When I’m sitting in bed, exhausted, but I know I accomplished my goals – I feel great.

Waking up with purpose every single day is how you find inner peace. Learning to relish the ups and downs in the journey is the secret to finding true fulfillment.

The end goal isn’t why you strive every day. You have to find joy even when the going gets tough. There won’t be any happiness at the finish line, only disappointment. Let yourself enjoy even moments of struggle.

4)Laugh a Little

You’re pouring a drink and.. OOPS. it goes splattering everywhere. It’s going to be cleaned up either way, why not bring find some comedic relief?

Accidents happen. Your friend forgetting to text you back happens. Life happens.

You can only change how you react. If you can’t change the circumstances, laugh a little. Be aware of the inner peace at your fingertips.

5) Give Without Expecting Anything in Return

Even small tasks like always saying please and thank you can make the world of difference. You want to come at people with a full cup, you are enough as is.

You aren’t owed anything. The world is chaotic and unjust, that doesn’t mean you are a victim. People suffer daily, some worse than you.

Start by opening your heart a little. Empathize with even the strangers you’ll never see again. Treat everyone like you dream of being treated. You’ll find that the energy will be returned sooner or later. Make someone else smile, and the world will smile at you.

6) Stop Giving Up

The moment you truly believe “I won’t be happy ever again” is the same moment you stop yourself from feeling inner peace. Set in stone thoughts don’t allow for change. The least you could do is give yourself a chance to see the light.

I’ve been guilty of this. The past two years have been incredibly difficult to get through. I would complain and say “Life will never get better” when things got tough. I made it, though. I’m alive, and I’m happier than ever.

Just. Don’t. Give. Up. Keep the possibility open that it could get better. It will, because it has to.

7) Live How You Want to Live

Finding inner peace comes from being able to abide by your own rules. Living through someone else’s ideals is how you sidetrack your quest for happiness.

Start making changes and decide exactly what it is you want out of your life.

Do you want to:

  • be a chef?
  • learn to dance?
  • wear a flashy outfit?
  • learn a new language?
  • make new friends?

Decide for yourself without worry about what others think. Wake up every day and live your own fantasy. It is your life, after all.

8) Redefine Success

Do you think you’ll be happy once you make a certain amount of money or land that special client?

Think again. Inner peace in life is determined by your ability to be present. Nothing more, nothing less.

You will only be disappointed if you are always chasing. By redefining success and realizing that it’s possible to feel peace at any moment of the day, you no longer feel the urge to stress over “success”.

The most successful person in the world is the person who’s capable of feeling peace at any moment.

9) Maintain Boundaries

When you meant to say no but you said yes anyways, you’re the only person to blame.

I know it sounds harsh, but set some boundaries for yourself! Start by saying no when you mean it. Say yes when you feel it.

Put your foot down when you aren’t with it. People aren’t mind-readers, so let them know what’s inside your noggin’ with some old-fashioned communication.

10) Put Some Effort Into it!

Working hard sucks. But you know what sucks even more? Not getting anywhere.

I’m at my most peaceful when I know where I’m going and what my purpose is. Life feels stale when I’m meandering without direction.

You need to put elbow grease into it. Get down and dirty. Go after what you want even if it seems next to impossible.

Get through the obstacles that life puts in your way. They’re there to teach you lessons, and they’re only learned if you’re listening.

11 More Ways to Feel Inner Peace

Look, I know life gets you down sometimes. It feels like it’ll never get better and you won’t ever find inner peace and happiness.

But if you keep your head up and give yourself a chance. In the meantime it might make you feel anxious or depressed but you need to keep moving forward to let yourself feel good.

In the meantime here’s another 11 ideas to keep you going until you find your inner fulfillment.

  • Reading to expand your knowledge
  • Travel for the soul
  • Exercise daily
  • Yoga
  • Eat clean foods
  • Spend time with family/friends
  • Try a new hobby
  • Be with nature
  • Sober Up
  • Help people in need
  • Take time off

Give yourself time. You want to rush to the end of the process but you know that won’t work.

Be easy on yourself, find your purpose and inner peace and fulfillment will follow. It’s the only way you’ll free yourself and feel peace of mind. Feel good about not only yourself, but the world around you.

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