How To Be Interesting: 17 Tips To Be Intriguing

Are you tired of having conversations and coming off dry and boring?

You’re not alone. I used to be afraid to speak about my interests in fear of getting rejected.

It’s ok, though. You’re on the right path.

Together, we’ll go through 17 tips to learn how to be an interesting person.

If you’re ready, let’s get stated.

How to Start Being Interesting

To be interesting you need to bring confidence behind your words.

People can sense when you’re speaking through your passion. If you’re cautious and full of doubt, people will pull away from you.

That’s the trick. Only you need to believe in what you’re saying. Go up to a sophisticated man and talk about knitting, with passion, and he will listen.

As long as YOU find it the most interesting thing in the world, everyone else will as well. The way you carry is how you are perceived in social interactions.

Learning how to become more interesting isn’t a mystery, but it does start with you.

If you’ve never taken a risk or explored life and found out what you do and don’t like, it’s no secret why people find you boring!

To be interesting you need to have a story to tell. Stories come from adventure and risk-taking. Storytelling comes from practice.

If want to continue learning how to be a more interesting person, below are 17 ways to be more interesting.

1) Take a Risk

Have you ever bought a one-way plane ticket with no plan? Went skydiving? Eaten bizarre foods?

Life is full of opportunities. Sitting in front of the TV and flipping channels is a life filled with boredom.

Try something different the next time you’re at a restaurant. Take a spontaneous road trip. Strive to be better. Travel to a random country.

You’ll come back with perspective and an amazing story.

2) Read (A Lot)

Read. Everything. Read the news. Read fiction and nonfiction. Read what others have experienced in life.

Have a constant stream of knowledge coming into your mind. Instead of swiping on memes all day, pull up an interesting article instead.

Taking in new information = interesting talking points = interesting conversations.

Being able to expand on topics in depth is inherently interesting.

3) Take Pride in Yourself

Try to bring up your favorite subject in your next conversation. Do it without the worry of being rejected or doubt. People engage when your passions are put on the table.

Let people see who you really are. It takes courage and pride to be able to speak freely. Don’t take yourself so lightly.

Everyone human has value in this world. You are no different.

4) Be Good at SOMETHING

Being average is boring. To get to an elite level at a sport or hobby requires thousands of hours of practice and dedication.

Put your heart into anything you desire. Pushing through plateaus and breaking your boundaries is what make you special.

I’ve gotten pretty decent at a lot of different things. Chess, socializing, poker, talking to people, you get the point. When I get interested in my hobbies it’s nearly impossible for me to put them down.

I love speaking about my own passions and hearing what others do with their time. That’s what being interesting is about, living your success.

5) Talk Less About Yourself

The less you talk about yourself in a conversation the better. You’ll seem mysterious and intriguing.

People LOVE to talk about themselves. Not often do they get to pour their heart out about their own interests!

The important bit is to be engaged. Asking just to ask won’t get you anywhere. Be genuinely interested in the conversation. Learn how to be more interesting by taking interest in others.

6) Say What’s on Your Mind

Don’t take this too literal – you don’t want a hand to the face!

Present conversation means that you aren’t thinking ahead and letting the words flow naturally. That means being able to speak freely without worry about judgment or doubt.

Being in a state of flow in conversation is how you hold attention. Ever been incredibly nervous and both parties wanted to abort the conversation ASAP?

It happens, it’s natural. But when you’re freely speaking and the conversation is engaging, it’s beautiful moment to witness.

7)Expand your Taste in Music/Movies/TV

I’m listening to music almost every second of the day. I have a song for every mood. I’ve listened to the “must listens” of every decade. I’m passionate about music and could talk endlessly about it.

Connecting with people on music/movies/TV is incredibly easy because they all strike emotions.

Media is an extremely broad topic that can be talked about for hours on end. Expand your horizons. See what kind of art the world has to offer and bring it into your day to day conversations.

8) Use Your EMOTIONS

Be happy. Show your sadness. Put your emotions out there.

Showing emotions doesn’t mean you are any less of a man (or woman). It’s a natural part of life. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Emotions are what make people laugh, ponder, cry. Conversations without emotions are like talking to a wall.

Be human, use your emotions.

9)Tell a Good Story

Even if you’ve climbed Everest but are a terrible speaker, you’ll still be boring.

Learn how to hold attention. Practice the buildup, climax and resolution. Tell the same story over and over, eventually it’ll be second nature.

Everyone loves a good story, don’t you?

10)Stop Caring So Much

Do you find every person you talk to interesting?

I’m not interested in everyone I meet either. You’ll vibe extremely well with some and not at all with others. The point is not to worry so much about every single interaction.

You have no one to impress. We all have different vibrations, you will click with some people better than others.

11) Travel as Much as You Can

I lived in the ghetto part of a Mexican town for a few months. I had months where I didn’t know how I would pay rent.

Want to hear more? I have plenty of stories from traveling. I made sure to explore as many places as I could. I met with the locals, traveled to remote villages, ate their food.

Travelling is one of the best ways to change your perspective. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I had not traveled as much as I did. Experiences breed interest. Get out there and live.

12) Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

An interesting person is made up by their ability to push themselves. Look at Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Lebron James.

They are in a constant state of feeling uncomfortable. By pushing their comfort zone they are in a state of growth. Their addiction to bettering themselves allows others to aspire to them.

What would your life look like if you pushed yourself even 10 percent harder? What about 20-30 percent?

You’re capable of much more than you think.

13) Don’t Give Away Your Secrets

Do you skip to the end of a movie you haven’t watched?

You don’t want to see the ending right away, you want to see how the movie progresses.

Conversations are similar. You don’t want to give away your life story right off the bat. Be aware of how much information is being given and reciprocate equally.

14) Listen Closely

Be in the moment with the other person. Carefully listen to every word, follow along with precision. Nothing is worse than having to repeat yourself because the other person was dozing off!

It’s tough these days to have a conversation without distraction. Be present and people will follow your lead.

Put your phone down, too. Having to talk with someone on their phone in between every breath is boring – and incredibly rude.

15) Don’t Be a “Nice-guy” (or girl)

When having a conversation you want the truth to be on the table. If you’re asked a question, you should speak the truth 9 times out of 10. The one time is when you need to sugarcoat the situation for social matters.

You can be incredibly nice and still not be a “nice-guy”. No one likes a people pleaser. Speak your mind. Say no if you feel like it!

Confidence is being able to hold your own ground and not be influenced by others. You’ll naturally be interesting by having your own boundaries in place.

16) Be Passionate

Live with a fire in your eye. Find out what your purpose is and where you’re headed.

Most people are going through life in a walking haze. Are you one of them?

The years will pass by if you aren’t careful. Take action, today, go after what you want. Put your love of life into your every uttered word.

Speaking from your heart takes an immense amount of courage. Vulnerability isn’t a commonality anymore. Be the difference in the world that you want to see.

17)Take it Easy

You know what everyone wants deep down inside?

To feel happy.

They don’t want clothes, cars or anything else (even if they think they do). Be the sunshine that everyone else is looking for. Bringing a smile to someone’s face during a conversation makes you feel like nothing else is important.

Be interesting to yourself and the rest will be taken care of. Live how you want to live.

Take risks, climb mountains, but don’t forget to smell the roses along the way, too.

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