How To Be Free – Untangling Lifelong Limiting Beliefs

I bet you’re fed up with feeling choked by the constant expectations and pressures society has put upon you.

Learning how to be free is a process. You first start out by removing limiting beliefs and then begin chasing your utmost desires.

You’re the only person that can change your life. Your journey starts now.

How to Be Free in Life

The first step is untangling limiting beliefs that are holding you back from what you want.

From a young child many of us were taught to go to college, get a job, retire and then you’ll find happiness at the end.

Does anyone believe this fantasy anymore? As the years have passed by, finding a job has gotten tougher. Inflation has crept up and the dollar is losing strength by the minute. Buying a house isn’t a necessity anymore, it’s a luxury. The American (or World) Dream is on its deathbed.

It’s time to wake up from these shackles society has thrown among us.

You don’t need to go to college, buy a house, or retire. You don’t need to live fulfilling expectations that you will be another cog in the wheel. There is no soul in this path, it only leads into a false sense of security and a big “What if” on your death bed.

What if you chased after your wildest dreams? What if you woke up in the morning and didn’t need to comply with the rat race that has been plaguing the world for centuries?

You’re better off finding what works for you. It’s YOUR life and no one else’s. Stop looking for advice from others and live solely through your own ideals.

But what do you want?

You have to decide that for yourself. I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want to live life in a walking haze. I refused to blindly walk through life believing that everyone had my best intentions in life.

Realize that you have power in this world just as everyone else does.

Letting Go of the Past

How can you expect to feel free if you are carrying around years of baggage?

The past is over. It’s done. It’ll never happen again.

Why are you still holding on?

You are not the same person that existed a second ago. Life is constantly shifting.

You’re only human. You make mistakes just as I and everyone else in the world does. You aren’t perfect.

Talk to someone. Let it all out. Find a therapist you click with or even a friend. You can’t let your past determine your future. The past doesn’t exist anymore, it’s over!

Holding onto your regrets and traumas is only setting you back further. It’s the number one obstacle that most face when attempting to live free.

I never said it would be easy. You’re looking at uncovering year’s worth of doubt, regrets and anxiety. But you know what?

In the end you’ll release the snake-like grip that your past has on your soul. You will heal those open wounds. Life gets better.

Acceptance is how you let go. Accept where you are and who you are. Forgive and forget. Let go.

There is no other option. Do you want to be looking back, regretting something you did five years ago for the rest of your life?

Life is too short to be holding on.

The present moment is all we have.

Use it.

Finding Social Freedom

Friends are friends until they aren’t your friends anymore.

It’s hard finding ONE friend let alone trying to balance an entire social circle.

You’ll get hurt along the way. Some of your friends turn into enemies and others are there at 5 am when your car died on the highway.

It’s part of life. Accept that you can’t control the action of others. People change over time, you may no longer connect with the friends you had in the past.

Life isn’t linear, it’s one big curve.

Don’t live afraid of being hurt. I’ve made this mistake, I spent years in isolation when I had “friends” show their true colors.

There’s a saying, “You only know someone until you’ve gone through a container of salt with them”.

Depending on how much salt you eat, that container usually lasts a few months. True colors show over time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be vulnerable in the meantime.

Be open even if it means that you may get hurt.

If you never let yourself be vulnerable you won’t ever make real connections. You NEED to connect with people on this planet, humans are social by nature.

Be real with people. Tell the truth. Your honesty will go a long way.

People are scared to get hurt just as much as you are. They aren’t willing to be vulnerable but if you are vulnerable first, they open up.

Be a person with self respect. If a “friend” does something that you don’t agree with, tell them. If they aren’t willing to change then cut them out of your life.

It’s a brutal way to live.

I give people two chances. A warning and then I cut them off completely. I would rather be alone than have to put up with people who aren’t transparent.

How to Be Free from Society

Forget all of the ridiculous expectations society has stuffed down your throat since birth.

It all starts with you. You have to take action, immediately.

Breaking free is living your own religion. It’s walking outside not caring what other people think. Let’s be real, no one really cares.

Everyone is already preoccupied, they hardly have time to think about you.

Figure out what you want, not what society expects of you.

The issue at hand is we have been tricked into believing that if we act a certain way, we will get rewarded later. There is no “later”, there is only now.

Don’t give up today for tomorrow. You don’t know what will be in a few years let alone five minutes from now.

The key is to enjoy every day and work towards something tangible.

While everyone is busy slaving away making money for someone else lost in minutia, you can work on improving every aspect of your life.

The truth is, society doesn’t want you to succeed. They don’t want you to take their jobs, their money and their lifestyle.

Guess what?

If you work for it, it will come.

People laughed at me when I told them I wanted to be a professional poker player. It took me three years to make 5x what I was making at my job as a cashier.

Three years of pain and suffering but those three years paved the next 10 years of my life.

Ignore everyone else and figure out what your personal religion is. Live by it, preach it.

Fuck It

Say it with me now, “Fuck it”.

Fuck what everyone else thinks. Fuck what your friends expect of you and fuck the world for making it so hard to live in recent times.

The younger generation have it hard. You can’t just stroll down to the bank and get a loan on a whim and start a business, you need money before they give you money.

But you know what?

There is real freedom and not caring about these things and focusing on yourself.

When you’re on a mission, you have blinders on. You don’t get distracted, every day is a grind until you are exactly where you wish to be.

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. If you don’t work for it, no one will.

Learning how to be free starts with letting go of the expectations that the world has put on you.

Start expressing your true self. Scream at the top of your lungs, let everything out. Live how you want to live.

It’s never too late to change. The process of ironing out the wrinkles society has instilled in us takes time.

Your potential is underutilized. Push yourself to take risks. Go after the impossible.

Just fucking do it.

Feeling free stems from a lifetime of facing fears and removing limiting beliefs.

Do the hard work no one else is doing.

Dig deep until you find your own answers.

Wrapping it Up

Learning how to live free is a process. You start by removing limiting beliefs and going after what you want in life. Being socially free requires vulnerability. Getting hurt is a part of life but that’s why you instill boundaries.

Stop listening to everyone else and build your own religion. Live how you want to live, you’re the only person with power in your life. Leave a trail of fire behind you.

Action is the secret. Take massive action until your life changes. Feeling free comes from satisfying your desires and needs.

Your journey starts now. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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