How Long Does Spiritual Awakening Last?

You may be wondering just how long a spiritual awakening lasts. Everyone will experience their own spiritual awakening in their own different way. It’s important to remember this and avoid comparing our experience with others.

Some may have full, spontaneous enlightenment while others (including myself) incur a gradual progression towards a full awakening. It is fairly rare to have a full spiritual awakening at first so don’t get too down on yourself if you are not a part of the rare select few that do.

A real, true spiritual awakening lasts for a lifetime. If you have woken up truly to the beauty of the universe then there is no going back. There may be some in-between phases where you feel as if you are being pulled back into your old self but eventually your journey will guide you in the direction of a full awakening. Spiritual awakening does not have any goal or end, the only real ending is when we let go of our lives and meet our final days on this earth. It may actually take years from the first awakening to get the hang of living in a new perspective.

Spiritual Awakening is a Process

Spiritual awakening is a process that will last a lifetime.

When we awaken, we are still left with the burden of our old world thinking. The ego is still somewhat intact, it is not fully gone unless you were one of the lucky few who had it magically disappear in an instant.

Try to picture the ego as a watermelon getting shot with a shotgun, there will still be left over watermelon after getting shot. It won’t be pretty and it will be messy, but it won’t be a whole watermelon but fragmented pieces of watermelon everywhere.

The same goes for our ego after we awaken spiritually. There are still a lifetime’s worth of thoughts and beliefs that we must be pick through one by one until we reach a point where it almost seems as if we are left without any. This is not only time consuming but it can be painstakingly slow. I’ve created an article on the different stages of spiritual awakening if it is of interest to you here.

Personally it’s been almost 10 years and I am still finding old beliefs and patterns to pick through. Spiritual awakening is not about how long it lasts it’s about what you do with your time after you’ve awoken. You may even spend years trying to fight it as I did and eventually give up, nevertheless reaching the same endpoint. It’s a song and a dance that you will become accustomed to the more you entrench yourself in it.

There is no rush in spiritual awakening. It does not matter how long your spiritual awakening lasts. If you’ve truly woken up, there is no going back to the old world.

A Lifetime of Work

Once you’ve begun your journey there are so many things that will feel new and exciting, almost as if you’ve been sleeping this entire time.

The excitement will eventually wear off once we realize that we are still heavily burdened in the mind with prior trauma, thoughts and beliefs. The reason this occurs is that we must learn how to deal with these thoughts when we come into contact with them on a daily basis.

It’s like learning how to ride a bike. First you put on your training wheels and then you take one wheel off at a time until you’re comfortable enough to take off both wheels. It takes time to learn how to deal with old, habitual thinking patterns. It won’t happen overnight either, these thought patterns that have been with us for years and years will not disappear over night.

Spiritual awakening may seem like a fantasy story on the surface but it is much deeper than that. There is much pain that we must encounter that we have been hiding from our entire lives. Coming into contact with ourselves after years of running away from the truth may be painful but it is something we must endure along our journey.

This isn’t a simple process that you will figure out right away and it won’t be entirely intuitive either. This is a lifelong process that we must undergo to free ourselves of all the baggage our mind has complied throughout our lifetime . It takes time, effort and most importantly dedication. Self inquiry and meditation are two of the best ways to really find out what is true inside the mind, behind all of the thinking.

A Lifelong Commitment

It isn’t about how long a spiritual awakening lasts, it is about how we deal with our journey along the way.

When we make the commitment to freeing ourselves we must do so at any cost. Any thought that plagues us we must dive deep into even if it means that we will suffer from doing so.

This lifelong commitment is not something that everyone wants to take up. It isn’t fairly common that most people even want what a true spiritual awakening actually is. A real true spiritual awakening is the letting go of everything until there is nothing left. Is that what you signed up for?

After years and years of self inquiry it becomes almost natural, thoughts come and go as they please but our attachment to them is almost nonexistent. This is what it means to be truly spiritually awakened. To have thoughts come and go and not question or ask why, just letting it be as it is.

A real spiritual awakening does not go away nor will it ever go away. You can try and try to run from it but once you’ve seen enough there is no turning back. It truly is a one way road. The universe will guide you along the way and if you are stubborn like me it will find you wherever you are and put you in the place you need to be.

Before you think about taking up spiritual awakening ask yourself these questions if you are truly prepared for it:

  • Is there really a will to wake up inside of the mind?
  • Are you only doing it for the positive benefits
  • Are you ready to encounter deep trauma that you must face and accept?
  • Can you imagine living a life where you give up your dreams and hopes?

It isn’t truly an easy thing to go through and for some it may be a completely destructive experience. Take caution if you are to proceed, the results however are mindbogglingly beautiful.

Coming To An End

Don’t ask yourself how long a spiritual awakening will last because the truth is that it will last forever if it is the real thing.

The caution though is that we need to make sure it is the real thing and that we aren’t caught in another trap of the ego. To truly understand is to not just conceptually understand but to feel it deep within every fiber of your being.

Spiritual awakening takes years and years to get the hang of and it’s ok if you would like to take your time along the way. For me it was not so easy to accept that my journey wasn’t up to me anymore and yet I fought and fought. I’m sure you can guess what happened in the battle between the universe and I (Yes, I lost).

I would say that it took almost 10 years to get a good grip on spiritual awakening but I understand that another 10 years will make the past 10 years look like a joke in retrospect. Every day is another day deeper within our experience.

Spiritual awakening is about expanding, the longer we are in it the deeper and rich the experience becomes. Things become so seemingly natural to us that we are almost on autopilot. It’s as if it’s truly the universe just living through us, or God, whatever word you prefer here.

Just remember, every day, deeper.

It’s a lifelong journey so don’t try to get to the end right away, smell the roses along the way and enjoy the ride.

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