Dealing With Devastating Loss of Motivation After Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a beautiful thing but when we initially wake up we are faced with many challenges we haven’t encountered before in our dream state.

It’s not uncommon for one to lose their motivation to live the life they led before and while this is understandable there are still daily tasks that must be done for us to live in the waking world.

The best thing we can do to combat these issues is to first understand exactly why we lose our motivation. Once we have a good understanding of why there is lack of motivation after our spiritual awakening then we can deal with the issue at hand. While it may seem like it’s a good idea to completely quit your job and abandon all your friends, these impulse decisions will come back to haunt you. It’s best that we further explore the why and the how so you can come up with a plan that suits your experience best.

Why We Lose Motivation After Spiritual Awakening

When we first awaken we are literally thrown into a new world and we must learn how to live in this new life. It can come either as a shock or a slow progression depending on which experience is occurring to you.

This initial shock can almost physically throw us off balance within our new world. We may no longer have an interest in our office job or the friends that we used to have almost instantly.

What is happening to us is that a lot of our old beliefs, thoughts, and ideas about the world are suddenly ripped apart from us. What we thought in our dream state is no longer what we will continue to think in our waking stake after our spiritual awakening. This is why we lose motivation after a spiritual awakening, we just don’t know what to do!

It takes some time to figure out what you were brought here to do. It may take years and years of living in this new world until you’ve “almost” got it and even then you might feel a little off-balance.

When I first awoke, I had no interest in going to college. I just wanted sit in my room and be by myself. I did end up going to college but the experience was extremely frustrating, I ended up having to drop out.

It took me a few years to find my balance again and my purpose, the initial stages are just about finding your bearings in this new found world of awakening.

It takes time to adjust to this new period in your life so be careful about any big decisions you might be facing as you may still be caught in some residual ego that has been left over.

How to Deal With The Lack of Motivation

In a previous life, you may have worked a job for the money or chased after relationships that you thought would make you happy.

A spiritual awakening is there to show you that this isn’t going to be your path in longer. In fact, the universe even rip these things away from you to teach you a lesson.

During my initial “honeymoon” phase of awakening I distinctly remember telling my friends I didn’t want to see much of them anymore and I didn’t want to do much of anything. The only thing I wanted to do was sit in my room and listen to music.

While your lack of motivation likely stems from the fact that you have had a powerful experience and life feels a bit dull to you in comparison, don’t forget that there is a life to live as well.

You likely have bills, a job, friends that you have to attend to. Attend to them, make sure you are in a good position but let yourself isolate if need be.

I self-isolated for quite some time during my initial awakening and I really felt like I had a lack of motivation for what seemed like years. It took me time to get the hang of it before I finally started to pick up some new hobbies and new friends that were in line with my purpose.

While you may be changing as a person who’s ideals are completely different remember that it is ok to give yourself a break during this time. This isn’t a marathon, there is no need to rush. This phase of your awakening will eventually pass.

You will completely change during your awakening and this period where you lack motivation is totally normal so do not worry all too much if it happens to you. This period of self reflection and balance is there for a reason.

Imagine yourself as a baby who has just awoken for the first time. Does a baby know how to speak as soon as its born? Does it know how to walk?

It’s entirely the same concept, you’ve just awoken from a life long dream, and now is the time for you to look inward and regain balance in your life. You’ll need to learn how to operate in this new world one day at a time until it all falls in place.

Moving Forward

Having no motivation during a spiritual awakening is normal but what happens after? Will there always be no motivation?

Motivation will come back but your motivation will be wildly different from what you were inclined to do before.

Before my awakening, I was heavily into weight lifting and micro-managing everything that I ate. My drives before were full of ego. I didn’t want to accept this for a while and eventually, I got an illness that prevented me from lifting weights as I did before. I was forced to give up something that was entirely an egoic construct.

That’s the thing with spiritual awakening, it doesn’t really matter what you say or do. If it’s the incorrect thing for your path the invisible hand of the universe will come in and correct you. This is the flow of awakening that you will become accustomed to.

I still enjoy playing video games as I did before and I still do have some of the same hobbies as I did before. What is different though is what my true purpose in life has become. Before my awakening, I just wanted to make a lot of money and be rich. Now, I understand that this will just lead me to nowhere but a deep hole. I’ve visited this hole already and there is no end to the black hole that is ego.

You will encounter something very similar in your experience, something you want to hold on to, something you don’t want to let go of, but it will be taken from you. That’s something we don’t really sign up for when we embark on our spiritual journey but that’s exactly what it is at the end of the day. A process of letting go.

Understand that your lack of motivation during your spiritual awakening is just you letting go of your old self. Eventually, you will have let go completely and there shall be nothing left but the present moment. As it should be!


The loss of motivation will not last forever. An awakening is there to put up a mirror for us to reflect on our lives. It’s likely that you won’t have the same egoistic drives that fueled you before you woke up. What once was is no longer. This is the point in your journey that you must reflect on.

The journey forward can be confusing. The loss of motivation may seem that it will be here forever. It won’t, it’s important that you find trust within your experience as these feelings are here to help you rather than harm. You may have to give up your office job or your hobby, which is the invisible hand of the universe at work. It may hurt, but the future is holding something brighter for you.

Trusting this experience is going to be vital. Without trust, it will feel that all of our experiences are against us rather than working for us. Within this “Oneness”, we are total. This moment is perfect, even if it seems hard to get through. Find joy in these moments, that is your homework.

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