Dealing with Isolation and Loneliness During a Spiritual Awakening

On paper a spiritual awakening seems as if it’s just shy of a magical experience and while sometimes it can seem that way a true spiritual awakening can be downright destructive.

The main issue spirituality seekers face is finding not only good information but the right information regarding their spiritual awakening. There are so many people out there that are only after your wallet rather than truly giving you down to earth advice.

A true spiritual awakening can lead us into deep isolation where we feel lonely and not have anyone we can turn to discuss our issues with.

Do not fear as there are many ways to deal with these problems, we will discuss why it happens and the steps we can take to deal with it.

Why Isolation Happens

When we awaken to our true nature our previous reality starts shifting away from us. Things that we enjoyed before either no longer make us happy or just don’t appeal to us anymore.

It’s completely normal for someone who just had a spiritual awakening to just think “Why am I even working at my office job? What is its true purpose and how is this in line with my life?”

Now you can apply these questions towards every single aspect of our lives. We may longer enjoy the company of the same people we enjoyed before or no longer have any desire to pursue our old hobbies any further.

As we progress deeper and deeper after a spiritual awakening we come into contact into years and years of old baggage that we have held on to for such a long time. Spiritual awakening usually guides us in the path that is best for us even if it means that we must go through a difficult time.

The reason we start to feel isolated and “different” from everyone around us usually stems from the fear that if we speak up about it people might think that we have gone mentally insane.

I went through my own experience with this after having such a huge awakening that was so deep and personal to me that it brought me to tears that I just wanted to share it with the world and yet.. no one saw it the same as I did. I learned over time that somethings are just better unsaid.

It doesn’t mean that people are any different than us or less awake than us, to be totally frank we are all humans. Each and every person on Earth is in the same realm of awareness that I am. The faster you can conclude this the easier it will be on you to be cognitive of how to deal with people after a spiritual awakening.

When we first awaken, having to deal with not only ourselves but living inside a new perspective on life can be almost as if you’ve literally just awaken as a baby for the first time.

How does a baby first awaken?

It starts crying, and it takes years until it starts to walk and speak. Not to mention how long it takes to be coherent and to take care of yourself!

That’s exactly how I can explain a spiritual awakening at first. You’ve just woken up from a lifelong dream and you’re thrown head first into the pool. And you’re looking around you for something to grab onto or a helping hand but sometimes it just isn’t there.

We end up self-isolating ourselves because it’s just too much to handle and just remind yourself – that it’s totally fine.

Would you be upset with a baby who couldn’t walk the first day it was born?

Give yourself the same courtesy, give yourself time to breathe. Having your life ripped out of you like a water getting rung out from a wet towel isn’t easy. It can be downright painful at times.

Dealing with the Isolation

Now that we’ve been thrown head first into the pool we must learn how to deal with the isolation that may follow our spiritual awakening.

The first thing you need to realize is that the isolation won’t last forever but it might last a while.

Through my own journey it was a rather difficult one where I felt like I just wish I had just one person to talk to about all this stuff but finding that person may only come at a different part in your path.

I felt I wanted to just be alone and collect myself while I figured out how to operate in this new world I’ve been suddenly thrown into.

I didn’t really wonder how long it would last or if it were good or bad, I just let it happen.

Letting it happen is the key to all of this. Instead of fighting with it, go with the isolation. Be as isolated as you feel you need to be and don’t force anything.

Tell your family and your friends that you just need some alone time, you don’t even need to tell them exactly why. Just tell them you need to figure some stuff out in your life and that you love them for being there for you and worrying about your well being.

When we isolate ourselves, our spiritual being wants us to look deep within, right into all of our previous baggage that has been weighing us down for years and years.

It won’t be an instantaneous process but rather a slow and transformative one.

Don’t expect to swim in one day.

Imagine yourself as an accountant that suddenly gets hired to do backlogged paperwork that spanned years and years. Your employer doesn’t expect you to finish in one day.

Have complete understanding that this process takes time to complete. Understand that this is part of your journey even though it can be incredibly difficult at times and you might feel as though you’re losing your sanity.

If you truly need help reach out to someone, a hug or a laugh can go a long way.

Letting this all unravel is going to be your first stepping stones in your journey.

We must first go through the dark to see the light that is awaiting us.

Also try to understand that these things come in phases and these phases don’t last a lifetime.

As I stated before, be as completely isolated as you can bare if that’s how you are truly feeling. Letting it run its course without any mental battle will be the key to moving forward in your journey.

Dealing with the Loneliness

While isolation is a big part of spiritual awakening, loneliness often accompanies isolation in spiritual awakening.

We to have to fundamentally understand, not just conceptually, the difference between “alone” and “lonely”.

You may actually be “alone” but are you truly “lonely” right now?

When we first come into our spiritual awakening we suddenly start feeling a connection with the entire cosmic universe, that we truly aren’t alone in all of this. That we are apart of something greater than ourselves.

It’s important that we don’t fail to realize this early on and get “being alone” confused with “being lonely”.

We truly don’t actually get “lonely” during a real spiritual awakening.

Waking up and realizing what we truly are, that we are everything under the sun and beyond, how can we possibly be “lonely”.

Yes, you may be alone, but not lonely.

This fundamental shift in our understanding of ourselves is why we are put into isolation. Facing ourselves head first and seeing what we actually are, that’s why we are put into difficult times.

The universe will never give you more than you can handle.

It’s completely ok to be alone for periods of time. It’s completely fine to want to be isolated. Don’t beat yourself up or think too much of it in the thick of it. It will pass, trust me.

If we can truly understand what we are, then we can’t truly ever be lonely.

Meditate on this feeling of aloneness. Breathe it in and breathe it out. Let it engulf you. Feel how it feels to be the entire universe at once and how beautiful such a thing can be. How deadly simple our lives can be and what little things can bring us joy.

Sip on that notion for a while, I’d bet you won’t be lonely for quite some time.

Moving Forward Through the Isolation and Loneliness

Having a fundamental understanding of why these things are happening to us is going to be the difference in it being just another period in your life or an almost ever-lasting torture experience.

What do I mean by “fundamental”?

I mean that it’s not just a thought that says “OK, yeah, that makes sense”

It’s a full body feeling, it’s that you know it within your deepest being why these things are happening.

It doesn’t mean you need to fully have an understanding at first, I wouldn’t expect you to.

We are put into tough times during our spiritual awakening so that we can self-reflect and so that we can deepen our reality.

Always deeper, always.

Our journey is never finished. It only truly ends when we finally die, and then who knows maybe it truly only begins then?

We’ll never know, I guess!

Take as long as you need and don’t force anything. Remind yourself that this too shall pass. Don’t think spiritual awakening is an easy, unicorn filled experience because for some it’s a complete destruction of the ego.

The universe will rip you apart if it needs to. Over time we start realizing this and we have to live in line with our true purpose, if we begin to kilter we will be slapped by the hand of the universe and be put back into place.

Don’t be too hard on yourself during the early stages of your spiritual awakening, you will learn to swim. It might take a while, but you will swim.

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