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Why Good People Suffer and How To Deal With It

Every being on this planet will have to suffer in one way or another throughout their lives. In a perfect world, there would be no conflict, drama, or hardship and yet we are confined to live within reality. A harsh truth is those good people also suffer throughout their lives. Why exactly do good people suffer?

Life does not discriminate on who is suffering. Suffering is a state of mind, the more you understand why it is exactly you are suffering the easier it will be to deal with. To grow as a human you must endure suffering and learn from hardship.

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Spiritual Growth – Why It’s Important

Without spiritual development, life will end up feeling monotonous and without purpose. Growing your spirituality along the way will become intuitive but you must first learn how.

A reason why you might feel stuck in your spiritual journey is that you have left unresolved issues that you haven’t attended to. Many of these conflicts stem from previous life trauma, self-doubt and inability to self reflect properly.

Spiritual growth is important because without growth, you will have not resolved any of the subconscious beliefs that have been with you since childhood. Spiritual growth allows you to move forward and address these conflicts allowing you to finally move forward.

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9 Ways Spirituality Changed My Life For The Best

Wondering what it truly means to live through a spiritual journey for over 10 years?

That’s exactly what I’ve done and would like to share with you exactly what it is that spirituality has done for me. My personal spiritual journey has not been easy.

There were many pitfalls and traps along the way that I had to overcome.

Spirituality has changed my life in so many different ways.

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What is Higher Consciousness? A Deep Dive

In your waking life it may come as a surprise to learn that there may be another level to your consciousness. Through various means and practices it is possible to unlock parts of the mind that were once unknown to us. The term “higher consciousness” gets thrown around a lot, but what does higher consciousness actually mean?

Higher consciousness is a state of mind that is no longer revolving around the “I” thought that is present within the mind. Once the mind has undergone a perspective shift, it allows for a new understanding within the mind to occur. Through meditation and self inquiry, higher consciousness is possible.

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What Does Being a Spiritual Person Mean?

Zen proverb describing before and after enlightenment

Being spiritual does not mean you are sitting in a cave chanting for years of your life. There are many factors that make up a spiritual being. Considering that in today’s age, being “spiritual” is much more trendy it seems that the actual definition of what being spiritual actually means has been lost in translation. What exactly does being a spiritual mean?

Being spiritual means that you make an effort to live through your inner being rather than take a materialistic world view. A spiritual person is more likely to meditate often, help others and do intense introspection on who they really are in the world.

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Can Spirituality Be Taught?

Spirituality in today’s world is becoming more common through the use of technology. The more people that are aware of it, the more people become aware of the bountiful benefits that spirituality brings them. It is often debated if spirituality is something that is able to be taught or is it something that is naturally occurring within the mind. So, can spirituality actually be taught?

Spirituality can be taught in various ways. The sole purpose of spirituality is to align yourself within, allowing the realization that you are your greatest teacher. The more we come into understand of ourselves, the easier it is to find that spiritual intuition that guides us naturally.

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Why Am I Spiritually Blocked?

Everything may seem to be going swimmingly along your spiritual journey but then one day it seems that the doors you’ve been going through have been blocked. You may ask yourself, why am I spiritually blocked?

It seems as if everything you’ve worked for has done a complete reverse in your spiritual journey and you’re blocked from taking that next step. This is fairly common and will be a common occurrence throughout your journey.

Do not fear as this is completely normal and there are ways to handle it along your spiritual blocks along your journey.

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