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21 Ways To Awaken Your Intuition And Feel Amazing

Intuition is your inner guide. Intuition precedes any thought, intuition is love itself. Without this intuition in life, you can often seem lost and without purpose. It may take some time to become aware of your intuition but like with any skill, practice makes perfect.

Intuition isn’t something that you create. Intuition is there, within the deepest parts of your soul waiting to be discovered. Through a variety of different practices, it is possible to come in touch with your intuition again. Not every “gut” feeling will be correct, but that’s the beauty in intuition, it’s a deep trust within yourself.

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Giving Up On Your Dreams – Why Sometimes It’s Necessary

Everyone has a dream. Something that they’ve wished for since they were a child. Something that they’ve worked for. Something they think will make them happy.

What if I told you that your dream might not really even be your dream? What if your dream ended up making you unhappy and it was nothing like you imagined it to be?

Dreams are dreams for a reason. When you start living them in reality, they stop being dreams. It’s difficult at first to come to terms with, but not every dream we have is worth pursuing. In fact, they can be downright harmful to us.

Don’t think that you have failed if you have to give up on your dreams. I had to give up on my dream. It was the best choice I ever made.

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How to Center Yourself Spiritually – Five Ways to Regain Your Balance

Everyone gets off balance once in a while. The issue you may be having is that it seems that it has been difficult getting back into a state of equilibrium. When you are not centered, your perception can shift making life seem more difficult. How exactly do you center yourself when you get off balance?

To center yourself, you must first find what it is exactly is causing you to stay off-center. Often times it is your anxiety or fears that push you out of the present moment. Fixing the source of the cause will return you to a balanced state.

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Why Good People Suffer and How To Deal With It

Every being on this planet will have to suffer in one way or another throughout their lives. In a perfect world, there would be no conflict, drama, or hardship and yet we are confined to live within reality. A harsh truth is those good people also suffer throughout their lives. Why exactly do good people suffer?

Life does not discriminate on who is suffering. Suffering is a state of mind, the more you understand why it is exactly you are suffering the easier it will be to deal with. To grow as a human you must endure suffering and learn from hardship.

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7 Ways To Balance Spiritual and Material Life

When you go through a spiritual transformation you learn to live from the heart rather than live through the material world. You will still have to live within the material world for the amount of time you will be on this Earth.

Learning how to balance your spiritual and material life will give you that much needed peace of mind. It can be quite difficult at first to learn how to balance both your spiritual life and still be a citizen of society. Thankfully, there are many ways for you to learn how to stay balanced.

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Why Does Spiritual Awakening Happen?

More and more people are having spiritual awakenings every day. For some it may come as a complete surprise. For others, it may that they have led a spiritual path their entire lives in hope of one day achieving spiritual awakening. Why exactly does a spiritual awakening happen?

Spiritual awakening happens when you have released the illusion of the self within the mind. From a child it is taught to us that there is separation between the “I” in the mind and reality itself. A spiritual awakening dispels this illusion within the mind and shows us the way.

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How To Detach From Material Things. Five Ways to Detach, For Good!

Every year Apple comes out with a new iPhone and people suddenly believe that their iPhone from last year is now worthless. Learning how to detach from material things not only saves you money but it leads you into a more fulfilling lifestyle.

When we focus only on acquiring material goods we are left feeling unfulfilled. There is always a bigger boat, a better phone, a better laptop. The game of filling the void of the soul is never-ending if you only attempt to fill it with material goods.

To learn how to detach yourself from material things will set you free and let you live a life where you are not endlessly searching for the next best thing to occupy your mind for the next five minutes. Detachment from material goods is a state of mind that takes time to learn but the payoff will not only fill your pocket but fill the void that has been trying to be filled for a lifetime.

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5 Ways To Surrender To The Universe For Good

The amount of control we actually have on our lives is minuscule. Think for a moment, did have any say on if you were going to be born? Did you control the time you woke up this morning or what time you will go to sleep tonight? Learning to let go and surrender to the universe is imperative on our ability to tackle our lives in a way never thought possible.

When we live in a state of flow, we have no arguments within life. There isn’t anything that will surprise us as we have already given up our control to the universe. This doesn’t mean that we just do nothing but rather accept that the control over our lives is fairly limited if it is even there at all. Letting go of our control over life is accepting the reality of truth. When we accept the fact that we don’t nearly have any control over our lives in turn we are released from the thought that we actually do have control. When we surrender, we are given freedom.

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