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5 Steps To Let Go Of The Past And Be Happy

Repeat after me. “I am not the person I once was”.

The past is over. Done-zo. Kaput. And yet your past still has power over you, years later. Always reminding you of what once was.

Always tormenting and preventing you from being happy. Most “solutions” dealing with the past are band-aids. You need to weed the issue out from the source of the problem to find real relief.

Otherwise, you’ll be left running on an eternal treadmill. Letting go of your past is a process that must be done right.

Below you’ll find the 5 steps to learn how to let go of the past and be happy.

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How To Find a Spiritual Mentor

Finding a guru or a master in any practice can be difficult. A beginner may not understand what to look for and may fall for a snake oil salesman who is only after their money. You want to enable yourself for success when finding a spiritual mentor as there are plenty of fake mentors out there peddling shallow methods looking for a quick buck. How exactly do you find a spiritual mentor?

A real spiritual mentor is not interested in selling you a product or course. The best spiritual mentors are the ones that point you to yourself, they truly understand that in spirituality we ourselves are the best teachers.

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