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How to Center Yourself Spiritually – Five Ways to Regain Your Balance

Everyone gets off balance once in a while. The issue you may be having is that it seems that it has been difficult getting back into a state of equilibrium. When you are not centered, your perception can shift making life seem more difficult. How exactly do you center yourself when you get off balance?

To center yourself, you must first find what it is exactly is causing you to stay off-center. Often times it is your anxiety or fears that push you out of the present moment. Fixing the source of the cause will return you to a balanced state.

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What To Think About During Meditation?

If you are unsure about what you are supposed to be thinking about during your meditation sessions, do not worry. This is fairly normal when you are first beginning your dive into meditation. Meditation is going to show you exactly what you need to see in the present moment, it just takes a while to get the hang of it. What exactly should you think about during meditation?

When you are meditating, there shouldn’t be any focus on what you are thinking about. There may be resistance to allow your thoughts to naturally flow. Meditation is purely an observation of the present moment, there should be no objections towards whatever may be occurring.

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What is Higher Consciousness? A Deep Dive

In your waking life it may come as a surprise to learn that there may be another level to your consciousness. Through various means and practices it is possible to unlock parts of the mind that were once unknown to us. The term “higher consciousness” gets thrown around a lot, but what does higher consciousness actually mean?

Higher consciousness is a state of mind that is no longer revolving around the “I” thought that is present within the mind. Once the mind has undergone a perspective shift, it allows for a new understanding within the mind to occur. Through meditation and self inquiry, higher consciousness is possible.

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What Does Being a Spiritual Person Mean?

Zen proverb describing before and after enlightenment

Being spiritual does not mean you are sitting in a cave chanting for years of your life. There are many factors that make up a spiritual being. Considering that in today’s age, being “spiritual” is much more trendy it seems that the actual definition of what being spiritual actually means has been lost in translation. What exactly does being a spiritual mean?

Being spiritual means that you make an effort to live through your inner being rather than take a materialistic world view. A spiritual person is more likely to meditate often, help others and do intense introspection on who they really are in the world.

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Can Spirituality Go Commercial?

Spirituality has withstood the test of time. As long as humanity exists, spirituality will always be alongside with it. While many have undergone spiritual transformations, it begets many questions alongside with it. Can spirituality go commercial?

Some may find that there are issues with benefiting from a spiritual practice via monetary exchange. Taking money in exchange for spiritual guidance is perfectly acceptable. The issues this question faces is that there may be dangers within self proclaimed “gurus” taking advantage of innocent people.

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Can Spirituality Be Taught?

Spirituality in today’s world is becoming more common through the use of technology. The more people that are aware of it, the more people become aware of the bountiful benefits that spirituality brings them. It is often debated if spirituality is something that is able to be taught or is it something that is naturally occurring within the mind. So, can spirituality actually be taught?

Spirituality can be taught in various ways. The sole purpose of spirituality is to align yourself within, allowing the realization that you are your greatest teacher. The more we come into understand of ourselves, the easier it is to find that spiritual intuition that guides us naturally.

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Why Does Spiritual Awakening Happen?

More and more people are having spiritual awakenings every day. For some it may come as a complete surprise. For others, it may that they have led a spiritual path their entire lives in hope of one day achieving spiritual awakening. Why exactly does a spiritual awakening happen?

Spiritual awakening happens when you have released the illusion of the self within the mind. From a child it is taught to us that there is separation between the “I” in the mind and reality itself. A spiritual awakening dispels this illusion within the mind and shows us the way.

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How Long Does Spiritual Awakening Last?

You may be wondering just how long a spiritual awakening lasts. Everyone will experience their own spiritual awakening in their own different way. It’s important to remember this and avoid comparing our experience with others.

Some may have full, spontaneous enlightenment while others (including myself) incur a gradual progression towards a full awakening. It is fairly rare to have a full spiritual awakening at first so don’t get too down on yourself if you are not a part of the rare select few that do.

A real, true spiritual awakening lasts for a lifetime. If you have woken up truly to the beauty of the universe then there is no going back. There may be some in-between phases where you feel as if you are being pulled back into your old self but eventually your journey will guide you in the direction of a full awakening. Spiritual awakening does not have any goal or end, the only real ending is when we let go of our lives and meet our final days on this earth. It may actually take years from the first awakening to get the hang of living in a new perspective.

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What Does Meditation Feel Like?

Understanding what happens during meditation is key to understand why we feel certain ways before, during and after our meditation. Not every meditation session will be equal, some more difficult than others. A successful meditation can feel many different ways.

Depending on what is going on inside the mind in the present moment we might feel amazing and if there is inner turmoil going on we might have to face it and feel things that we have been avoiding.

Meditation isn’t always going to feel great but that’s the entire point of meditation. The only requirement for a successful meditation session is that you sit down and meditate. It takes courage to look within and see what is going on for yourself without any distraction. The best meditation sessions will leave us feeling focused and refreshed and others might leave us feeling entirely lost and maybe even feel worse than before. It’s important to understand that meditation is there to help us along the way and find inner clarity even though that inner clarity might come with some negative feelings along the way. A successful meditation session might look and feel different depending on what type of day you are having.

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Why Is Meditation Not Working For Me?

The benefits of meditation are quite immense. I often suggest meditation for almost any trouble that occurs within your life because it is such a powerful, under-utilized tool in today’s world.

Too often people give up far too quickly because they don’t fully understand how to meditate and what to do when it isn’t working for them.

The major reason why meditation isn’t working many people face is that they just don’t meditate often enough. Meditation is similar to working out at the gym. The first gym session you might be fairly sore and it feels like you did more damage than good. After your first few sessions you start getting less and less sore and able to lift more weight. Meditation is roughly the same idea, the more you meditate the more of the benefits that you will experience from it.

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