Can Spirituality Go Commercial?

Spirituality has withstood the test of time. As long as humanity exists, spirituality will always be alongside with it. While many have undergone spiritual transformations, it begets many questions alongside with it. Can spirituality go commercial?

Some may find that there are issues with benefiting from a spiritual practice via monetary exchange. Taking money in exchange for spiritual guidance is perfectly acceptable. The issues this question faces is that there may be dangers within self proclaimed “gurus” taking advantage of innocent people.

Paying for Spiritual Guidance

Spirituality is a free practice. There are no monetary requirements to begin a spiritual journey. Considering these things, why are people attempting to commercialize something that is already free?

The main issue here lies within the vast majority of people looking for a quick fix. In today’s world, most people do not want to do any sort of hard work thus resulting in people willing to pay for a service that they otherwise could learn themselves.

There are no issues for a spiritual guide to take monetary exchanges for their help. If someone is willing to pay for guidance, there is no wrongdoing here.

Eckhart Tolle has written many books, given countless paid seminars and sells many spiritual materials as well. Should we look at Tolle and fault him for putting a price on his guidance?

I don’t think you should. There is no reason why he should give away everything for free. If people are willing to pay, then so let them.

The act of paying is not just a monetary exchange. Many people would have some sort of accountability for themselves if they paid for a service rather than if they got that service for free.

Not to mention Tolle also requires to live a life himself and provide for his family. Has Tolle gotten wealthy? Yes. Has Tolle helped a countless number of people within his time on this planet? Yes.

If a business coach offers his service at a certain price and people were willing to pay, is there anything wrong with that?

Now, this is where things get a bit tricky. There are people who will take advantage of any situation. This is where you need to be extremely careful and one of the issues facing the question if spirituality can go commercial.

Issues with Commercializing Spirituality

The biggest issue that commercializing spirituality will face is that there will be a group of people who are only in it for money.

These people are not Tolle, they have no business giving advice to anyone. Not to mention if they should be receiving any payments.

The issue lies within the victims of their scams. The innocent people who don’t know any better, who just want to live a better life.

There are many different cults within spirituality, they will try and rope you in and clean you out completely. Be wary of who you invest your money into.

It will only be realized until it is too late that you have been misguided. How would these innocent people even know that they are even being misguided?

Spirituality is such a broad and complex topic that any hoohaa can put on a hat and call themselves a guru. I see it everyday, and to be completely honest, it makes me sick.

It took me years to get over my qualms with the spiritual community and to start releasing content myself. I know what is true in my experience and that this stuff can actually help.

I’m not selling snake oil, telling you I can read the future or that you can levitate in your sleep to heaven. Spirituality is about finding yourself and your connection with the universe. It isn’t anything more.

Be warned of anyone trying to sell you on a get-bliss-quick scheme.

Spirituality in itself is not an easy process. There are many ups and downs that may leave you wishing you never even went down the road to begin with. The results from your spirituality only really show themselves after intense hardships, some of these hardships people don’t want you to know that they exist.

If life was a perfect place, there would be some sort of method for fact-checking these “self-proclaimed” gurus. Unfortunately, there are currently no methods that don’t involve another reputable source confirming their actions.

Should You Pay For Spirituality?

If you are currently looking to better yourself and want to improve spiritually, know that all the sources are free.

I would highly recommend checking out Adyashanti’s channel, he isn’t some white gown wearing guru, he is just a normal guy who is trying to help.

If you find a good medium to work with and it feels right to you, then go ahead but be cautious. There are many fake gurus out there that need to be exposed. There are even some big names in spirituality that have done inhumane things that have shocked communities to the core.

When money is involved, there will always be difficulty. Such is the nature of the universe, greed follows money and vice versa. It’s the human condition and one that will likely never be solved.

Just remember to protect yourself when investing into anything involved in spirituality.

Personally, as long as you are coming from a good place and are offering good material I see no reason why not to sell your guidance. Plenty of the people you see “profiting” are donating to charity and helping as many people as they can within their spare time.

The good people in the world just want to use their lives to give back their spirituality. These people need monetary exchanges to happen so that they can live through their means. Otherwise the content people so desperately need would never be made.

There are no qualms here, the only issue is within the people taking advantage of the situation.

I think that spirituality SHOULD go commercial. Even bigger than it is now. The more people that get in touch with themselves, the better off the world becomes.

Imagine a world where meditating or self-exploring was just a normality, how would that world look like?

Hopefully one day, until then just remember to protect yourself from people who are looking to take advantage of you.

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