Can Spirituality Be Taught?

Spirituality in today’s world is becoming more common through the use of technology. The more people that are aware of it, the more people become aware of the bountiful benefits that spirituality brings them. It is often debated if spirituality is something that is able to be taught or is it something that is naturally occurring within the mind. So, can spirituality actually be taught?

Spirituality can be taught in various ways. The sole purpose of spirituality is to align yourself within, allowing the realization that you are your greatest teacher. The more we come into understand of ourselves, the easier it is to find that spiritual intuition that guides us naturally.

Teaching Spirituality

As life passes by, the thing that you will remember most are your memories. It won’t be that fancy car sitting in the driveway or the amount of dollars left in your bank account.

If you have not been taught how to find happiness from within, life will seemingly become shallow. The “American Dream” is just a facade that many realize it until it’s too late. Life isn’t about going to college and buying a house, it’s about the experiences along the way.

The more you grow your spirituality, the easier it is to find that light that is within every one of us. For some, spirituality might not come so intuitively. That’s where teaching spirituality comes in.

Spirituality is able to be taught by many different practices. Even a yoga class could be considered “spiritual teaching” as yoga is about centering yourself and the mind.

The irony in teaching spirituality is that even the greatest spiritual mentors will be the first to admit that everyone has the same knowledge within them.

In spirituality this concept is called “pointing”. The only thing your teacher can really do is point you in the right direction. This is a beautiful thing as eventually you can become your own greatest teacher in life.

While it may seem easier for someone to have all the information and give it to you, this is where life gets a little difficult. Spirituality can be taught, but just in a way that is more of change in perception than anything else.

When you actively listen to your spiritual guide, the only thing they are trying to do is guide you to look for the answers yourself.

If only they could just give us all the answers, it would make everything easier, right?

Why Spirituality Should Be Taught

The more we grow old, the less material things have the ability to satisfy us.

Personally, I had to experience this for myself and fairly harshly.

I had a dream to make a certain amount of money. I spent all of my time, and effort to make all of this happen through a career of poker and day trading.

Eventually I got to my goal, and surprisingly I hit my goal much faster than I had anticipated.

At the peak of my monetary accomplishments was one of the most empty and soulless moments I ever felt. That money just wasn’t enough. I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

I had ignored everything along the way, I had sacrificed my family, my friends and most importantly myself. I turned into the main character from “Billions” Bobby Axelrod, I didn’t care about anyone else. I just cared about me.

The issue here though, is that there is no happiness in this story. My dream wasn’t really my dream, it was my ego’s dream.

After this experience, I suffered many hardships. It seemingly came one after another and it all felt for a reason. I lost almost everything that I had made over that short period.

I had reconnected with my family over this period of time and they were there for me even when I wasn’t there for them in my attempt at glory.

I had to suffer so that I could realize what was important.

If only I was taught this spiritually early on, I could have maybe done something a bit different.

I don’t regret any of my decisions as my bond with my family is stronger than ever, and that is priceless.

Teaching Spirituality in Schools

Spirituality being taught at a very early age should be the standard. Colleges are creating courses that include mindfulness and meditation, why can’t kindergartens implement them?

Spirituality in itself is not a complex matter. The best spiritual teachings are the ones that can be explained to a child. If we invest in our children early on, they may not have to face the same hardships that we did over our lifetimes.

Even just a 15 minute block a day dedicated to mindful practices would help so many children who are suffering. It truly is a shame that there might be some religious stigma related to spirituality.

Spirituality is not religious at all. There is a distinct separation, it is possible to be spiritual AND religious but also possible to be spiritual WITHOUT religion.

If you would like to explore spirituality without religion a bit further, take a look here.

It would be so wonderful if children were taught how to be at ease within themselves. So many issues that you deal with on a daily basis stem from your childhood. There are so many casualties that may be prevented if spirituality was given a chance to be taught in schools.

Living a spiritual life is about being fulfilled naturally from deep within and nothing more. How much have you honestly retained from your childhood education that is worthwhile?

Spirituality being taught in schools would be something that many would hold with themselves their entire lives. I remember being a child and sometimes wishing that I could find some relief with my mind and settle down my thoughts.

Eventually as more universities are offering courses on spirituality and mindfulness there may be a shift in education after a certain point. Science is still researching meditation and its benefits around the clock, it is to a point where there is no need to argue if there is any benefit or not. The science speaks for itself.

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