Roy Cohen

The Four Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening only happens entirely to a select few lucky individuals around the world. Unless you’re like them and have a full, spontaneous spiritual awakening then you will go through stages throughout your journey.

Everyone will have their own path where the universe will guide you along the way. Knowing what to expect can be beneficial to us to know exactly what stage we are in our spiritual awakening.

Don’t try to rush through every stage, they are there for a reason. Waking up from a dream that lasted your entire life isn’t easy, so try to just relax and enjoy the ride.

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Dealing with Isolation and Loneliness During a Spiritual Awakening

On paper a spiritual awakening seems as if it’s just shy of a magical experience and while sometimes it can seem that way a true spiritual awakening can be downright destructive.

The main issue spirituality seekers face is finding not only good information but the right information regarding their spiritual awakening. There are so many people out there that are only after your wallet rather than truly giving you down to earth advice.

A true spiritual awakening can lead us into deep isolation where we feel lonely and not have anyone we can turn to discuss our issues with.

Do not fear as there are many ways to deal with these problems, we will discuss why it happens and the steps we can take to deal with it.

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Is Spiritual Awakening Real? Digging for Truth

Questioning whether or not spiritual awakening is real is a common question that gets asked every day in the spiritual community.

The issue with the question itself is it requires a definition of what spiritual awakening actually is and that is where most fail in their response to the question.

Spiritual awakening can seem like a fantasy for some while it seems like daily life for others. A common assumption would be that “If I cannot witness it in my personal reality then it must not be objectively true”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If everyone asking the question took the time to do some searching within themselves they could have their own answers.

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Why Am I Spiritually Blocked?

Everything may seem to be going swimmingly along your spiritual journey but then one day it seems that the doors you’ve been going through have been blocked. You may ask yourself, why am I spiritually blocked?

It seems as if everything you’ve worked for has done a complete reverse in your spiritual journey and you’re blocked from taking that next step. This is fairly common and will be a common occurrence throughout your journey.

Do not fear as this is completely normal and there are ways to handle it along your spiritual blocks along your journey.

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