Roy Cohen

How Long Should I Meditate? It’s Your Choice!

Meditation can help with stress reduction, improving your health and well-being. Meditation has a learning curve, and there is no rulebook to reference. You’ll find that when you limit yourself to rules, meditation can start to feel like more of a chore than a graceful act. So, how long should you meditate for?

The perfect length of time to meditate for is however long you can withstand it. For more advanced practitioners, meditating for more than one hour can become counterproductive. The best practice would be to meditate how long you wish but no longer than one hour.

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How to Realize Non Attachment: The Natural State

Non-attachment is not a new idea or fad. It’s the natural state of the human mind. It is not the act of detaching, it is simply being free of attachments.

Every human has the ability to realize non-attachment. The irony is that you won’t gain anything at all, but only realize what is already here, now.

Below you’ll find out everything you need to know about non-attachment.

If you’re ready, let’s begin.

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Feeling Lost In Your 20s? Here’s How To Do It Right

“Your life is over when you hit your 30s.”

I failed in my 20s. Big time. I made a few bad decisions. I destroyed years of hard work forcing me to start over from a blank slate.

It was for the better. If I didn’t have years of failure behind me, my 30s would only be a starting point and not a launching pad.

I have the experience, perspective, and confidence to keep moving forward. My life isn’t about to end, it’s beginning.

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7 REAL Methods To Stop Caring What People Think

It’s the most cliché thing in the world but the truth is that everyone is more worried about what everyone else is thinking than actually thinking about anyone else.

Your life can be dictated by these menacing thoughts if they aren’t dealt with properly. Every decision you make will be met with second-guessing.

“What if everyone thinks that what I’m doing is wrong?

“What if I’ll get made fun of?”

When you start digging into the problem, you realize it’s an internal one.

Yes, people will think negatively about you, but you can’t control these situations.

What you can control is learning how to stop caring what people think. Below are 7 of the best ways I’ve learned to stop caring about what people think dead in its tracks.

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5 Steps To Let Go Of The Past And Be Happy

Repeat after me. “I am not the person I once was”.

The past is over. Done-zo. Kaput. And yet your past still has power over you, years later. Always reminding you of what once was.

Always tormenting and preventing you from being happy. Most “solutions” dealing with the past are band-aids. You need to weed the issue out from the source of the problem to find real relief.

Otherwise, you’ll be left running on an eternal treadmill. Letting go of your past is a process that must be done right.

Below you’ll find the 5 steps to learn how to let go of the past and be happy.

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When Does Meditation Get Easier?

Learning how to meditate is a beautiful thing. You’re getting in touch with the deepest parts of your mind and learning how to center yourself. When starting a meditation practice, a few questions may arise. When exactly does meditation get easier?

Meditation is not a linear practice. There may be some meditation sessions that are more difficult to get through than others. Meditation is a direct parallel to life itself. When the mind is within turmoil our sessions may be difficult, when it is at peace it is much more pleasant.

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How To Be Productive At Home: 13 Tips

Let’s cut the BS. You are more capable than you think. You haven’t given yourself the chance to succeed.

You CAN accomplish a ton working from home. It’s an adjustment at first, but you need to acclimate to the environment you’re in.

How did I manage to write 15 blog posts in a month, edit them all, do research AND learn a language 5x a week on the side AND still find the time to play chess at a competitive level?

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others: 11 Tips

Unless you’re Jeff Bezos, there is always a bigger boat.

Striving for excellence is important. If you’re unable to stop comparing yourself to others, you won’t find satisfaction in success.

Even if you reach the top 1 percent, people are still above you. You’re looking up but forgot about the people that compare themselves to you.

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Learn How To Just Be Yourself In 3 Steps

Feeling comfortable in your own skin. Expressing your every intention. Not thinking about how you’re being perceived.

Being exactly who you are and nothing less.

That’s what we all strive for.

I grew up self-conscious, thinking I wasn’t good enough and ashamed of where I came from. I told everyone I didn’t care what others thought. The truth was, I did care.

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