Roy Cohen

Dealing With Devastating Loss of Motivation After Spiritual Awakening

The initial stage of a spiritual awakening can come at a shock. On one hand, you’re feeling all of this bliss and energy is coursing through you like never before. And on the other hand, your motivation to keep up with the minutae of life slowly dissapates.

It’s not uncommon for you to lose almost all motivation in your previous hobbies, career, and some relationships.

When you’ve lost your motivation after a spiritual awakening, the best thing to do is stay calm. You’re now in a period of introspection and need to reorient yourself before making any impulsive decisions.

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How To Deal With Losing Friends During A Spiritual Awakening

When you have a spiritual awakening, your entire world collapses. Not only does your perception of life change, but your environment will also start reflecting your new inner world.

It may come as a shock at first, waking up is akin to waking up as a baby for the first time. How exactly do you deal with losing friends during a spiritual awakening?

When you have your first initial awakening, a part or all of your ego is torn apart. Before your awakening, you may have been blinded by the ego’s desires and may have had friendships that were unsatisfactory to your true life path. Letting go is the key.

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Life After Spiritual Awakening – What Happens When You Live Free

Spiritual awakening is often compared to waking up from a dream. Once you have awoken from the dream state and have seen through the illusion of self, you have begun the next step in your spiritual journey. You may be wondering, what happens after spiritual awakening?

After a spiritual awakening, a big portion of life stays relatively the same. The only thing that changes is the perspective in which life is viewed. Instead of seeing life through “I” being in the driver seat, this illusion is shattered. Life begins to be seen through an observatory perspective.

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