How To Always Find The Good In Others

Do you know what you see when you look at someone else?

You see yourself!

Finding the good in others is about finding the good in ourselves.

Below you’ll find out exactly how to start finding the good in others and build healthy relationships.

Always Find the Good in Others

It’s odd to think that our perception is a mirror of our minds and yet it’s true.

If you are critical of yourself, you will be critical of others. I used to judge every person’s weight that would walk by me. Through adulthood, I had issues with my weight. Even though I had gotten it under control, the mental damage stuck with me.

It was only until someone pointed it out that my criticism was a deep-rooted internal conflict that I hadn’t addressed I realized my flawed thinking. I had to take a step back and stop pointing at others and take a good look at myself.

That’s when it dawned on me that I had to always find the good in others. Since everyone I spoke to was a reflection of myself, I had to dive into my own psyche to understand why I was having issues with finding the good in others.

The issue was I wasn’t capable of finding the good in myself.

It wasn’t anyone else’s problem, it was entirely my own. If I was angry, everyone seemed angry. If I felt depressed, the world seemed to cave in on me.

I had to broaden my perspective to understand what was going in.

The world was a reflection of my internal perception of myself.

You Are The Same As Me

Do you think you are any different than me?

We may live in different places and wear different clothes. Both of us have different names, but we have something incredible in common.

We are both human. At the core of it, we are essentially the same.

This concept is the bread and butter of building empathetic relationships with mankind.

That’s why the way you treat others starts with you. If you aren’t capable of being kind to your own soul, how can you kind to others?

Even the richest man alive is no different than the homeless man that’s begging for change outside his billion-dollar complex. Your ego wants you to think differently, but the truth is that in the end, we all suffer from the same fate.

If You’re Having Trouble Seeing the Good in Others

If you have trouble seeing the good in others, the tips below will help you come close to understanding how to find the good in any situation.

1) Realize People Make Mistakes

Humans will continue to make mistakes long after we are gone from this earth. No one is perfect and we cannot expect others to be perfect. If you find yourself punishing others for their mistakes, look into how you treat yourself when you make a mistake.

You are likely overly critical and punish yourself when you take a misstep in life. Next time you find yourself in this position, remember that you aren’t perfect either.

2) You Never Know Everything

I used to be a cashier at a clothing store. One day this woman comes along and her demeanor was rather rude. As she left my register, I went towards my coworker and mentioned how appalled I was at the interaction I just had.

My coworker let me know that this woman was recently diagnosed with cancer. I had no idea, but in the moment I didn’t let our interaction impact me.

There are times when we all are going through a traumatizing personal event and need to heal our wounds. We never know the entire story, that’s why I don’t think too often when I get mistreated by strangers. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, it’s easier on the mind.

3) Understand When We Project

Have you ever had a terrible day and everything seemed to go wrong?

It wasn’t true that everything was going wrong, it was just that our perception made us feel that every little thing was an action against us. This is the epitome of a victim mentality. When you are in a certain mental state, it’s easy to misread our own emotions that we project onto others.

Other people are reflections of our inner soul. When you feel bad, everyone else will seem that they are wronging you or attempting to hurt you. You need to understand when you feel this way so that you can prevent yourself from projection your emotional state.

Final Thoughts

With some small realization and changes, you can begin seeing the good in others.

You need to look within yourself to see why you cannot find the good in others. You’ll find that the answers revolve around your critical behavior towards yourself.

Don’t overlook how people in our lives may be going through difficult times. Try to empathize whenever possible.

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