9 Ways Spirituality Changed My Life For The Best

Wondering what it truly means to live through a spiritual journey for over 10 years?

That’s exactly what I’ve done and would like to share with you exactly what it is that spirituality has done for me. My personal spiritual journey has not been easy.

There were many pitfalls and traps along the way that I had to overcome.

Spirituality has changed my life in so many different ways.

1) Finding Inner Peace

When you think about peace, you most likely imagine sitting on a beach on a nice day sipping on an ice cold beverage.

Spirituality teaches you that there is peace to be found no matter where you are in life. There is this rich, deep peace that is surrounding every one of us. Through my spiritual journey, I have learned how to find this within me.

Not only does this give you a sense of security in all moments of life, it lets you relax into the richness life has to offer. In life there aren’t many things that we can control, it’s the spirituality that changes this perspective in us.

Usually you are so obsessed with the outcome of certain situations and how they will effect you. When you have that inner peace, it no longer is required to worry about every little detail.

Spirituality is a song and a dance, it’s learning how to flow.

2) Quieting the Mind

How many thoughts do you have a day?

Are you ever consciously trying to turn your brain off because it seems that the noise just never stops?

Spirituality changed my life in such a way that I no longer think in a conventional sense.

Normally we imagine thinking to be this constant thing that “I” am doing rather than something that is happening. In reality, there is no such thing as “I” within the mind, that is an illusion in itself.

When you have this perceptional shift, you are no longer thinking 24/7. The silence finds you, the silence that was there before you were born and the silence that will be there in a million years from now.

There is this gap in between thoughts that is there if you take a moment and try to see it happening in real time.

This is what true nature really is, this silence. Thinking happens during this silence rather than thinking just being the star of the show.

Spirituality teaches you that you don’t necessarily need to think all the time and that experiencing moments where thinking isn’t present is totally normal.

3) An Open Heart

Before I was spiritual, I was very angry and depressed. It felt as if I had no aim in the world. I felt trapped.

My heart opened up to this everlasting love that is all around us. I have come into a deep appreciation for almost anything these days.

I used to live a life that was only centered around myself. My job was for me, my job inherently took money away from others in the finance industry and in the end I wasn’t truly living through the heart.

It took me a while to realize why living with a closed heart like this was not the correct way to live. If you are consciously taking part in activities that are hurting other people, then there is no way that you can be certain you are on a spiritual path.

That’s how spirituality changed me. I had to make this change and shift from helping myself to helping others. I would gladly help anyone that asked me for it regarding anything in spirituality.

This is why I started blogging. I felt the need to give back all this bottled up wisdom that I have attained over years of practice. I would love to help even one person, just one! Then it would all be worth it in the end.

4) Deep Self Confidence

Where does self confidence come from?

One might say it is from the things that you have done in your life or how many things you have achieved.

I would like to offer you a different idea.

Would you consider the homeless man who has found inner peace more confident than the depressed millionaire who can’t get out of bed?

Self-confidence doesn’t stem from our achievements or the money in our bank account. If anything it may even hinder our self-esteem as we may start feeling we aren’t enough.

This is where true security comes from. Security is a state of mind. I’ve seen it over and over again and also in myself.

At one point in my life, I was extremely wealthy and I could only focus on making more money. I wasn’t secure, I thought if I made a certain amount of money I would eventually be. That turned into double what I had thought would make me secure.

In the end, I made a lot of mistakes, I wasn’t confident in myself having all of this wealth. I was scared, I wasn’t at peace with it. It felt like I subconsciously tortured myself by making myself make bad decision after bad decision.

As I’m writing this today, I’m much less wealthy. And yet, I have this deep-rooted peace that is ever-flowing that I suppose I must’ve paid for by my mistakes. Ironically, if you could sell this feeling it would go for billions.

You can’t put a price on happiness.

5) Trust in The Universe

Spirituality changed the way I approach life.

Before spirituality, I would say “Things must go my way or I’ll do anything to make them happen”.

Over time it becomes increasingly apparent that this type of thinking is solely an egotistical view of the world. In life, you don’t always get what you want.

That’s where trusting the universe comes in handy. So often I have “bad” things happen to me only to find out later that it was almost like an invisible hand guiding me along the way.

I won’t say that the universe is pulling some strings for us but I will say that if you do trust the universe and have an open heart to it, life seems incredibly magical.

Everything unfolds in a certain way that makes it seem like our paths were carved out for us if we have decided to go down a spiritual path.

The more you trust the universe, the less suffering you have in your life. Without arguing with reality, there is no need for the mind to suffer.

Recently I was told that I could no longer come back to Europe for two years where I had been living. Then the pandemic happened.

It was only in hindsight I could see how the conflict in the moment was actually a gift.

Instead of being alone and shut in without any help from anyone as I was pretty much alone, I had family to help me along the way in these trying times.

6) Sense of Purpose

Spirituality led me to exactly where I needed to be.

Before it felt like I had to no idea what I would do within my life and where I was going. I was always chasing after something, and I didn’t even know what I was chasing after!

When you are truly on your life path, everything seems so simple and without anxiety. Everything seemingly comes together and it all makes perfect sense.

When we live aimlessly, there is only confusion. It seems that many people are having these issues nowadays with how many options there are. Just the amount of jobs available today can make you have analysis paralysis.

Choosing to be spiritual is a choice, and yet after a certain amount of time on this path there is no going back. Life will bring you to exactly where you need to be even if it means that the invisible hand of the universe needs to give you a little wake up call.

Finding the flow and balance within life is so crucial to living a fulfilling life. Without these things, we are just walking through a never ending maze with no hope of ever escaping.

7) Love

Spirituality found me love, not just the love for someone else but love for myself and everything around me.

Spirituality teaches us that we are all from the same place. No one is different, there are no gurus and peons. Only the present moment exists and everything within it.

This love is what holds everything together. Without this love, humanity would have never become what it is today.

Love is always trying to show us the way.

That’s why I am so thankful for my spirituality. The love in everything is just incredible. To take a walk and be perfectly at peace with everything, just taking in the present moment with the sun shining on my face.

You couldn’t ask for anything better.

8) Ability to Flow

Life is a song and a dance.

This is how my spirituality changed my life, it showed me how to flow with life rather than to fight against it.

We all come under hardships, the thing that separates people is how they deal with them.

This too shall pass.

This phrase is used far too often but for good reason.

Even though we may be facing hardships right this second, there is always the realization that these moments will pass. No matter what it is, life is constantly moving forward.

Spirituality teaches us to move forward with it rather than fight. The more you fight life, the more you get stuck and the less likely you are to actually deal with the current situation you are in.

When you have a clear mind and a full understanding that this too shall pass, any challenge that surfaces is dealt with swiftly.

Life is just a flow. Learn to flow with it rather than against it.

9) Clarity

Above all else, spirituality gives you clarity.

This clarity in life is what ties everything together. Nothing really can compare to what it feels like to have an empty mind when it comes to dealing with everything life has to throw at us.

When you are entirely clear with your life purpose, everything is magical. Everything is happening exactly how it should and things unfold in ways never thought possible.

It is only when we lose this clarity that we come into understanding that we are on the wrong path and should seek to get back on the train before it’s too late.

I’ve learned so much over these past 10 years of my own personal spiritual journey and hopefully I can help others with everything that I have learned along the way.

If you are still interested in starting a spiritual practice, here is another post I wrote about beginning a spiritual journey.

Spiritual Awakening

Around 10 years ago I had a spiritual awakening. It was a vision that “I” was no longer the center of reality. There was something that was much deeper that I wasn’t aware of.

I was not the thoughts, beliefs or ideas inside the mind. None of things were me, but what was me?

I was suddenly nothing and everything simultaneously. I felt reconnected to “Oneness”, everything felt so beautiful.

This moment changed my life forever. If it were not for that moment I would not be writing this today.

I’m incredibly thankful that somehow everything lined up perfectly.

I hope to bring awareness to spiritual awakening to as many people as possible.

Stay Spiritual

I hope that I’ve inspired you to look within yourself for answers.

Spirituality is much different than self-help. You’re become your deepest being, understanding yourself and the world.

It doesn’t cost anything either 🙂

I wish you well on your own spiritual journey!

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