7 Ways To Balance Spiritual and Material Life

When you go through a spiritual transformation you learn to live from the heart rather than live through the material world. You will still have to live within the material world for the amount of time you will be on this Earth.

Learning how to balance your spiritual and material life will give you that much needed peace of mind. It can be quite difficult at first to learn how to balance both your spiritual life and still be a citizen of society. Thankfully, there are many ways for you to learn how to stay balanced.

1) Avoid Avoidance

To someone new in spirituality, it usually comes as a shock at how much better you can feel when you learn how to find that spirit that comes from inside the mind rather than rely on external sources.

The issue here is that it can sometimes be too easy to just forget about your current life.

Why would you try to do anything in the material world if you have everything you need from within?

It isn’t uncommon for someone who has just experienced their first taste of spiritual bliss to want to never leave that place. Fortunately for them, these feelings will pass eventually.

Life isn’t just about feeling bliss, there is a mission we were put here in this world to accomplish. Attempting to avoid reality just to sit in your bedroom and feel “good” is one of the biggest traps in spirituality.

Instead of trying to avoid reality, you must confront it head on. That’s why one of the best ways to balance your spiritual and material life is to avoid avoidance.

Interacting with the living world is just another form of our spirituality. There can be endless depths within, but if we never share what we have learned to the world our journey will become seemingly egocentric.

Initially you enter a spiritual path to better yourself, but as you grow you will soon realize you can give those gifts back to people who are in desperate need of them.

You can’t help anyone if you are just sitting inside your room all day meditating.

If you need some time alone at first, that is perfectly fine. Just remember your duty in life is to help bring what you are feeling to everyone that is surrounding you. This is what your spirituality will show you if you haven’t seen it quite yet.

2) Live Without Attachments

Being spiritual is all about living without attachments. Attachments are what cause suffering within the mind.

A person who isn’t spiritual might be fairly attached to their social media presence, the clothes they wear and how people perceive them. Instead of living life this way, we must try and avoid living without attachments.

It can be a challenge at first to live without these attachments. A spiritual journey teaches us that the longer we hold on, the more we suffer. It can be counter-intuitive at first, wouldn’t we suffer more if we let go of everything?

The answer isn’t so simple. Yes, it may hurt to give up some of these attachments at first. This pain is only temporary. Instead of being a slave to what everyone else has their head stuck in, you will just laugh at how silly it all seems when everyone else is taking life so seriously.

A spiritual person doesn’t need to avoid living their life completely. It is entirely possible to use technology, buy clothes and eat food without them overtaking your lifestyle.

While we do attempt to live a spiritual life, this is where we balance our material world.

Don’t attempt to give up everything in your life for the sake of spirituality, as long as you enjoy what you do it is perfectly normal to continue living within this magical world we all enjoy.

3) Give Back Your Love

Keeping your knowledge to yourself is a selfish endeavor.

I am guilty of this myself. I would ask myself, why should I help anyone?

No one attempted to help me along my journey when I truly needed someone. Why should I start a blog and give out all of this information that I have amassed over time?

I realized that with the gifts I’ve been granted it was time for me to give back my knowledge to the world. I am willing to help anyone that is willing to listen.

This is where we must balance our spiritual and material lives. We can’t just walk this road alone, we must bring everyone we can find that wants to join us and take their hand.

In the end, waking as many people up should be our highest priority. It may be difficult, it may be challenging, people may laugh, but even if you get through to just one person then it was all worth it in the end.

When you give back your love to the world, you will get it back tenfold. Watching someone’s face light up while you’re helping them truly is priceless.

4) Analyze Where You Are In Life

When we don’t question ourselves, we may find that we have drifted too far in one direction.

In life sometimes it seems that you are making all the right choices and yet one day you wake up and wonder how you got to where you are.

Ego can be difficult to work with. I am a victim of this myself. I’ve been both too spiritual and too materialistic at certain points in my life.

It should be constantly monitored where you are exactly in your life. Meditating every day will help you keep that balance within so you don’t end up tipping over one side and forgetting when you lost that balance.

The universe has a way of inching us towards where we need to be at. Eventually you will get a metaphoric slap in the face and it will wake you up from your dream if you need it.

Better to just question yourself than get a slap!

5) Allow Yourself To Enjoy

Just because you are a spiritual person doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything non-essential at the risk of inflating your ego.

You are only here for a limited amount of time, if you want to get that new shirt you’ve been eyeing then go for it!

This is where you must be VERY careful. The moment you start giving in to your internal demands, it may seem that you’re doing the right thing. Remember, ego is fairly tricky. Ego doesn’t want you to think it is ego.

Many of our impulses end up being egotistic desires. How do we differentiate between ego and genuine wants?

If you find yourself constantly wanting new clothes, a new watch, a new whatever it may be, it’s time to stop. There is a fine line between enjoying and indulging. Always be honest with yourself on which one of these you are giving in to.

Remember you are only here for a certain amount of time. Enjoy the material world, but remind yourself that the real infinite wealth is within the heart.

6) Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

When you let go of something spiritually, you are giving up your hold on it mentally.

It’s akin to that saying “if you truly love them you will let them go”.

If you do truly love your material possession, mentally write them off. If you do have pain letting them go, do it anyway.

Letting go of our material possessions will clear the way for our spiritual life to flour. Once you can realize what is truly important in life this is when we truly can bring balance back into your life.

Try to get rid of everything that you don’t need. Most people have tons of junk that are only occupying their mental space every time they see it when they get home.

Think of it as spring cleaning, not only in the material world but inside the mind as well.

They say a clean desk improves mental clarity at work, what makes the difference if it is your own possessions?

Letting go of all of these things at once may trigger some painful feelings if you have never attempted to let go before.

Remind yourself that within the mind, there is a vast, infinite presence that is always with us. These material objects can never amount to the richness that is within the mind.

Think of it as doing yourself a favor, trust me, you are.

7) Listen To The Signs

When you take a spiritual journey, the universe will guide you. It may not be entirely obvious or handed to you on a silver platter, but it is doing work that is there to help you.

The universe may have a different plan for us than we have for ourselves. Whatever that plan may be, we must follow it.

You can fight, fight, fight and yet it will be for nothing. Remember what I said earlier about the universe giving you a slap? Yeah, you most likely don’t want that slap. It will hurt like hell!

Usually we encounter these signs when we are completely off of our path, when we have lost our balance.

Be receptive to these signs and don’t try to avoid listening to them. Usually these signs manifest themselves as feelings within the mind or some sort of mishap that is completely out of your control.

Either you listen to them and move towards back to the center of your path or you close your ears and try to do what your ego is telling you.

In the end, just listen. Listen with your heart. It’ll be that much easier in the end.

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