5 Ways To Surrender To The Universe For Good

The amount of control we actually have on our lives is minuscule. Think for a moment, did have any say on if you were going to be born? Did you control the time you woke up this morning or what time you will go to sleep tonight? Learning to let go and surrender to the universe is imperative on our ability to tackle our lives in a way never thought possible.

When we live in a state of flow, we have no arguments within life. There isn’t anything that will surprise us as we have already given up our control to the universe. This doesn’t mean that we just do nothing but rather accept that the control over our lives is fairly limited if it is even there at all. Letting go of our control over life is accepting the reality of truth. When we accept the fact that we don’t nearly have any control over our lives in turn we are released from the thought that we actually do have control. When we surrender, we are given freedom.

1) Surrender To The Universe

It all sounds so simple and yet it is the most difficult thing to accept. Accepting that we don’t have control over our lives is an admission of defeat to the ego. The ego does not want to lose, the ego does not want to go away, the ego wants to live on forever.

If we take a step back from our lives and take a hard think it becomes obvious at how little we actually have control over. The body is automatically breathing and controlling and infinite amount of bodily functions that we aren’t conscious of. What is actually controlling this if we aren’t actually doing it consciously?

The more that we get to the bottom of what is going on, that we don’t have control over our lives the easier it is to start accepting it as fact. When we let go and surrender to the universe we are giving up everything in a way.

Letting go over the illusion of our grip on life is an essential piece of a spiritual progression. The faster we can come to the terms with it the faster we can move on and progress to the next step on our journey.

Next time you have an issue come up that creates conflict within the mind, attempt to accept it immediately. Almost all conflict in the mind is created by an argument with the presented reality. In actual reality, whatever is happening is just happening. There is no judgement, the wind is just moving along.

If we lived a life with no arguments within the mind, what would that life look like?

2) Learn To Flow

Flowing with the universe is an essential skill that just like anything else is a learned ability. It’s far too often that we are met with minor inconveniences that sometimes seem like insurmountable obstacles.

In our fast and busy lives we are encountered with many events that may seem critical in the mind and yet in reality they were so minute.

For example, let’s say you were waiting for the bus and for some reason the bus was late by 10 minutes. In today’s world this could be a day ending experience. Our mind starts going wild

“How can this happen to me? I have to go to work! I’m going to be late! That damned bus driver, so useless!”.

Now imagine instead of having all of these thoughts we instantly accepted that the bus would be late and there wasn’t anything we could do about this.

The bus is late. I can wait, not a big deal. I shouldn’t be too late to work and my boss should understand as it wasn’t my fault that I was late.

Now apply this concept over for everything in life. Far too often we forget we need to let go and surrender to the universe and it is only the thought in the mind that break us, not reality itself.

Giving up our control on our lives will let us flow with the universe on where we need to be heading next. Sometimes it may seem as if everything is going wrong and yet in that moment everything was leading you to something else. At times it may seem confusing yet it is always in hindsight that things make perfect sense as to why things didn’t work out the way we expected them to.

3) Turn The Bad Into Good

Bad things happen in life, it’s normal.

The way we surrender to the universe in this way is through pure acceptance. Unfortunate things may happen to us, sudden loss, breakups, death, bankruptcy. This is all a part of life and yet we must remember that we can shift our perception of how these things take their toll on us.

Any time I’ve had something truly bad happen to me even though at the time it looked so horrible I’ve looked back and it just all made sense. In the moment this is much more difficult to cope with as we are only human and emotions are a natural part of life. It’s ok to feel down for a few days but these few days can turn into weeks that turn into months that turn into years.

Depression stems from this concept. If we let go of all these things that happen to us and just accept them, the universe will show us the way in which we need to move forward. Without the letting go we are “stuck” within a moment of time that occurred in the past. Unless we come to terms with whatever it may be we are going to be forever haunted by that experience.

There was a woman and her son had been murdered. This woman was brave enough to ask for a face to face with her son’s murderer. Instead of cursing this man out, she forgave him. Her forgiveness was not only for him but for her. It was her process of letting go instead of holding on to that moment of torment forever. She could live the rest of her life in the past and yet she was courageous enough to face her worst enemy and let it go.

If we just accept that things happen to us whether they be good or bad then all will be perfect as it is. Life doesn’t know “good” or “bad”. Everything is just how it is. Accepting the good and the bad is the key to letting go and surrendering to the universe.

4) Accept What Comes

In life we may not always get what we want. I’d even go as far to say that in life we don’t ever get what we want.

The universe doesn’t work in that way. I can go on how about manifesting is only any egotistical desire but that is for another time.

We have to accept the fact that we truly won’t ever get what we want and that’s perfectly ok. Whatever the universe wants us to have we will get. Whatever it doesn’t want us to have it’ll rip away from us.

Somehow the universe knows exactly where you need to be and when you need to be there. It’s almost a magical dance, this flow of life. Instead of constantly being in argument with what comes we can just accept the present moment for what it is.

Living in the present moment is the key to life. I wrote an article here if you’d like to read further on staying in the present moment.

Accepting the present moment and understanding that surrendering to the universe is part of the spiritual process then we can fully embrace letting go of our illusion of control in life.

Giving up control is beautiful, it leaves life to be an incredible mystery where we don’t know what’s going to happen next. Too often we are led in the wrong direction through life with a promise of happiness at the end and yet what if we just could have that happiness right now?

Once we truly give up and surrender to the universe, we are truly in flow with life. Life will lead us exactly where we need to be if we are listening to the signs that we encounter daily.

You were born from the universe under its discretion and the universe will take you back once your time has come. Why not accept this as fact now instead of on your death bed?

5) Dance With The Universe

We thought of life by analogy with a journey, with a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose at that end, and the thing was to get to that thing at that end. Success, or whatever it is, or maybe heaven after you’re dead.

But we missed the point the whole way along.

It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing or to dance while the music was being played.”

Alan Watts

If you don’t know how to dance don’t worry, you don’t actually have to dance!

Alan Watts leaves us with an incredible and thought provoking quote.

Life is supposed to a be a dance. We aren’t supposed to go through our lives with a serious end purpose or a goal in mind. It’s all about flowing with whatever we may encounter.

When we think we have control over our lives we are constantly striving for something. A better job, a better house, a better car. Does it ever end? Do any of these things actually impact you more than for a second until you move on to your next goal?

If we forget to enjoy this journey along the way then we are only setting ourselves up for failure. Surrendering to the universe is a dance. No matter what happens we can dance with it. The more we flow with the universe the easier and seamless that life seems to become.

It’s difficult to accept the truth that we don’t have control over our lives. I completely understand as even I have difficulty coming to terms with it in my darkest moments.

The issue here is that if we don’t come into acceptance life becomes a battle. It’s a battle that cannot be won. We are too small to battle the entire universe. If for a second we shifted our perception and made friends with the universe, oh how easy life seems to become!

When we are on our true path and purpose, life seems to fall into place almost magically. The longer we attempt to control everything the longer it is until we are truly able to be free from the shackles of this illusion.

It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth giving up and surrendering to the universe. Are you big enough to fight the entire universe? Or will you make the right choice and dance with it instead?

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