21 Ways To Awaken Your Intuition And Feel Amazing

Intuition is your inner guide. Intuition precedes any thought, intuition is love itself. Without this intuition in life, you can often seem lost and without purpose. It may take some time to become aware of your intuition but like with any skill, practice makes perfect.

Intuition isn’t something that you create. Intuition is there, within the deepest parts of your soul waiting to be discovered. Through a variety of different practices, it is possible to come in touch with your intuition again. Not every “gut” feeling will be correct, but that’s the beauty in intuition, it’s a deep trust within yourself.

1) Listen To Your Gut

Ever ignored your gut only to find later that you should have listened?

Your gut is one of your best tools in life. That sinking feeling at the bottom of your stomach, that’s the deepest part of your soul guiding you.

The gut often can come into conflict with the mind. It can be difficult at times to ignore the mind and listen solely to what your gut’s intuition has to tell you. In those difficult moments, this is where you have to confide in your intuition fully.

Making a connection with the gut will strengthen the mind and body connection. The gut precedes thinking making it incredibly powerful. The gut knows before the mind has a chance to chime in.

I can recall so many memories of people and places that gave me a bad feeling only for me to find later on that my intuition was correct.

Even if your gut may not be 100 percent correct all the time, having faith will allow for your trust in your intuition to grow.

My gut has saved my life on more than one occasion. The times I didn’t listen, I was forced to stare down at a harsh reality.

The deepest part of your soul, the thing that exists before thought, knows what is best for you. Listen to your gut.

2) Meditation

Meditation is another amazing way to recognize your inuition.

Intuition is already within you, there is no need to find something that is already there. You must only become aware of its existence.

Meditation helps you center yourself, clear your mind, and find out exactly who you are. One of the biggest benefits of meditation is a clear mind, this in turn allows you to become more aware of your deep-rooted intuition.

Often times it is only our misjudged thoughts and preconceptions that lead us down the wrong path. Without having useless clutter to sort through in the mind, clarity will be your guide.

The present moment itself is the highest form of intuition. Without any thoughts to debate the situation, it can be clearly seen for what it is.

Having a daily meditation routine not only helps you become aware of your intuition, it will lead to a deep rooted sense of calm which will carry into your personal life.

Meditation is one of my favorite ways to clear the mind and bring peace back into my life. Don’t just meditate to become aware of your intuition – do it because it will help you in all aspects of your waking life.

3) Test Your Intuition!

If you are feeling disconnected from your intuition, try to test it in reality!

The mind need evidence that things are true before it reinforces them as fact.

Think hot pan and young child, the young child will touch the pan even after the warning from the parents. After learning the lesson, the child (hopefully) won’t touch a hot pan again!

The same could be said for trusting in your intuition. If you have had a hard time trusting it, next time it becomes available to you don’t ignore it, try to see if it is on to something!

Your intuition is like a muscle. It will strengthen over time but only if it gets to work out every once in a while! Without any real-time feedback from life, intuition will stay hidden.

4) Don’t Search For What’s Already There

How do you find something that is already within?

Well, you don’t!

Intuition is already within everyone. There is no need to search for your intuition as it only need to be recognized.

Trying to create or “build” an intuition will just lead you down a frustrating path of no end. This is often the case for many spiritual concepts like silence, peace of mind, and the present moment. Too often are people trying to chase what is already available to them at any moment.

This concept isn’t just for your search for intuition, it’s applicable for all aspects of spirituality. Too often are people setting goals or limiting themselves when the only thing that they need to do is to take a moment and realize what has been there their entire lives.

It’s so wonderful to know that the deepest joys in life aren’t created, they are already available to us and we just need to recognize it.

5) Don’t Fear Your Fear

Fear is a part of your intuition.

I’m not talking about your fear of snakes or your fear of murder hornets, I’m talking about real fears that hold you back in life.

Fears that don’t want you to take the next step to try and build a better life or to make that hard decision that you have been putting off. These fears are another form of intuition, they are showing you the way.

Walk into your fear. They are one of your best guides in life, they know exactly what it is you are scared of and they don’t want you to face reality. Your fears are holding you back.

Once you start facing these fears, your intuition will grow immensely. Instead of taking the easy road, challenge yourself to take a stand for your life. It’s time to be the best version of yourself.

It might sting – to finally confront reality and face conflicts that you have avoided and prolonged. This is your destiny, to free yourself!

Don’t fear your fear, it’s just another from of love.

6) Love and Trust Yourself

Without the power of love and trust, your intuition will seem like it just isn’t there.

Self love is going to be one of the largest providers for not just awakening your intuition, but living a fulfilling spiritual life.

Love and trust go hand in hand, yin and yang. If you fail to trust and love yourself, your intuition will often times be ignored rather than trusted.

How do you start loving and trusting yourself?

I would say that if you are having difficulty, just start where you are right now. However long it takes, it doesn’t matter. You will get there.

Just repeat after me “I’m sorry and I love you”

“I’m sorry and I love you”

You have to forgive yourself, there is only one life to live. You can’t beat yourself up for the rest of time! The time to take action is now! You started to read this blog post to better yourself, I know you have it in you to love yourself again.

7) Live With Purpose

When you aren’t living in your purpose, intuition fails to guide us.

Life has a tendency to make us feel blocked off when we aren’t truly living in our purpose.

There was a period in my life where all I wanted to do was build a better life for me. I didn’t care for anyone else but me. I did exactly that, I “built a better life” but it was at the expense of my friends, family and my soul.

Your intuition will cease to exist when you aren’t living in your purpose. Every action will be fueled by ego and intuition doesn’t like egocentric actions. Intuition is solely there to protect us and to help us live a fulfilling life.

8) Take A Risk!

Don’t bet your life savings on black at the casino, that would be silly!

But do take a risk and see if your intuition really is there to guide you along the way. Intuition is always there, the more life you are living, the more aware of it you will become.

Just sitting at home twiddling your fingers won’t help your intuition grow, intuition needs a chance to express itself. Without any form of risk-taking or life being lived, intuition will seem like it isn’t even there.

Trust that it is, it only requires you to take a chance for once in your life. Intuition wants to help you along the way, give it a moment to shine!

9) Do Some Soul Searching!

The more you get in touch with your spiritual side, the easier your intuition will show itself.

Think of your spirituality as a garden, the more you water it, the more it will grow. As you grow your spirituality, life starts feeling magical.

Spirituality gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life. Intuition is just a byproduct of getting to know yourself and the world just that little bit better.

I would love if everyone in the world just gave 10 minutes a day to do some soul searching, could you imagine what the world would look like and the changes that would occur if such a thing were to happen?

10) Find What Works For You

Humans are like snowflakes, we are all different.

In the end, your internal clock won’t work the same as everyone else’s. This is really getting to know what your intuition is inside of you. You will be the person who knows best.

In spirituality, you become your own guru. No one can tell you what to believe or how you feel, that’s the beautiful part about it. There is such a relief knowing that all the information is already within us, available at all times.

While these are my top 10 favorite ways to awaken intuition, here are another 11 ways that you can try!

  • 11) Read spiritual literature
  • 12) Join a spiritual community
  • 13) Self-Inquiry
  • 14) Find a spiritual mentor
  • 15) Yoga
  • 16) Living within the present moment
  • 17) Compassion and gratitude services
  • 18) Try a meditation retreat
  • 19) Practice self-awareness daily
  • 20) Exercise for the mind-body connection
  • 21) Practice minimalism to avoid distraction

What if my Intuition is Wrong?

Think about it, if your intuition was right 100 % of the time, you would be a billionaire!

While there aren’t any fantasies available to us like this in reality, it is still important to realize that our intuition at moments in our lives can be the only thing we truly have to guide us. When you are at a crossroads, often it can be our heart that is trying to lead us in the right direction. This is where intuition comes in handy!

The more you are in line with your purpose and your spiritual self, the more you will know to trust your intuition even if at times it may not be accurate in every instance. Intuition is about bonding with your soul and breeding a sense of trust that is unbreakable.

While your intuition may not always be correct, it’s vital that you still listen and understand. On my own journey, I have found that even in the instances where it seemed wrong, it often turned out to be the right thing though it was just not my perfect version of reality.

Trust your gut, build your spirituality and your intuition will naturally grow in tandem.

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